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:: Exodi :: Sylvan FLF Sneak Peek – Beloved (ALL TONES) $50L

+LALA Moon+ Suede Boots [ Black ]  (comes in 6 colors) $0L

(TokiD) scarf knots – group gift (Join I Love Tokidoki group) $0L


[doll.] poses (Selene)



Suri Alex xxx


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If there is one thing I love in both worlds its dressing up.  As most of you readers know too, my favorite posts to do are ones where I can help you all find some pretty dresses in-world!  I’ve complied a few treasures here!

Most of you might know that the Deck was having a special birthday this past weekend.  I’m not sure if the gifts are still out, but its worth a look.  I didn’t get a chance to snag all the goodies, but here are three Deck gifts: a tuli skin, a gown from Lelutka, and a hair from Miel!  They look perfect together!

Next head over to LeeZu and join the LeeZu group.  Check notices and there is this beautiful black gown that can be worn with our without a flower on the skirt.  Finally, if you’re not already in the Baiastice group, its a good time to start.  Just send Sissy the owner of the group (her name is in bold) a notecard and she’ll add you to the group at no charge.  This dress is also in group notices!

The Deck []::Tuli::[] Sayuri :: The Deck Anniversary Limited Edition Skin $0L

The Deck MIEL TUE HAIR – Happy B-day to The Deck gift $0L

The Deck [LeL.Ultra]-PROPHECY $0L

[LeeZu!] Yann`s le Coeur Babydoll Dress /black (Join LeeZu group and check notices) $0L

Baiastice_Lulu’ de jour dress (Join Baiastice and check notices) $0L


Suri Alex xxx

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Ah High School.  While it seems that the days of this lore are far behind me now that I’m on my second post-graduate degree, I often hasten fond memories of this part of my life–even the fashion. Growing up in the suburbs of the mid-west gave me the opportunity to have a great education in my youth.  My parents, stressing the importance of school made sure that each and every day I was dressed and ready to take on the days worth of psychology classes and alegebra. While the halls of my school were carpeted and Ralph Lauren abounded on the proud chest of every last “Panther,” at our school, I flighted between looks. In high school I also had long hair, a sharp contrast to my now rounded bob in RL.

Somedays I fulfilled my collegiate preparatory role, though I often took off my cable knit sweater and pulled it over my polo during the day I still relish the feeling of ease that made me feel part of my school.  It was easy, it was Tommy, Ralph Lauren, BCBG, and Nautica.  This was the inspiration behind my look 1.

Look 2 took me in a more casual direction, where when I was either too lazy to wear my tiny horse on my chest I opted for a comfy tee and a cardigan. Flip flops became the footwear of choice, and I felt comfortable in my favorite worn jeans.

My third look is probably one of my most consistent and often looks. Black, my favorite color was a strong contender in most of my outfits.  A warm cashmere sweater was my go-to item.  High school also marked the evolution of fashion for me.  I scored my very first used vintage Chanel purse, similar to the one that Bags of Style is offering.  I paired with my HUGE glasses and man, did I think I was on top of the world!  A budding fashionista!

I’m also really happy to feature this set of poses in my post.  They are aptly named “Tiffany,” my real life name!  by Suri C.’s [S.Loves].  A big thanks goes out to her for this collection, and I love how the pose set conveys what I call “The many essences of a Tiffany.” Perfect S! ❤ you.

Look 1:

Maitreya Dylan – Coffee

Tuli Bella pale/br

Coco Boutique: Cerre-tete Camelia Blanc Headband


{paper.doll} ClassicButtonDown-White

(CS) Jeans – Ultra Dark

*ARAI* Rucksack

Look 2:

SLink Gorgeous Hairstyle 1 Medium Ash Brown




:Mashooka: Jeans VI09 {stonewash}


*Kookie* Ellea Petite Flats Noir

Look 3:

>TRUTH< Makenzie – coffee

[Miseria] Ash Cardigan

Sh*t Happens – Black Bird Tee

(Milk Motion) My boyfriend jeans blue


[SC] Surf Couture – Freedom Flops – Silver

I’m sooo tired tonight so I couldn’t make my lazy self create slurls.  If there is anything you want to know more about, let me know and I’ll send you the LM!


