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ALEIDA – Wipsty minidress sculpted collar – bitterchocolate.  $0L

Kalnins- Dante 50% off!


Suri Alex


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Today I’m happy to bring you several new releases from a few of my favorite stores.  First [KA] Designs has released several washes of their new skinny pants.  I just love these because unlike most skinny jeans that I wear, these have the perfect sized prim attachments down at the ankles.  I also liked the detailing in these jeans a lot too; they had just the right amount of wrinkling and detailing.  They also hit the waist at just the right spot! These jeans are the perfect foundation for letting the rest of your wardrobe fall, whatever your style!

Next, I wanted to introduce you to the new pair of Kalnins strappy pumps.  As usual these shoes feature a hud based coloring system that allows you to customize the straps, the metals, skin tone, and nail polish color. These are a fun airy shoe that will carry well through spring and summer. One thing that I think can still be worked on with Kalnins is the flatness of the prim foot; it seems like the skin tone doesn’t have a lot of depth and while I usually adore the style of the shoes, that is one thing I hope in the future gets worked on.

Finally I wanted to highlight my accessories, specifically my necklaces and earrings!  These are a few (of many) new releases by the fab ladies at [Glow Studio].  These large round earrings are super fun because they are actually animated and have moving pictures on them.  They come in White and Black and have these three moving designs in them 🙂   Also, on my look on the left I have on one of the new necklaces, which is also a fun layered piece to give your neckline just a bit of sparkle.

Poses by Diesel Works “Prima Donna” 🙂

Visit the above mentioned stores now!

[ glow ] studio – Animated Earrings

[ glow ] studio Forget Me Necklaces

[KA] The Skinny – Classic Denim & Indigo Denim

Kalnins Shoes – Rhapsody

Have a lovely evening friends! ❤

Suri Alex xxx

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So Tuesday was my first day back to school and work in about a month!  I know, I use to have a friend who said she loved the real world better than school.  Sorry, nothing beats a month off, no matter how much you rationalize!…and I know once I start work in the ‘real world’ a month off will be unreasonable…so I’m enjoying every bit of it!  In any case, as I pull my backpack back out of the closet and started my classes today, I decided to put together a little back to school look. This is a little fun get-up I’d wear to class (now if only it got a little warmer!).

A few treats I wanted to highlight in this post.  First, this SYSY sweater comes in several jewel tone colors for you to enjoy.  You can wear it with the matching scarf or with the belt sash, both are equally enticing.  2nd, make sure you grab glasses at one of my favorite eyewear stores on the grid–prim optic.  I always love that these give me the option to wear my glasses in my hair too.  Also the hair is one of the freebies that came with the Smoke curly hair from Analog Dog.  I tinted it darker brown, but its a great freebie! Whenever your looking for simple jewelery that matches a lot of things look no further than AHC, these hoop earrings are a staple in my wardrobe! Don’t forget your skirt, and how could you with this adorable corduroy mini, perfect alone or with leggings.  This adorable skirt comes in several colors, taupe shown here, is one of my favorites for its versatility and my ability to wear it virtually year round because of the coloring.  As always, a constant companion in my inventory the dollarbies from puddles, this is the NYC briefcase a dollarbie in-store.  Ok…before you go…don’t forget Kalnins…the shoes come with huds so you can change up with your outfits …the possibilities are almost endless. Now talk about getting your lindens worth! Enjoy!

-Belleza- Jesse Sunkiss group gift (cleavage)

Analog Dog hair freebie (tinted drk)

primOptic Twinz glasses 1.19

{AHC} Vuittior – Pearl Trimmed Gold Hoop Earrings

P.C; Limelight Ring

SYSY’s Lucy Sweater – Chocolate

Kyoot – Cordoroy Mini – Taupe

Kalnins Shoes – Dragoness (wear to unpack)

This is a Fawn – Denim Leggings [dark]

Puddles Dollarbie NYC Briefcase


Suri Alex xxx

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Also, disclaimer: This was my first time trying to use a shadow effect in GIMP and as you can see, I’m still learning, but I know I’ll get better!  :))

I can’t even begin to express how excited I was when fashion impresario and Beauty Avatar Couture CEO Omnia Oh asked me if I’d be willing to do a special review on her looks. Immediate answer?!  YES!   I’ve always admired the store’s work–I’m so impressed that her and the creators at Beauty Avatar Couture like Aida Ewing & Amberly Boccacio have completely covered a large part of the spectrum of prim goodies for us to consume and wear; right down to your fluttering eyelashes.  Since this is the last weekend I’ll have completely off before summer rolls around and school is out, I wanted to use her pieces to celebrate a weekend of wear at some of my favorite clubs, parties, and social events with friends.  Complied above are 4 different looks, including her newest release Sura.  Almost Suri.  Dang.   What I love best about BAC’s clothes is that they fit well.  I have a thicker shape and everything looked great right out of the box, no need in these outfits to put on a system skirt shape or make my hips smaller.  The attention to detail that is used is impeccable; and it is part of this that sets the brand apart from many designers in SL.  The designs are also varied, meaning there is a piece of couture to match each person’s taste, literally enough to grab it out of the screen!

