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Sorry about my delayed absence all, I have two new puppies and so its been super busy at my house!  Not much to say in this post except grab these super cute dresses from Wetherby’s!

Wetherby's Week 2

Wetherby's Week 2x



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Join the (v9) group for tons of beautiful skins!  Each of these skins are gorgeous–This group gift comes with skins from both the ::LoveDot:: and Modelesque Collection.  Also in the pictures below is a $1L gift from Beauty Avatar, and a $1L gift from Lara skins!  Enjoy!

(v9) 1



(v9) 2



(v9) 3



(v9) 4



(v9) 5



(v9) 6

Lara Skins Rachel Pale $1L

*Beauty Avatar* Couture Estate Gift (In Store) $1L

.::Vive 9::. ::LoveDot::, Modelesque skins $0L

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Just a quick post before bed, the ever generous Sopha McCallen just re-opened her new mainstore ::jumps for joy:: and I was excited to see the new group gift skin ‘love.’  It has tiny korean characters on the cheek and is beautifully detailed all through out.   In my post I put on a slightly lighter skin just to give you guys an idea of Sopha’s range.  “Emma,” Sopha’s other new line of skins comes in both plain and small beauty marked versions.  Both are absolutely lovely, though I”m parshal to the beauty marks, they’re more like my RL face!  I love it!

My Ugly Dorthy_003

Thank you again Sopha!!!


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Sorry, if you’ve seen this, I’ve had it on draft status for a while, so I’m just posting it now!  So, as you’re probably seeing, I’m a total girly-girl…I love beautifully made dresses, shoes and bags…This dress, a suscribo gift ($0L) from *[ROC]* was fantastic because you could wear it several different ways.  The short with the attached half skirt was my favorite, though the long was beautiful as well.  Skin was the new group gift from Tuli “Hope” in sunkissed.  Hair is one of my favorite Foam creations (thank you soooo much for custom fitting and mixing me a pack!).  Eyelashes are my favorite Twiggy from Redgrave and of course my standby strappy shoes from Kalnins.

Suri in Champagne

Ranena Olivier Couture suscribo dress ($0L)

.:.Foam!.:. Floe I ($250L)

Tuli Skin “Hope” Group Gift (Join for $250L)

*REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -10- Twiggy $100L

Kalnins Shoes- Coquette

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Inner Urkel

When I saw these suspenders I just had to have them!  I grew up in the 80’s/90’s and who could forget “TGIF?” One of my favorite shows was “Family Matters” with Steve Urkel!  I decided to grab some of my favorite retro glasses from [twee] as well as my group gift from [pink] from a while back.  Shorts were a steal from Aurora at $3L (there is a whole section of shorts, every color you need!).  I also paired with a classic set of Marie pumps.  Ohhh and this beautiful skin?  Tuli picks reward! Yay! Enjoy!

Aurora & Seduction, Inc. Dark Gray Shorts $3L

[gustnado modo] & [ami*s] Suspenders and beach bag (Camp 10 minutes each) $0L

Tuli Hope Picks Reward- Add to pics and wait 24-48hrs! $0L

[twee] Gabby’s Glasses $50L

[Pink] Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse (previous group gift)

Marie NH Pointed Pumps-Black with Sexy Walk & Walk Sound $250L

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In lieu of summer and the warm weather that’s beginning to trickle across to the East Coast of the US, I was inspired to do an early summer style post.  My beginning piece was a first and original by  Zoe Demar.  Her beautifully versatile and rich buttery leather jacket had me ooooing and awwing upon first receiving it.  While this limited creation is a first for Zoe, you will be able to purchase it at a temporary location linked below.  I paired Zoe’s western inspired jacket with a pair of the tiniest shorts I could find, at *Clover*, which featured about 6 or so lucky chairs of all different prizes!  Keeping in my western summer theme, I paired it with a find from M’z, a pair of cowboy boots which looked fitting with the chocolaty jacket. Slipping on my aviators from HOC and tying my hair into a messy updo helped complete my southern style, but what summer outfit isn’t complete without a few treats?  Nostoligic for my youthful summers I snagged a candy necklace to suck on while I rode my new bigwheel compliments of Catnip.  If you’ve not been, they have tons of fun games and toys if you’re an 80’s/90’s kid like myself. With my delictable flavored treats in my mouth I turned to non-other than my fav MyUglyDorthy skin complete with glossy pink lips to hold my sweet candy!  😉 Enjoy friends!

Southern Comfort

This jacket is a current obsession :))

Suri in Leather

Suri on a Bigwheel

Southern Comfort Candy

*Clover* cut off daisy dukes: $0L Lucky Chair

*~::HT::~* Candy Necklace: $20L

HOC Female Aviators #003: $40L

W&Y Hair 37 A: $100L

* M’z Western Boots dark brown Leather *: $188L

[Z]’s Madonna Inspired Brown Leather Jacket: $225L

:-CatniP-:. Big Wheel!! $275L

MyUglyDorthy– Lea: Soon to be relased at New Mainstore!


Suri Alex   xxxx

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In honor the upcoming Memorial Day Holiday, I decided to get dressed up in my battle fatigues and show my support for our soldiers around the world!  I know, we’re all thinking about the great food, drinks and fun with our families this weekend, but its also important to remember our soldiers who are risking tier lives for our safety, thx everyone!

Free Kisses

Today I have a fun set of fatigues that I picked up from a store called Klaxie Style, who is having a $49L storewide sale!  Get over there! I loved the way the pants were a little scuplty, it was fun with my new boots!  The outfit came with several options, but the bra combo was by far the most saucy! I paired it with a set of Pixel Mode boots who are also having a storewide $50L sale until Sunday at noon.  Skin is a fun set from FS, a previous in store group gift, join the group to be a part of more specials. Lashes my uber-girly Redgrave in Twiggy.   My unkempt bun was perfect for my look, a little bit messy to complement my rough and tumble workout as a military fashionista!

fatigued trio

Klaxie Style Stina camuflage hiphop outfit: $49L

Pixel Mode Jet Boots: $50L (until Sunday at 12n)

=Rogue= Hair 18_Sp A: $70L

*REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -10- Twiggy

FS skin Whitney (Miltar): Previous group gift

Have a great long weekend!



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