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Quick post!  Few things to grab, some skins from Cupcakes (group notices), also check your notices from Kunglers, they have this beautiful champagne colored dress.  More freebies from KLD on deck, this cute little tank dress is $0L and ready for you to grab.  For a whopping $2L you can have this couture inspired black feather gown, definitely a must have!  Don’t forget Aoharu is having a sale–and this applies to Anexx luxury footwear as well–50% off for a limited time!  Junwave is also having a $60L sale on its new hair, defintely a good time for you to load up on a wide selection of colors!

*Cupcakes* Skins Diamond Line- (Join group and check notices)

…:::KLD:::… Belle Fit $0L

(Kunglers) Group gift – Jan2010 (Join group $50L fee and grab from notices)

K*S no.222 swan(Black) $2L

Other good deals!


ANEXX_TripleFringePumpus_Black (50% off!)


Suri Alex xxx


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In this post I’m very pleased and honored to present two of my favorite stores for review–Beauty Avatar Couture and (Vive9).  Beauty Avatar Couture has released a new sexy body suit, here, I have shown three colors–black, blue, and red.  All undeniably sexy, all can be pieced together how you like.  I’m wearing the full versions of these suits.  I love the collar, it borrows an essence from an earlier release called Sunny, which is one of my favorite BAC looks.  I also love how the tops of these suits are scandalously backless, making for an interesting parting treat upon your departure in-world.  Next, the much anticipated, and blogged about set of new skins from (Vive9) called Marianne.  The skins feature a small set of teeth with each make-up, an interesting look I”m often too shy to use.  However, upon trying on the skins, I found myself gravitating towards the toothed looks, they were so cute.  My favorite skin baring teeth is definitely Piplup–the contrast between the dark ruby lips and the white set of teeth is alluring and enticing.  These skins also come with freckles and no freckles options (clean).  Personally, I’m a freckles girl, and (Vive9) does not disappoint with its latest round of freckled beauties; these are certainly going to be one of my favorites! Providing even more customization (as if choosing skin tone, make-up, teeth/no teeth, freckles/no freckles) wasn’t enough for you–you can also choose between light and dark brows.  I did a few extra photographs in addition to the closeups of the make-ups I wore in the BAC outfits.

I’m truly in love with these collections–Both from Beauty Avatar Couture and (Vive9).  I can’t wait for these designers to come out with more beautiful skins and clothes as my inventory continues to bulge with their ominous treasures!

Look 1:

SLink Nicole Hairstyle

(vive9) Marianne [tan] Piplup -Clean/Teeth *darkbrows

*Beauty Avatar Couture* JULIA – Black

NX-Nardcotix Absinthe Scarlet


(epoque hair) Overpaid Stylist [upper only-skull] – Brown Tones

(vive9) Marianne [light] Shady – Freks/Noteeth *light brows

*Beauty Avatar Couture* JULIA – Blue

[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps (Neutral Black)

Look 3:

Mustache { Hannah } in Milk Chocolate

(vive9) Marianne [pale] GumDrop – Freks/Teeth *darkbrows

*Beauty Avatar Couture* JULIA – Red


Of (Vive9) Marianne skins:

Top row: Piplup (tan) clean, Shady (light) frecks, Gumdrops (pale) freck

2nd row: Toast (tan) freck, Nudist (tan) clean, Morning (tan) clean, Latex (tan) freck

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I was really excited when Real Life couture designer Vitabela Dubrovna asked me to incorporate some of her SL couture pieces into my wardrobe!  Two of the dresses, “Satisfaction” and “Boudior Noir,” made me reach in my closet and pull out jackets–both to keep me warm from the chilly weather and to add a little bit of “Rock and Roll” to these gorgeous, flowy dresses.

Vitabella's Boudior Satisfaction

The first look, I used a shorter dress from Vitabella’s collection called “Satisfaction.” The dress comes with both a colored and greyscale blouse, and an entirely frothy set of feathers that help keep it young, fresh, and fun. I also combined it with a couple of freebies and cheapies I aquired last week–Maitreya’s Onyx suscribo Soho boots, as well as the jacket from last week’s 50L friday from Niniko.Below is also a picture done by my friend Even, who wanted to bring out the colors in “Satisfaction.”


In my next look, I used my favorite color black. I’m in love the texturing on the shoulder flower as well as the bodice of gown, which provided a nice tiered effect against the moving skirt. Vitabella’s strength is in her porpotioning, which practices variables of mixing a tighter top with a more voluminous bottom. I was interested in doing a look with this enchanting gown something a little more hard–I always like the dichotomy of the look.  Likewise, I was really excited to pull in Machang’s new leather short riders jacket.  While browsing the feeds this jacket has been styled to death (as it should be, its gorgeous!) so I this is my unique contribution… lol. This was also the perfect hard/soft outfit to grab out my leather riders boots, also by Aoharu’s Machang.  Like all the goods that Machang puts out, these ascend her already high standard, giving designers the grid over the challenge to up their game. The glasses are a cheapie from HOC, and I always find they are the perfect mix of chic and and cool.

