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This week’s color assigned by Luna was Silver and I admit it was a little more challenging that I thought–only because my favorite tone of silver is more of a gunmetal…I wonder if that’s a future color?!


Happy New Year Everyone!


Suri Alex xxx


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I’m really excited by these Viewer 2.0 make-ups and lashes.  I just recently *FINALLY* switched over to viewer 2.0 after much urging from my Boss in RL.  And…it’s starting to grow on me!  Of course, when Emerald shapes up their viewer to match 2.0 (and beyond) I will be back…but for now, Viewer 2.0 is where I’m having a lot of fun.

Cheap-Makeup was a place I stumbled upon after researching some 2.0 make-up upgrades and I am here to give you my esteemed review!  What’s great about Cheap Make-up is that there are Gacha Machines in front of each Vendor that allow you to play and receive one of the many treasured lashes or make-ups up on the board.  They are a steal for only 40L each Gacha Play!

I also fancied the fatpacks which gave me a lot of options.  This set shown is for the Shimmery Lights Make-ups and lashes.  I am wearing no additional prim lashes or tattoos in these photos, they look great!  The base skin I’m wearing is from Tuli, It’s the Hope Prototype skin from a while back.  Tuli also has some nice free base skins in store, Kalista, check them out if you want a rather clean and fresh skin to lay under these!

Enjoy these as much as I already am!


Suri Alex xxx

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[]::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Helena 01  $65L

Casa Del Shai Blue V-neck (Click on blue robot!) $0L

J’s Western Boots (Click on the clam!)  (***UPDATE*** CLAM HUNT IS OVER!)

*COCO* Gift-Denim Shorts Pants $0L

*COCO*Shired Dress (wore as undershirt) $0L

Puddles Dollarbie – Chantelle Bag – Cream $1L

Truth Hair Iris – walnut $125,


Suri Alex xxx

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TP to the Dressing Room!

::Tuli::  Gina 04   65L

LG Femme TDR & The City Leggings 60L

Milk Motion White BF Blazer 65L

Aoharu Floral Maxi Dress Yellow 50L

R.icielli TDR – CLARISSA highwaistjeans + SOPHIA minitop 70L

hair by Truth! (not at TDR)


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If there is one thing I love in both worlds its dressing up.  As most of you readers know too, my favorite posts to do are ones where I can help you all find some pretty dresses in-world!  I’ve complied a few treasures here!

Most of you might know that the Deck was having a special birthday this past weekend.  I’m not sure if the gifts are still out, but its worth a look.  I didn’t get a chance to snag all the goodies, but here are three Deck gifts: a tuli skin, a gown from Lelutka, and a hair from Miel!  They look perfect together!

Next head over to LeeZu and join the LeeZu group.  Check notices and there is this beautiful black gown that can be worn with our without a flower on the skirt.  Finally, if you’re not already in the Baiastice group, its a good time to start.  Just send Sissy the owner of the group (her name is in bold) a notecard and she’ll add you to the group at no charge.  This dress is also in group notices!

The Deck []::Tuli::[] Sayuri :: The Deck Anniversary Limited Edition Skin $0L

The Deck MIEL TUE HAIR – Happy B-day to The Deck gift $0L

The Deck [LeL.Ultra]-PROPHECY $0L

[LeeZu!] Yann`s le Coeur Babydoll Dress /black (Join LeeZu group and check notices) $0L

Baiastice_Lulu’ de jour dress (Join Baiastice and check notices) $0L


Suri Alex xxx

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Pardon my absence as of late readers!  I’ve been in the process of moving so its been a bit busy IRL.  However, things are starting to get under control, which means I’ll be back bringing you the latest in fashion (and freebies) again!

I’m sure these have been ran through the feeds already but I can’t help but share these marvelous creators work.  Exodi and Tuli have both relased group gifts of skins in their groups!  Each group has a $250L entry fee, but they are totally worth it given all the treasures that you get (often!).

Exodi’s release is from the new skin line “Dael” and the make-up is called “In the Air.”  It comes in four tones and has cleavage, freckle, and light and dark brow options.

Tuli’s new release is an Asian inspired skin called Sayuri.  This group gift comes with two tones, and has freckled and non-freckled versions.

Both of these are absoutely gorgeous, and def worth the group fee!

To visit the main collections go to these mainstores:




Suri Alex xxx

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::Tuli::Eva Tone 4 Make-up 5

I’m really excited today to bring you the new release “Eva,” from Tuli.  Eva comes in 7 different skin tones, in this post, I focused on tone 4, which is my personal favorite.

Eva maintains Tuli’s typical quality with very clean smooth lines, and no visible seams. One of my favorite parts of all Tuli skins is the lips. They aren’t glossy or flat like most skins, but rather they look so realistic that they make photographing fun.  Usually when I take a close-up for a profile picture, I almost always wear a Tuli skin for this reason.

Tuli’s skins provide users with a veritable plethora of not only make-up options but also a blonde, brunette, and black haired brow options.  Tuli’s skins also come with a cleavage option for all make-ups and tones, which is a nice not over done look to compliment any lady’s virtual wardrobe.

Skins are often the great foundation of our wardrobe, and with Tuli’s effervescent charm, they are sure to be a favorite with her new skin tone Eva.

Tuli’s Journey Sim just re-opened last night, so this new skin line along with some new clothes are available now!

TP to ::Tuli:: today!


Suri Alex xxx

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