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I’m really excited tonight to show you two of the new releases from Sugarcube.  It’s been awhile since Sayuri has had some releases, but I think she was saving up her creative juices for some explosions of spring, summer and color (which is wonderful by me!).  I’m in love with these darling skirts that are wrapped with twine like leather, they’re absolutely stunning–not to mention I’m practically frothing at the mouth for more of her delicious creations to come!

Look 1:

(vive9) Marianne [light] Morning – Freks/Noteeth

::69:: MOG – Blonde

*ARGRACE* Tenderness  ( Jewelry set )

KHUSH – Siena Comfi Sweater Dark Pink

::SUGARCUBE – lightly flared skirt [popy]

[SC] Surf Couture – Spring Fling Wedges – Valentine

Look 2:

(Skin, hair, accessories same as above)

*CUPCAKES – Ruffly One Shoulder Top – Red 2

Jimmy Chau~( jcshoe )~ surudoi RED

::SUGARCUBE – lightly flared skirt [multicolor]

Suri Alex xxx


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Enough with this dead horse right?!  I can’t help but be taken in the upsweep that has most bloggers under a spell this season.  So I have yet *another* fall look for you to try! Also, this cute pumpkin outfit is a Miel group gift from the suscribo! A big thanks to a few of the designers that passed me some of the treats for today’s posts, Marie Lauridsen of Milk Motion, and Brinks Lemmon of Puddles!

Look of the Day: Fall Fall FallIn this pic:

Maitreya Apple II- Caramel

(Milk Motion) Collette-Nude

(Milk Motion) My feather hair bow

* ~ * Puddles * ~ * Camper Bag Orange

* ~ * Puddles * ~ * Toronto Scarf – Tangerine

::SUGARCUBE – turtle neck (grey)

(Milk Motion) My sailor tank black

Aurora Dark Grey Plaid Shorts

Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Grey

50 flats-A walk in the mini woods- Fall

P.C; Diamond Bee Ring

And don’t forget this cute free gift from the Miel Suscribo!I love how you can wear it with or without the pumpkin face, which btw, changes expressions! LOVE it!

Miel Couture Pumpkin

Miel Suscribo


Suri Alex xxx

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New Releases at SugarCube

A big thanks to Sayuri Cremorne for passing me the new releases available today in her store SugarCube!  I’m in love with the new belted skirts and I find they go well with her soft knit turtleneck sweaters.  The broach is iconic yet subtle, making the pair look delightful together. I also love the variety of the prints, I’m not sure I have a favorite since they are all gorgeous and unique, I would advise buying all of them!!  Also in this set of new releases is a frothy tiered cocktail dress in a delicate lilac color, perfect for a first date or just lallygagging around the grid!

TP to Sugarcube now to obtain these fabulous new additions to your inventory!

All poses by S.Loves, and Giltterati!


Suri Alex xxx

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Ok, Sayuri needs our help!  Take the short survey here about re-size scripts in her dresses.  When you’re done the site will give you a password.  Copy your password and head to SugarCube click on the survey rewards dress and say your password in local chat and you have your new dress!

Sugarcube Survey Resonse_001

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Ahoy there readers! The Black Market Sim has just opened and its filled with all of your favorite stores!  You know what’s even better than a new shopping area opening?  Free gifts!  Hair, Dresses, tanks, scarves, furniture (I didn’t even post all those pics!)

Black Market_001

Get down to Black market and pick up these freebies today!  P.S., all the freebies are located near the dock in the boats!

Gifts in this pic:

!Ohmai : Soah Hair

*Etoile* Ahoy Thermal Pull

::SUGARCUBE – skull and crossbones mini dress

[Miseria] Hook Tank – Black Market Freebie

BALACLAVA!! Smee! scarf/black


Twosome Zottebollen tights!


Suri Alex xxx

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SugarCubeYay for Sugarcube and Ms. Sayuri! I am pleased to present the new group gift at the Hodgepodge location! This fantastic layered black party dress is perfect for a night out, and even more perfect as a freebie for Sugarcube’s most loyal group members!

Sugarcube Hodgepodge

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Another hit out of the park by Ms. Pichot!  Welcome back to my several part series reviewing Anexx Luxury Footwear!  I’m pleased today to present to you the Ribbon Belt Pumps!  With a staggering stiletto heel  and a glossy patent sheen these shoes certainly make a statement for any lucky avatar wearing them.

I decided to pull in today’s a festive treat from the Designers United theme ‘Jellyfish.’ This soft, flowy creation was created by Sayuri Cremorne of Sugarcube.  A big thanks to my fav Suri Christen for buying me this treat! I ❤ it. This delictable concoction was also part of a set–giving you endless mix and match possibilities! It’s surely a bargain at $150L!

Designers United

ANEXX_RibbonBeltPumps_Black/Gold $780L

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