Boudior and Aoharu

Look 1:

fri. – Tatum – Cranky Brown

Boutique COCO & CO Cerre-tete Camelia Noir headband


Vitabella’s Boudior “Sophistication”

[Cynful] Dance-a-licous black tights

Maitreya Onyx Soho Boots

Look 2:

>TRUTH< Makenzie – coffee

HOC – Aviator style glasses #003 Female

Vitabella’s Boudior “Boudoir Noir”


Maitreya Armwarmers – Black

P.C; Times Square Ring – Diamond – Bling

*ICING* Camera Girl bottoms w/fishnets


poses by S.Loves!


Suri Alex xxx

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The Karmic TrioIt was a happy coincidence when I stumbled upon this white blouse with a satiny bow attached @ Karmic.  Unfortunately however, the store will be closing on Sept. 15th, which means you should grab this blouse before its gone forever, and at $100L, you can’t go wrong.  For this shirt, I did three outfits, they were mostly inspired by the new collection at Kate Spade which I’m in LOVE with. Upper left’s picture is my new ‘going to the office’ look, both sexy and refined at the same time.  The blouse has just the right amount of cleavage whilst still leaving something to the imagination making it work appropriate 🙂 Look two in the middle is my new rainy day look, perfect for jumping in puddles or just looking fabulous while your hunny is holding your umbrella.  In real life, I like adding a bit of sparkle to my outfits, this (p-k) skirt was just that!  Finally, in the lower left, I threw on my favorite denim skirt from (milk motion) paired with colored leggings.  This look is versatile enough to be both casual and more formal, the accessorizing makes a difference.  With this look I also decided to pair Bags of Style’s Iconic Inspired Hermes bag, made famous by none other than Grace Kelly.

Tp’s to your new favorite stores?  Of course!

Karmic Tie Shirt

Upper Left:

Maitreya High Skirt Raven $275

+plus wide belt red (previous group gift)

Insolence Dolores Seamed Nylons (part of set) $290

Jimmy Chau Surudoi Red Pumps $399L

primOptic Adria glasses 1.17 $299L

fri. Deena $75L (Until Sept 10)


*Coco* Hat Black Dots $0L

(P-K) Opened Trench Rouge (temp closed)

(P-K)-Sequin Collection-Tank dress (used skirt only) (temp closed)

!O: Basics Sheer Leggings (Concrete) (part of pack)


fri. – Cassie – Cranky Brown $0L (group gift) $0L

Lo*momo ::petit pas:: Umbrella (male) $0L

Lower Left:

….and I know I’m going to start a trend with this Fab hair!

primOptic Lynix glasses 1.19 $299L

DECO – Black Pearl & Onyx earrings (previous group gift) $0L


!O::Basics Sheer Leggings (Eggplant) (part of pack)

(Milk Motion) My jeans skirt black $175L

[paper.doll] Heartbreaker-BlackPatent (temp closed)

LH_hair13_rabi _chocolate_f_L $200L

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You knew it was coming; it is the inevitable Sex and the City reference.  But whether you liked the show or not, there is no question the influence that it has had on styling and on fashion. Sex and the City stylist (for both the show and the movie(s)) Patricia Field is a legend in her own right–when I was in NYC I even got to visit her store and grab a few goodies!

It's my Carrie Post_001

What I have always loved about Carrie Bradshaw is her chic, comfortable looks paired with tooo die for shoes.  What other shoes would I use besides Anexx’s lovely golden fringe pumps?!  With a punch of a color and delicate swaft of leather around the ankles, it makes every step a little more prominent for Suri (and Carrie!).  Again, thank you to Machang Pichot for passing me so many lovely pairs! Paired with a street style grey fedora from Vinyl Cafe’s gift area, my trusty dollarbie shorts from Aurora and my favorite free !Ohmai racerback tank what more does this outfit need?

It's my Carrie Post Final Cut

::: B@R ::: Clutch Bag Yellow (Lucky board) $0L

[Chuchlet] Bangles – Silver $1L

Vinyl Cafe Gift fedora, black $1L

Aurora & Seduction, Inc. Dark Gray Shorts $3L

>TRUTH< Gemma – treacle $225L

ANEXX_FringePumps_Gold $680L

*ARGRACE* Eternity  ( Jewelry set ) $800L

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Welcome back readers to my series on Annex’s shoes!  I’m really excited about this pair of shoes!  The gladiator heels, in bright magenta were perfect for my simple tank and sparkly shorts!  I love the nice tight straps along the sides matched with the ooo so tiny stem heels, perfect for tip-toeing through a crowd at a fierce club. The subtle sparkle on each side of the of shoe make for a glamorous accent grave to your perfect outfit. Another big thanks for these shoes from Machang Pichot!

Annex Bijou Gladiator Heel

Grab these luxurious pumps now at Anexx Luxury Footwear!


Suri Alex  xxx

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Another hit out of the park by Ms. Pichot!  Welcome back to my several part series reviewing Anexx Luxury Footwear!  I’m pleased today to present to you the Ribbon Belt Pumps!  With a staggering stiletto heel  and a glossy patent sheen these shoes certainly make a statement for any lucky avatar wearing them.

I decided to pull in today’s a festive treat from the Designers United theme ‘Jellyfish.’ This soft, flowy creation was created by Sayuri Cremorne of Sugarcube.  A big thanks to my fav Suri Christen for buying me this treat! I ❤ it. This delictable concoction was also part of a set–giving you endless mix and match possibilities! It’s surely a bargain at $150L!

Designers United

ANEXX_RibbonBeltPumps_Black/Gold $780L

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