Suri Alex xxx

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Wednesday's Freebies

A few things to help you get through hump day…the weekend evades us only by two more days!  Shopping always makes this situation better….  First, Truth is having a $25L hair sale–I couldn’t resist picking up multiple colors and packs because it was sooo cheap!  The sale is going on though for a few more days, so if you can’t tp in to the lag monster, you still have some time. The suscribo gift dress from Posh is also fun and flirty, love the bangles!  The skin is also a new dollarbie from Beauty Avatar, its quite lovely!  Sweater is the new group gift for you to grab in store from COCO (perfect for the chilly weather!) and the Lo socks are the new suscribo gift from Miel (LOVE)!

Look 1:

Boutique COCO & CO Cerre-tete Camelia Noir headband $0L

>TRUTH< Holly – caramel $25L

(Posh) Party Girl with Bangles (Suscribo Gift) $0L

Look 2:

*COCO*_Gift_TurtleneckSweater $0L

*Beauty Avatar Couture* Daria Skin Gift $1L

>TRUTH< Ana Lu – walnut $25L

Miel Lo Refurbished Socks-multi-color pack (Suscribo Gift) $0L



Suri Alex xxx

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Enough with this dead horse right?!  I can’t help but be taken in the upsweep that has most bloggers under a spell this season.  So I have yet *another* fall look for you to try! Also, this cute pumpkin outfit is a Miel group gift from the suscribo! A big thanks to a few of the designers that passed me some of the treats for today’s posts, Marie Lauridsen of Milk Motion, and Brinks Lemmon of Puddles!

Look of the Day: Fall Fall FallIn this pic:

Maitreya Apple II- Caramel

(Milk Motion) Collette-Nude

(Milk Motion) My feather hair bow

* ~ * Puddles * ~ * Camper Bag Orange

* ~ * Puddles * ~ * Toronto Scarf – Tangerine

::SUGARCUBE – turtle neck (grey)

(Milk Motion) My sailor tank black

Aurora Dark Grey Plaid Shorts

Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Grey

50 flats-A walk in the mini woods- Fall

P.C; Diamond Bee Ring

And don’t forget this cute free gift from the Miel Suscribo!I love how you can wear it with or without the pumpkin face, which btw, changes expressions! LOVE it!

Miel Couture Pumpkin

Miel Suscribo


Suri Alex xxx

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Whether heading to class or catching the bus for a jaunt shopping downtown, this look will be both fun and cheeky for you daily wear. We’ve all had those days when we haven’t quite caught up on all of laundry and as a result end up pulling together some mash-up of a look–it can be a challenge.

BTS Offbeat

As I grabbed my Chanel bag and ran to class, I made it time to take a quick before lecture started.


>Truth< Harlow- treacle
[Rockberry] Uma Group Gift Natural
Solar Eyewear– Arae
Argrace Eternity Jewelry set
Miel Jane Flor Sock- Light July group gift
Milk Motion My huuuuge necklace-black
**nikukyu** Chiffon flower skirt
[paperdoll] Heartbreaker Shoes- Black Patent
C’est la vie! group gift border knit cardigan
!ohmai racerback-blank
BOS Coco Chanel Biaritz Black Suede tote

Enjoy Friends!

Suri Alex xxx

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Ahh my apologies friends for my absence, it seems I was a bit slow getting back after the Labor Day holiday.  But I’m here now and I’ve been playing catch up to bring you all the latest freebies!  In these posts, tons of great outfits, accessories, and this new dollarbie skin from *Bffae?  Loving the emo!  Enjoy!

Free Skin and Dresses for Wednesday

Bffae, Scribba, Miel GC

Tart Black Mini $0L

Tart Halter and Slacks $0L

Wetherby’s Daily Dollarbie $1L

Feathers =F=cdress Pink $0L

*Pop feel* Fluffy Dress $0L

*GC* Tank and Slit Leggings $1L

Miel September Group Gift Messenger Bag $0L

S@bbia Group Gift #4 $0L

*Bffae } Antionette (Friday Night) E Skin $1L


Suri Alex  xxx

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