Look 1:

fri. – Yelena.2 – Moody Brown

{paper.doll} Sophie-Pale-01

*Beauty Avatar Couture* SURA – Black Suit

Kalnins Shoes – Dragoness

Kunstkammer Studded Cuff – Silver

Look 2:

fri. – Tatum – Moody Brown

Lara Skin-Jesse(Christmas Gift)

Kalnins Sunglasses – Voyage

*Beauty Avatar Couture* SUNNY – Black&Red Dress

Kalnins Footwear – Digna

Look 3:

fri. – Rashelle – Moody Brown

*Beauty Avatar Couture* KENZIA Dress – Black

DECO – Swank Glasses Black

DECO Black Pearl Double Strand Necklace

:: DUTCH TOUCH ::MaUVe:: Caramel Natural FR

Kunstkammer Studded Cuff – Silver



Look 4:

fri. – Leigh – Moody Brown

[eStyle] Signature – Leopard Skin 7

Boutique Coco and Co Headband

*Beauty Avatar Couture* VERA Dress – Purple

SIGMA Jewels : LE.LOOK! la femme – Necklace


All Poses [doll.] (formally [S.loves]

::faints::  I think I’m going to die happy now.  kbai.


Suri Alex xxx

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Hey all!  I just got these fab new sexy strappy shoes sent my way and I’m excited to show you!  Further, in this post I used a couple freebies as usual!

What I love about Kalnins is that for the detail in the shoe, it can’t be beat.  Right down the the tiny ribbing on the chain, it is beautiful. However, where I feel that these and (many prim toe shoes) could use some work are in the toes. They felt kind of flat and lifeless to me, like just some flesh colored attachments.  I didn’t find the nailcolors to be that great either, I’d like to see some shininess, definition in them…In any case, they are fun, and certainly a fun shoe to own.  I also used the [Paperdoll] knit mini in this outfit, I always like mixing the pieces from that store in what I’m wearing, its fun.   The leggings are an in-store freebie at Coco, and the scarf is a new freebie at Vive9 (along with two hairs and some fun glasses!).  Also, new hair at a store called Mustache, I must say for 95L, I’m sold.  Now that the hair will be mod, I’m even happier!  I have really deeply set eyes and so at times the hair would poke through, hopefully with the new upgrade that won’t be the case any longer ::cheers::

Kalnins “Sontana”heels

[Paperdoll] Knit Mini Black

Coco Shiny Leggings ((free!))

Vive9 Scarf (and lots of other goodies) ((free!))

Mustache Ashley ((only 95L!))



Suri Alex xxx



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I always feel privileged when I’m able to see in action at fashion shows designer’s work.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the Blacklace and Alphamale show; always a treat for the eyes 😉  So read along and follow me on one of the ::funnest:: posts I’ve done yet 😉

Blacklace and Alphamale Fashion ShowA big thanks to Yelmer Pfeffer, Mariska Simons CEOs’ of Blacklace and Alphamale, and the help of the lovely Gemini Galatea, for getting my in-world cohort and I some of review copies of the new collections!

Blackace IThis set featured a lovely tux by Alphamale’s creative genius Yelmer Pfeffer; with subtle striping in the luxurious texturing of the jacket, this work was best viewed ((and explored)) up-close.  Pfeffer’s modern take on the classic suit design makes this a necessity of any man’s wardrobe.  My outfit, created by Mariska Simons, featured a delicate bridal style bodice with silver embroidered designs that weave intricately through the the detailing of the corset and the garter belt. I love the touch of gloves that Simon’s has been adding to her lingerie, it adds a nice sexy touch!

Back of Blacklace IWithout hesitation ((for both pieces of my lingerie)) I had to show the backs 😉 No description needed here!

Close-Up Blacklace 1

Our second outfits were also a nice compliment to each other.  Pfeffer’s monochromatic look provides an optimal contrast to the sexy teal bustier I wore with Simon’s feminine detailing.

Blacklace II

Blacklace Suri Close-UpAgain, the need to showcase the back of this bodice because it shows that Mariska’s designs not only please when viewing the front; the back of each piece of her lingerie shows that no detail was spared in the creation of these magnificent pieces.

Alphamale & KalninsWith the subtle checkering of the silky shirt to the fit of the luxurious trousers, this is a must for any well dressed man on the grid. Of course, any well dressed Alphamale man must have his accessories.  Kalnins delivers with their ‘Terra’ men’s dress shoes and their new line of watches!  While I introduced the Terra shoe in a previous post, it was clear that many of you gentlemen were begging for a closer look!  While you’re fitting yourself with the sexy crocodile leather Kalnins shoes, be sure to also pick up the watches! They almost seem to reflect light like a real watch would, with extremely detailed work in both the hands and the dial’s number.  For any man who wants the best, Kalnins’s new accessories will surely meet your standards.

So what are you waiting for?  Spare not a moment more to go and grab these ((and more)) from the talented array of designers featured in tonight’s post!

Alphamale and Blacklace



Suri Alex xxx

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Kalnins Fall 2009

I am pleased to present two new pairs of shoes from the fall 2009 Kalnins shoe collection.  First, a men’s pair “Terra,” which are an excellent pair of formal shoes that have a nice croc detailing in the texture.  I liked that these shoes could be worn both with a dressy casual outfit and something more formal like a tux.  Second, the small booties (which in true Kalnins style are color changeable on all the parts!) called “Fall” are truly delightful and look great with my short skirts!  Kalnins is reputable for having some of SL’s finest shoes, these certainly fit the bill with excellent texturing, rich coloring, and upstanding prim outfitting.

Kalnins fall 2009

Tp to Kalnins now!


Suri Alex

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