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Dearest Readers,

If you aren’t in the Mashooka group already, you really should be!  This week I received the Sumara skin in several tones, and I have to say its the best yet.  I really loved the belly shading.  While there is a $200L fee for the group, it is well worth it for the treats you’ll be enjoying all throughout the year. If you don’t join the group, I highly advise heading over to Mashooka this week for a special dress and skin yours for only $100L. Its really beautiful with red lips and the orange gown is fantastic.  I wore mine here with some of my older jewelry which is available separately in store.

Visit Mashooka now!


Suri Alex xxx


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Two gorgeous skins in the Mashooka group that I must show you tonight!  Here is Mashooka’s newest skin line Analise; for being a group member you get these two samples–Analise in Natural Honey (L) and Analise in Natural Sand (R).  I don’t often show full bodies in skin reviews–only because I think the face is my favorite part–but in this case, I LOVED my little belly button!  So there you go!  Join the Mashooka group, and grab these skins out of the notices!

Now–an additional note readers– Mashooka is also having a group member sale– this means that the full complete sets are discounted for members (activate grouptag) and after payment you will receive 12% discount–294 lindens. Also, for groupmembers there are different items discounted at the mainstore, shown with a tag a collection is discounted on the full collection including seperate items or complete packs only (you need to be in mashooka’s membergroup and activate the tag – 200L entree).

I’m also wearing in this post a new release from Reasonable Desires Lingerie, it’s called  Rosie Black.  It also has a girdle and some sheer stockings! I just adored the vintagey feel of this set!

Mashooka Designs

*RD* Rosie Black Lingerie


Suri Alex xxx

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Ok so here are the instructions for how to get both dresses, read carefully.  The first dress on the left is the new Exclusiva Dollarbie. In order to get this dress, go to the kiosk out in front of the Exclusiva store.  Grab the magazine or “look book,” and wear it.  Go to a sandbox or a place where you can rezz things. When you wear the magazine, open it up and read the first page, there is a picture of the dress.  Click the “Buy” tab on the actual magazine.  A menu comes up that asks you to authorize payment, click yes.  After that, a red box will rezz that says “pay here.”  Right click the box and pay $1L.  The dress will be delivered to you.

The second dress is a picks reward from Mashooka.  In order to get the dress, go to Mashooka and it to your picks.  Come back in 24-48 hrs and hit the sign.  You will receive your dress!

Good luck!

Exculsiva LooK BooK Dollarbie January (wear) $1L

:Mashooka: Emery {metalblue} $0L


Suri Alex

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Ah High School.  While it seems that the days of this lore are far behind me now that I’m on my second post-graduate degree, I often hasten fond memories of this part of my life–even the fashion. Growing up in the suburbs of the mid-west gave me the opportunity to have a great education in my youth.  My parents, stressing the importance of school made sure that each and every day I was dressed and ready to take on the days worth of psychology classes and alegebra. While the halls of my school were carpeted and Ralph Lauren abounded on the proud chest of every last “Panther,” at our school, I flighted between looks. In high school I also had long hair, a sharp contrast to my now rounded bob in RL.

Somedays I fulfilled my collegiate preparatory role, though I often took off my cable knit sweater and pulled it over my polo during the day I still relish the feeling of ease that made me feel part of my school.  It was easy, it was Tommy, Ralph Lauren, BCBG, and Nautica.  This was the inspiration behind my look 1.

Look 2 took me in a more casual direction, where when I was either too lazy to wear my tiny horse on my chest I opted for a comfy tee and a cardigan. Flip flops became the footwear of choice, and I felt comfortable in my favorite worn jeans.

My third look is probably one of my most consistent and often looks. Black, my favorite color was a strong contender in most of my outfits.  A warm cashmere sweater was my go-to item.  High school also marked the evolution of fashion for me.  I scored my very first used vintage Chanel purse, similar to the one that Bags of Style is offering.  I paired with my HUGE glasses and man, did I think I was on top of the world!  A budding fashionista!

