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Also, disclaimer: This was my first time trying to use a shadow effect in GIMP and as you can see, I’m still learning, but I know I’ll get better!  :))

I can’t even begin to express how excited I was when fashion impresario and Beauty Avatar Couture CEO Omnia Oh asked me if I’d be willing to do a special review on her looks. Immediate answer?!  YES!   I’ve always admired the store’s work–I’m so impressed that her and the creators at Beauty Avatar Couture like Aida Ewing & Amberly Boccacio have completely covered a large part of the spectrum of prim goodies for us to consume and wear; right down to your fluttering eyelashes.  Since this is the last weekend I’ll have completely off before summer rolls around and school is out, I wanted to use her pieces to celebrate a weekend of wear at some of my favorite clubs, parties, and social events with friends.  Complied above are 4 different looks, including her newest release Sura.  Almost Suri.  Dang.   What I love best about BAC’s clothes is that they fit well.  I have a thicker shape and everything looked great right out of the box, no need in these outfits to put on a system skirt shape or make my hips smaller.  The attention to detail that is used is impeccable; and it is part of this that sets the brand apart from many designers in SL.  The designs are also varied, meaning there is a piece of couture to match each person’s taste, literally enough to grab it out of the screen!

Look 1:

fri. – Yelena.2 – Moody Brown

{paper.doll} Sophie-Pale-01

*Beauty Avatar Couture* SURA – Black Suit

Kalnins Shoes – Dragoness

Kunstkammer Studded Cuff – Silver

Look 2:

fri. – Tatum – Moody Brown

Lara Skin-Jesse(Christmas Gift)

Kalnins Sunglasses – Voyage

*Beauty Avatar Couture* SUNNY – Black&Red Dress

Kalnins Footwear – Digna

Look 3:

fri. – Rashelle – Moody Brown

*Beauty Avatar Couture* KENZIA Dress – Black

DECO – Swank Glasses Black

DECO Black Pearl Double Strand Necklace

:: DUTCH TOUCH ::MaUVe:: Caramel Natural FR

Kunstkammer Studded Cuff – Silver



Look 4:

fri. – Leigh – Moody Brown

[eStyle] Signature – Leopard Skin 7

Boutique Coco and Co Headband

*Beauty Avatar Couture* VERA Dress – Purple

SIGMA Jewels : LE.LOOK! la femme – Necklace


All Poses [doll.] (formally [S.loves]

::faints::  I think I’m going to die happy now.  kbai.


Suri Alex xxx


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Ok lots of treasures to share with you–most of them group gifts and can be found in the notices!  Tonight, I’ll let the pictures do the talking! You’ll find skins, hair, a new jacket, a suitcase, a messenger bag, and those fab pumps everyone’s been blogging to death!  Woo!

Lara Skins Group Gifts (Join Lara Skins and Check notices)

Jesse (Christmas Gift)(the one with the red lips!) $0L

Askuka  (purple eye make-up in the close-up!) $0L

*Muism* Winter 09 Xmas gift [Female]/[Male] (Join *Musim* and check notices)

Leather Bomber Jacket $0L

Analog Dog Lua Smoke (Touch Glowing Ball for this and other free hairs) $0L

>Truth< Suscribo Gift Chapel St. Cherry Messenger $0L

Lelutka Saffron Pumps (Neutral Green) (Join Lelutka and check notices) $0L

DCCXXIII Trunk (Join DCCXXIII *723* Watch update group and check notices) $0L

Poses by S.Loves (primarily from Neve Collection)


Suri Alex xxx

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The swill of the club lights in amazement as its filled with loud beats of House and Pop music.  Alas, I am not fulfilled until my favorite pop princess, Britney Spears comes on.  With  a few more swigs of my long island I feel my body loosen.  The tight sparkly pants move in sync as I slip onto the overcrowded dance floor just as “Circus” begins.  The bright red, pink, blue, purple and green lights above me reflect on my glasses.  Its invariably hard to see but in that moment, dancing to Britney, I smile and completely let go…

