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I have two new releases to share with you all today, first Bax Coen, legendary for their fabulous boots has released a new texture in their prestige line–Suede! I was really excited to be given the chance to review these gorgeous boots.  They follow Coen’s classic lines and customization, and four juicy shades of red to boot (no pun intended).  Next, I wanted to highlight the new photoble at Mudhoney, like her other work its absolutely glam and fantastic, her building skills are impeccable not to mention her great eye for interiors.  “Rogue Getaway” proves to be just that, a nice soothing escape while you take some pictures alone, or with your significant other.  In the pictures below you’ll see three of the female single poses, but there are also single male poses, and couple poses!  ❤ it.

Next I wanted to direct your attention to the (Kunglers) free gift.  It’s in notices, and $50L to join.  I’m wearing it here as a top. You probably saw the Ganked jewelry in my last post, I forgot to mention you can get that entire set for $25L.  What a steal right?  Its gorgeous.  And don’t worry there is plenty more where that came from.  Misti just opened a new Mainstore and there is tons of beautiful jewels all bargain priced.  Not to mention, the suscribo is probably worth joining for future gifts 😉

Maitreya Sasha – Ash Blond $50L

-Belleza-Alyson Sk Group gift $0L (no longer in notices)

(Kunglers) Group gift – Feb2010 (dress worn as top) $0L

$GaNKeD$ Rocklove Necklace $25L for the set

$GaNKeD$ Rocklove Bracelet (part of above set!)

P.C; Water Over Wine Ring

fri. – Low.Rise Jeans (Dark) $180L

Bax Coen Prestige Boots in Red Suede $875L

*COCO*_gift-belt $0L

pose in photo 1: Olive Juice

MudHoney – Rouge Getaway Photoble $500L


Suri Alex xxx


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[MG] Fall Fashion Review

I was absolutely delighted when Maria Gheradi passed me a few of her wonderful fall pieces to review this post!  What I am always looking for in fall outerwear is how realistic the pieces look as well as how the (usually large amount) of prim attachments move together and look seamless.

I’m pleased with Maria’s collection in that she seems to have completed both tasks well.

MG Fall Fashion Review

The left picture I was wearing the jacket/vest in Salmon and Blue.  I loved that this jacket could work well in its full form as well as in the vest form (not pictured).  I have a bit of a booty, so I often need to stretch or re-size my items, these worked relatively easy in doing that.  My only recommendation would be to at some point add in a re-size script that would make this a little easier; though that’s more my personal preference.

The middle picture’s jacket was delightfully sprite and made me look and feel utmost cozy.  This jacket reminded me a lot of Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic Sailor Jackets.  Maria brought femininity to the classic look with her choice of palate and ease of wear, along with the intricate seaming that helped made this jacket form fitting versus boxy.

Finally, the third piece which is actually a cropped pantsuit, I included in this set as well.  While not necessarily outwear, usually in fall I throw a cropped suit jacket like this along with my favorite knee high boots, giving wear to my more summery work wear.  This outfit also fits for fall in that the material is a thick tweed in a nice mocha brown.  It made me think of the crisp fall leaves that will be falling soon. I’m also a fan of the sash belt, which nipped nicely in the waist.

This is merely a small sampling of some of my favorite pieces within MG, surely there are many more that will provide any avi’s wardrobe with both form, functionality and certainly style!

[MG] Fashion


Suri Alex xx

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You knew it was coming; it is the inevitable Sex and the City reference.  But whether you liked the show or not, there is no question the influence that it has had on styling and on fashion. Sex and the City stylist (for both the show and the movie(s)) Patricia Field is a legend in her own right–when I was in NYC I even got to visit her store and grab a few goodies!

It's my Carrie Post_001

What I have always loved about Carrie Bradshaw is her chic, comfortable looks paired with tooo die for shoes.  What other shoes would I use besides Anexx’s lovely golden fringe pumps?!  With a punch of a color and delicate swaft of leather around the ankles, it makes every step a little more prominent for Suri (and Carrie!).  Again, thank you to Machang Pichot for passing me so many lovely pairs! Paired with a street style grey fedora from Vinyl Cafe’s gift area, my trusty dollarbie shorts from Aurora and my favorite free !Ohmai racerback tank what more does this outfit need?

