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Enough with this dead horse right?!  I can’t help but be taken in the upsweep that has most bloggers under a spell this season.  So I have yet *another* fall look for you to try! Also, this cute pumpkin outfit is a Miel group gift from the suscribo! A big thanks to a few of the designers that passed me some of the treats for today’s posts, Marie Lauridsen of Milk Motion, and Brinks Lemmon of Puddles!

Look of the Day: Fall Fall FallIn this pic:

Maitreya Apple II- Caramel

(Milk Motion) Collette-Nude

(Milk Motion) My feather hair bow

* ~ * Puddles * ~ * Camper Bag Orange

* ~ * Puddles * ~ * Toronto Scarf – Tangerine

::SUGARCUBE – turtle neck (grey)

(Milk Motion) My sailor tank black

Aurora Dark Grey Plaid Shorts

Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Grey

50 flats-A walk in the mini woods- Fall

P.C; Diamond Bee Ring

And don’t forget this cute free gift from the Miel Suscribo!I love how you can wear it with or without the pumpkin face, which btw, changes expressions! LOVE it!

Miel Couture Pumpkin

Miel Suscribo


Suri Alex xxx


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You knew it was coming; it is the inevitable Sex and the City reference.  But whether you liked the show or not, there is no question the influence that it has had on styling and on fashion. Sex and the City stylist (for both the show and the movie(s)) Patricia Field is a legend in her own right–when I was in NYC I even got to visit her store and grab a few goodies!

It's my Carrie Post_001

What I have always loved about Carrie Bradshaw is her chic, comfortable looks paired with tooo die for shoes.  What other shoes would I use besides Anexx’s lovely golden fringe pumps?!  With a punch of a color and delicate swaft of leather around the ankles, it makes every step a little more prominent for Suri (and Carrie!).  Again, thank you to Machang Pichot for passing me so many lovely pairs! Paired with a street style grey fedora from Vinyl Cafe’s gift area, my trusty dollarbie shorts from Aurora and my favorite free !Ohmai racerback tank what more does this outfit need?

It's my Carrie Post Final Cut

::: B@R ::: Clutch Bag Yellow (Lucky board) $0L

[Chuchlet] Bangles – Silver $1L

Vinyl Cafe Gift fedora, black $1L

Aurora & Seduction, Inc. Dark Gray Shorts $3L

>TRUTH< Gemma – treacle $225L

ANEXX_FringePumps_Gold $680L

*ARGRACE* Eternity  ( Jewelry set ) $800L

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Today’s look is a few freebies and a few of my favorites.  I have been meaning to share these gorgeous sandals that Marie Lauridsen had sent me, so here they are!  I grabbed one of my portable closets ((only 30L!) (aside from the one in my loft which is full!)) and decided to start working my way up from the sandals.  I was super excited when the new hodge podge sim opened, it gave me yet another treasure to pair with my Pocahontas garb–this fun owl belt, a dollarbie!  Along with my men’s tee I snagged from Adjunct in muted green ($0L!).  Still pretty attached to my Bags of Style, today’s is the Gucci Mailbag.  My glasses are from my favorite optics store, Prim Optics, they are loaded with options!  I’m always changing the colors of my frames, these come with a fun in the hair option too! Ok, ok, enough chit chat…here are the pics!

Take a Peek in my closet

Take a Peek Close Up

(Elate!) Ana’s Owl Belt (Brown) –    $1L
primOptic Lynix glasses 1.19
Aurora Milk Chocolate Plaid Shorts    $1L
(Milk Motion) My pocahontas sandals high
Adjunct Basics – V Neck Tee – Muted Green    $0L

Garbage G Wardrobe $30L


Suri Alex  xxx

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I’m so delighted today to bring you a post inspired by my real Pomeranian Vuitton!  When I moved into my new house it was only a couple of weeks before the breeder called to give my sister and I the good news; that our puppies had been born and would be ready to take home!  My sister and I choose our respective puppies and brought them home to our new house.  My sister named hers Dior (do we love couture or what?) Both Vuitton and Dior are males.

Vuitton was the runt of the litter of 6!  I just had to have him.  He was a bit timid and shy but warmed up to me nicely, I knew he was befitting such an honorable legacy–that of Louis Vuitton, the French Courtier. For his first birthday he will get his very own Vuitton Dog collar!  I’m so excited!

Vuitton RL and SL

Using Bags of Style’s Second Life Replica of my iconic Speedy 35, along with my Zooby’s white Pom, I was able to recreate one of my favorite RL pictures of Vuitton!  For me I threw on a tank top from Thimbles, Shorts from Aurora and my favorite Periquita Flats in black.

Vuitton and Suri

Adjunct Basics – V Neck Tee – Muted Green $0L

*Thimbles* Vesticle – onyx (formally $15L)

.:Periquita Funny Girl Flats:. $350L

Aurora & Seduction, Inc. Dark Gray Shorts $3L

Bags of Style (BOS) Speedy Brown $660 (1/2 off too $330 if you use a store card!)

Zooby’s Pettable White Pom $600L

[Aden] Edie (DarkBrown) Hair $100L

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Inner Urkel

When I saw these suspenders I just had to have them!  I grew up in the 80’s/90’s and who could forget “TGIF?” One of my favorite shows was “Family Matters” with Steve Urkel!  I decided to grab some of my favorite retro glasses from [twee] as well as my group gift from [pink] from a while back.  Shorts were a steal from Aurora at $3L (there is a whole section of shorts, every color you need!).  I also paired with a classic set of Marie pumps.  Ohhh and this beautiful skin?  Tuli picks reward! Yay! Enjoy!

Aurora & Seduction, Inc. Dark Gray Shorts $3L

[gustnado modo] & [ami*s] Suspenders and beach bag (Camp 10 minutes each) $0L

Tuli Hope Picks Reward- Add to pics and wait 24-48hrs! $0L

[twee] Gabby’s Glasses $50L

[Pink] Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse (previous group gift)

Marie NH Pointed Pumps-Black with Sexy Walk & Walk Sound $250L

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