Party Club

::69:: model Hair 02 – lightbrown – $200L

Lara Skins– Rachel Pale $0L

House of Gaga– “The Fame” Glasses $0L

::TB:: May Gift – Glitter Leather Pants $0L

:bijou: *FREE*DIVA Gloves $0L

Elemiah Design Ruffle (part of a set)

[ glow ] studio – feather fan (black) (also comes with white)$120L

*COCO*_Gift_BareTops(Black) $0L


Suri Alex xxx

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Welcome to my four part series published in Heartbeat SL magazine!  In this series I will be featuring low cost and affordable (read: FREE) club looks from an array of genres.  Enjoy part one 🙂

The velvety lined room anchors the sound booming from the Dj in the corner still harboring his 5 o’clock shadow.  I run my hands across my shimmery silver skirt as if trying to be inconspicuous but gathering attention none the less.  The club is filled with patrons, some lining the walls, a few dancing and others huddled in small groups engrossed in what sounds to be riveting political debate.  As I make my way towards the dance floor my favorite song by Bitter:Sweet comes on.  I immediately look to the curly haired auburn tressed DJ and smile coyly, knowing after a long day at work, this was exactly what I needed…

Indie Club Look

Maitreya– Apple II $0L (Free at hair fair)

[Glow] Studio– Avant Guarde Eyelashes $100L

Moxy and Lux– Pink Cardigan (previous group gift)

SKGShoes – Freebies – 6″ Marie RSMH Pumps – Snakeskin $0L

(Nushru) Teal Shimmer Scarf $0L (In store hunt)

Pig– Flamingo Suspender Socks $75L

*GC* Silver Metal Skirt $1L

Cyanide–  Gray Tank $25L

Lara Skins– Rachel Pale $0L

(Nushru) Teal Shimmer Scarf $0L (previous group gift)

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Whether for work or class, this outfit ‘suits’ almost any taste.  This look is one of my favorites because it closely resembles what I tend to wear in RL.  I love ties, but most of them tend to be colorful like Coach’s new Poppy ties (which I couldn’t resist buying at least a few in NYC!). This free bag from Fabulous adds that colorful punch that an outfit like this serves as a great base for!

Look of the Day 07.13

!lamb. Babys On Fire – Kit Kat $300L

*COCO*_gift-belt $0L

.::FabulouS::.Record Bag:)) $0L

Marie NH Pointed Pumps-Black $300L

Solar Eyewear ~ Arae (v1.1) $300L

*~CH~* Kryptonia $300L

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I was excited to find tucked into a little yellow rose this beautiful blue gown.  I know its partially obscured in this picture, but couldn’t help myself from laying across one of the beautiful pianos at Alchemy music.  Also a freebie is the set of shoes from SKG shoes, they come with an awesome hud that allows you to control the heel thickness, color of sole, and if the shoes have bows or not.  I also wore the new Maitreya hair Bo, as well as the previous Lara Skin I blogged.  All jewelry is compliments of Farah Palmer, you can find them at Chuclet for only $1L!

Love on Top a Grand Piano

Maitreya– ‘Bo’ $295L

Lara Skins– Rachel Pale $0L

~Sascha’s Design~ Belle Epoch Turquoise $0L

SKG Pumps- Blue $0L

Chuclet Jewelry– $0L

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Join the (v9) group for tons of beautiful skins!  Each of these skins are gorgeous–This group gift comes with skins from both the ::LoveDot:: and Modelesque Collection.  Also in the pictures below is a $1L gift from Beauty Avatar, and a $1L gift from Lara skins!  Enjoy!

(v9) 1



(v9) 2



(v9) 3



(v9) 4



(v9) 5



(v9) 6

Lara Skins Rachel Pale $1L

*Beauty Avatar* Couture Estate Gift (In Store) $1L

.::Vive 9::. ::LoveDot::, Modelesque skins $0L

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