It's my Carrie Post Final Cut

::: B@R ::: Clutch Bag Yellow (Lucky board) $0L

[Chuchlet] Bangles – Silver $1L

Vinyl Cafe Gift fedora, black $1L

Aurora & Seduction, Inc. Dark Gray Shorts $3L

>TRUTH< Gemma – treacle $225L

ANEXX_FringePumps_Gold $680L

*ARGRACE* Eternity  ( Jewelry set ) $800L

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Today’s look is a few freebies and a few of my favorites.  I have been meaning to share these gorgeous sandals that Marie Lauridsen had sent me, so here they are!  I grabbed one of my portable closets ((only 30L!) (aside from the one in my loft which is full!)) and decided to start working my way up from the sandals.  I was super excited when the new hodge podge sim opened, it gave me yet another treasure to pair with my Pocahontas garb–this fun owl belt, a dollarbie!  Along with my men’s tee I snagged from Adjunct in muted green ($0L!).  Still pretty attached to my Bags of Style, today’s is the Gucci Mailbag.  My glasses are from my favorite optics store, Prim Optics, they are loaded with options!  I’m always changing the colors of my frames, these come with a fun in the hair option too! Ok, ok, enough chit chat…here are the pics!

Take a Peek in my closet

Take a Peek Close Up

(Elate!) Ana’s Owl Belt (Brown) –    $1L
primOptic Lynix glasses 1.19
Aurora Milk Chocolate Plaid Shorts    $1L
(Milk Motion) My pocahontas sandals high
Adjunct Basics – V Neck Tee – Muted Green    $0L

Garbage G Wardrobe $30L


Suri Alex  xxx

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Welcome back readers to my series on Annex’s shoes!  I’m really excited about this pair of shoes!  The gladiator heels, in bright magenta were perfect for my simple tank and sparkly shorts!  I love the nice tight straps along the sides matched with the ooo so tiny stem heels, perfect for tip-toeing through a crowd at a fierce club. The subtle sparkle on each side of the of shoe make for a glamorous accent grave to your perfect outfit. Another big thanks for these shoes from Machang Pichot!

Annex Bijou Gladiator Heel

Grab these luxurious pumps now at Anexx Luxury Footwear!


Suri Alex  xxx

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Ah a Saturday.  After a long week of hustle and bustle one of the best things to do on the weekend is throw on a comfy shirt and a pair of your favorite jeans.  This morning was actually pretty cold when I let Vuitton out, I even had to grab my sweater.  First signs of fall perhaps?

Eveline dark

Eveline Light

Welcome back to my series reviewing the Mashooka line!  Today’s Eveline sweaters come in a wide array of colors to suit almost any outfit you might be planning.  The tiny cap sleeves suitted with a small prim ruffle that was delightful, a nice addition that many designers often leave off when doing sweaters or tees.

The curved buttoned up ruffle felt mature and sophisticated but the colors made them feel fresh and fun.  The detailing in this color was also extremely relastic, making it a great candidate for layering (one I will surely use in future posts!)

Just like RL, one of the hardest things in SL is finding a pair of denim that is ‘you.’  While I have aquired many pairs, I always find myself going back to an old reliable pair. However, with the inclusion of Aradhana Voight’s versatile denim into my inventory, my favorite has changed!  In the pics I wanted to show the wide array of ways you could wear these jeans.  Each color comes with several options including a regular bootcut, skinny, applique, rolled cuff (long and short), and capri style.  I’m pretty convinced that I will hardly have a need to keep searching for that ‘perfect pair’ of jeans anymore!

Flats featured in this post were .:Periquita Funny Girl Flats:. (another one of my ‘perfect pairs!’ )


Suri Alex  xxx


.:Periquita Funny Girl Flats:. $350L

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