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Yay Glam Affair New Releases! I’m really excited to bring you today a couple of Glam Affair’s hot new bikini/lingerie/rockstar attire for your boudoir or your everyday wear! The set comes in several colors including Black, White, Red, Azure, Yellow and Pink.  All are delicious and perfect for mixing in your wardrobe.  The tough studs are fun for pairing with some of your outfits, and I found that they worked will with layering.

I’d also like to highlight my necklace which was another custom adaptation of the Suri Necklace that Misti of Ganked created for me.  After I published this photo I realized I didn’t have my necklace situated on my chest right…so bad me, slap on the hand…but in any case, this is a truly awesome necklace to have compliment your outfits.

Finally, a couple freebies Exile has a free hair for women (and men) at Savoir Hair.  This is the Susan hair, you get the entire fatpack of colors. Also, head down to Reek where you will find these candy cigarette glasses from Gaga’s telephone video!


Suri Alex xxx

-Glam Affair – Xania Red

Exile Susan coffee/Ash $0L

Mustache – Grey Matchstick Jeans (Former suscribo gift) $0L

Reek – Candy Cigarette Shades – Freebie! $0L

-Glam Affair – Xania Black (bottoms + studs)

-Glam Affair – Xania White (Top)

$GaNKeD$ Suri Necklace in Yin Yang [Silver]

-Glam Affair– SURA Suit -Black Fur Jacket

Poses by [doll.] “Selene”


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Hyper Culture is a new store on the grid specializing in Men’s and Women’s ready to wear.  The store features everything from saucy lingerie to dresses, pants, and other pixelated clothing treasures.  My favorite out of these sets was the Black Victorian Mini in pic #1.  It’s so simple and perfect, I could see myself pairing it alone 😉  or with leggings and a denim jacket for going out.  The lingerie also comes in a multitude of titillating colors, the teal was my favorite among them.  The lace “Frau” dress is a variation of sorts of the Victorian Mini, but still undeniablely sexy.  I loved the Baroque vintage pattern on it.  Finally, Nadja a nod to the store’s couture collection provides a versatile look (also comes with pants) that is unique, fun and absolutely entertaining!   Tp’s below!

Pic 1:

HC – Lingerie Collection – Sasha (Cyan)

HC – Victorian Mini (Black)

Pic 2:

HC – Black Lace Collection -Frau dress

HC – Couture Collection – Nadja

Poses by:

Olive Juice– Blogger Friendly… ish  $100L


Suri Alex xxx

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I’m really excited today to bring you 4 new looks from Glam Affair.  Aida has been working hard to bring us these sensual, erotic (and a little bit naughty) looks just in time for valentine’s day.  The first picture is featuring the sets called “Ramonna.”  Ramonna’s bra and panties set are truly delicate and sophisticated.  I’m in love with the doily like trim around the edges making them both sexy and lady like.  Next, “Susan” touches ever so gently on BDSM with its collar and tight dress.  What I like about this sans-latex look is the delicate ruching in the bodice complimented by a contrasting color top. Look 3 “Jalye” uses a thick corseted top combined with a modern shoulder sling on.  I also like the socks that are paired with this look it makes it fun, spirited and modern.  Finally Zory uses a gorgeous set of shoulder plumage complimented by its asymmetrical one-piece bodice. Zory is my favorite look for sure, I love the simplicity of the work and how fun it looks on.

Pic 1:

– Glam Affair – Ramonna Gold

-Glam Affair- Ramonna Black

Pic 2:

-Glam Affair- Susan pink (collar)

-Glam Affair- Susan yellow

Pic 3:

-Glam Affair- JALYE Dress Black (corset)

-Glam Affair- JALYE Dress Red

Pic 4:

-Glam Affair- ZORY Black/Cream Body

-Glam Affair- ZORY Cream/ Red Body

Head to  Glam Affair now!


Suri Alex xxx

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It’s offically the month of love and like clockwork there are often a lot of proposals, weddings, and generally pairings in the month of passion.  Today I have a goregous new release to share with you from Gracie’s Bridal.  I love the one shoulder look, I think its chic and sophisticated.  Rightfully so, the rest of the gown is kept simple, and I really like that.  The gown also came with a veil, but I’m not really a hugely traditional person as far as weddings go–I always opt for a sparkly headband, a flower, or some other ornament in my hair in favor, I’m glad that this came with both options.

The lingerie are both new releases from a collaboration of [KA] Designs and OMFG! I’m really excited about these because they were sweet and delicate confectionery goodness, but still appropriate for your honeymoon treats. I’m so over the slutty lingerie for honeymoons, these are so tasteful and delicate, I love it! Other treats listed below (so Harper won’t yell at me! LOL).

Gracies Bridal.. Pure Princess (new release)

Lingerie by [KA]/OMFG!

[KA] SENSUAL – Akaya – (Ballerina Pink) (new release)

[KA] SENSUAL – Gogo (violet) (new release)

Poses by Everglow!

Other things I’m wearing:

Hair by Fri.day

Skin by Belleza (Alyson)

Ring by Paper Couture

Bouquet custom-made by EmpressNever Rejected

Shoes by [Paper.doll]


Suri Alex xxx

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ah its that time of year when we’re all bustling around.  This year was especially busy for me with my graduation on Friday plus the massive amounts of christmas shopping I’ve been trying to get done…I’m a bit exhausted already!  This year has been really enjoyable, and I’m happy to close out 2009 with lots of great friends (and well some people that I’ve lost…good riddance right?).

I have two special pictures for you, first my Nice photo.  Skin was the delicious new release from {paperdoll} .  I paired with a few of my favorites from Phoenix Rising as well.  The tease jewelry is bold but elegant, with just the right amount of sparkle.  Next, the Phoenix Rising outfit “Motive” in Red, is perfectly festive for all of your holiday parties and gatherings.  To top off my festive attire I slid on a pair of the new T-strap Plaid pumps by Nardcotix. The texturing on these is phenomenal and reminded me of a pair that Britney Spears wore in a recent video (Defintely a win!) by shoe mastermind Christian Louboutin.

So this holiday 2009 season begs the question… Were you Nice?

Or were you a little naughty?! (For my naughty readers, here is a special picture for you!) You don’t want to miss out on this offer!


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Some things for you to grab today!

Belleza, Vive 9, Lingerie

Vive 9 “Cailyn” $0L

Belleza skin “Jesse” (Join Group $250L and check notices)

QSD Lacy Lingerie $1L

Poses by S.Loves (Thanks Suri!)


Suri Alex xxx

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Lingerie is certainly a guilty pleasure of mine.  Free lingerie is an even guiltier pleasure. Enter, fab free blacklace in a demure Azura blue. Pics speak for themselves 🙂

Blacklace treats

Blacklace Limited Edition: Azura Blue Satin & Lace Cincher Set  $0L


Suri Alex xxx

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