I’m also really happy to feature this set of poses in my post.  They are aptly named “Tiffany,” my real life name!  by Suri C.’s [S.Loves].  A big thanks goes out to her for this collection, and I love how the pose set conveys what I call “The many essences of a Tiffany.” Perfect S! ❤ you.

Look 1:

Maitreya Dylan – Coffee

Tuli Bella pale/br

Coco Boutique: Cerre-tete Camelia Blanc Headband


{paper.doll} ClassicButtonDown-White

(CS) Jeans – Ultra Dark

*ARAI* Rucksack

Look 2:

SLink Gorgeous Hairstyle 1 Medium Ash Brown




:Mashooka: Jeans VI09 {stonewash}


*Kookie* Ellea Petite Flats Noir

Look 3:

>TRUTH< Makenzie – coffee

[Miseria] Ash Cardigan

Sh*t Happens – Black Bird Tee

(Milk Motion) My boyfriend jeans blue


[SC] Surf Couture – Freedom Flops – Silver

I’m sooo tired tonight so I couldn’t make my lazy self create slurls.  If there is anything you want to know more about, let me know and I’ll send you the LM!


Suri Alex xxx

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It’s December which means everyone is starting to get into the giving mood!  Stores are no different, and so this morning I was delighted when I logged in and saw several group gifts dropped on me!  First, if you don’t already, put Mashooka into your picks!  In 24-48 hrs, return and grab this new brown coat, which is so cute!  Next, run down to Miamai and slap the suscribo and check the history for this fantastic fur stole.  I’m loving this!  I can’t wait to wear it in a variety of my winter oufits!  Finally, skip down to Azul, join the -AZUL- group and grab this new dress in store!

:Mashooka: Coat Melinda II {brown} (Picks Reward, add to picks, come back in 24-48 hrs) $0L

Miamai_Chante Fur Stole Brown (Suscribo Gift) $0L

-AZUL– GroupGift0911#2



Suri Alex xxx

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Ooooh, you know I’m a big fan of free gifts…especially the ones I don’t have to work too hard for ((I’m lazy!)) lol. Picks rewards suit me well.  I usually add something to my pics and then mosey over at my leisure to pick up my fab prize.  However, this green poncho from Mashooka is worth grabbing in the next 24 hours!  It looks soft and well knit, and I loved how it complimented the chilly weather around the grid.

Mashooka Picks Reward_001Mashooka Designs


Suri Alex

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Ah a Saturday.  After a long week of hustle and bustle one of the best things to do on the weekend is throw on a comfy shirt and a pair of your favorite jeans.  This morning was actually pretty cold when I let Vuitton out, I even had to grab my sweater.  First signs of fall perhaps?

Eveline dark

Eveline Light

Welcome back to my series reviewing the Mashooka line!  Today’s Eveline sweaters come in a wide array of colors to suit almost any outfit you might be planning.  The tiny cap sleeves suitted with a small prim ruffle that was delightful, a nice addition that many designers often leave off when doing sweaters or tees.

The curved buttoned up ruffle felt mature and sophisticated but the colors made them feel fresh and fun.  The detailing in this color was also extremely relastic, making it a great candidate for layering (one I will surely use in future posts!)

Just like RL, one of the hardest things in SL is finding a pair of denim that is ‘you.’  While I have aquired many pairs, I always find myself going back to an old reliable pair. However, with the inclusion of Aradhana Voight’s versatile denim into my inventory, my favorite has changed!  In the pics I wanted to show the wide array of ways you could wear these jeans.  Each color comes with several options including a regular bootcut, skinny, applique, rolled cuff (long and short), and capri style.  I’m pretty convinced that I will hardly have a need to keep searching for that ‘perfect pair’ of jeans anymore!

Flats featured in this post were .:Periquita Funny Girl Flats:. (another one of my ‘perfect pairs!’ )


Suri Alex  xxx


.:Periquita Funny Girl Flats:. $350L

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