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I was delighted to put together this week’s look sprinkled in with a bit of yellow.  It really helped get me out of the winter blaughs with such a warm and summery color.  I decided to do my look as kind of day on the boat in Cape Cod type look. In this look, be sure to stop by the Exile Suscribo for the new Rina hair–it’s a nice mix of chocolatey browns and reds, which is really nice if you’re looking to try out this style.  Boys–you’re not left out of this post, make sure you also check the suscribo for a mechanic skin, and a few hairstyles in the history of the suscribo.  Enjoy!


Again, thanks for reading, and glad to be back!


Suri Alex xxx


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I am really excited to bring you tonight another one of my favorite stores, [Pacadi Jasha].  This store’s clever take on basics paired with its titillating rendention of dominatrix- like suggestions in its thick corseted belts make for interesting day (and night) wear.  The cloud blue of this silk charmuse dress paired with the contrast of the black makes for an exquisite and exciting pairing.  I used the belt as my guide for a few other pieces, namely following down and making my legs look longer with a opaque black tight from Source followed by my favorite black pumps from Lelutka, the Saffron.  The thick platformed heel made well with the suggested corseted Pacadi belt.  I also used the new Pacadi bag Yfke, it helped pull together my look and was perfect for all my goods during the day.  I wanted to also take turns playing off the softness of the dress, so I paired it with one of Aoharu’s retiring jean jackets (a must-have in any girl or guy’s wardrobe) picking up the subtle blue pallate and adding texture with the distressed denim.  Finally, just to add a bit of pattern, I wore the attached black and white plaid shirt with my jean jacket to give the look effortless chic, fun styling.  Don’t forget my messy mop of golden hair, Dernier Cri’s soft Cheryl is a welcomed addition into my hair folder with its sexy come hither bangs and soft waves.  And yes..Blu…I still haven’t taken off my Marianne skin, here again–my favorite dark ruby lip and freckles! Enjoy!

(vive9) Marianne [tan] Piplup -Freks/NoTeeth *lightbrows

[PACADI Jasha] – Amba Silk Dress /skirt (belt resize) (lightbl)

[PACADI] – Yfke Bag L [midnight] (FILLED)

LE.LOOK! Source la femme – Leggings


[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps (Neutral Black)

(Dernier Cri) Cheryl – Brown Shades


Suri Alex xxx

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In this post I’m very pleased and honored to present two of my favorite stores for review–Beauty Avatar Couture and (Vive9).  Beauty Avatar Couture has released a new sexy body suit, here, I have shown three colors–black, blue, and red.  All undeniably sexy, all can be pieced together how you like.  I’m wearing the full versions of these suits.  I love the collar, it borrows an essence from an earlier release called Sunny, which is one of my favorite BAC looks.  I also love how the tops of these suits are scandalously backless, making for an interesting parting treat upon your departure in-world.  Next, the much anticipated, and blogged about set of new skins from (Vive9) called Marianne.  The skins feature a small set of teeth with each make-up, an interesting look I”m often too shy to use.  However, upon trying on the skins, I found myself gravitating towards the toothed looks, they were so cute.  My favorite skin baring teeth is definitely Piplup–the contrast between the dark ruby lips and the white set of teeth is alluring and enticing.  These skins also come with freckles and no freckles options (clean).  Personally, I’m a freckles girl, and (Vive9) does not disappoint with its latest round of freckled beauties; these are certainly going to be one of my favorites! Providing even more customization (as if choosing skin tone, make-up, teeth/no teeth, freckles/no freckles) wasn’t enough for you–you can also choose between light and dark brows.  I did a few extra photographs in addition to the closeups of the make-ups I wore in the BAC outfits.

I’m truly in love with these collections–Both from Beauty Avatar Couture and (Vive9).  I can’t wait for these designers to come out with more beautiful skins and clothes as my inventory continues to bulge with their ominous treasures!

Look 1:

SLink Nicole Hairstyle

(vive9) Marianne [tan] Piplup -Clean/Teeth *darkbrows

*Beauty Avatar Couture* JULIA – Black

NX-Nardcotix Absinthe Scarlet


(epoque hair) Overpaid Stylist [upper only-skull] – Brown Tones

(vive9) Marianne [light] Shady – Freks/Noteeth *light brows

*Beauty Avatar Couture* JULIA – Blue

[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps (Neutral Black)

Look 3:

Mustache { Hannah } in Milk Chocolate

(vive9) Marianne [pale] GumDrop – Freks/Teeth *darkbrows

*Beauty Avatar Couture* JULIA – Red


Of (Vive9) Marianne skins:

Top row: Piplup (tan) clean, Shady (light) frecks, Gumdrops (pale) freck

2nd row: Toast (tan) freck, Nudist (tan) clean, Morning (tan) clean, Latex (tan) freck

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ok yay!  So BluAbyss has been working on more lovely skins and I’m happy to show you two new sets of freebies for the new “Grace” skinline!  There are two bags on each side of the desk inside the store.  One bag has a set of “Grace Outspoken” that is sprinkled with the cutest freckles and has a really nice natural make-up.  The second bag is Grace in pale, light, and caramel.  It has a beautiful cheekbone highlighting make-up (reminds me of Benefit’s Moonbeam (yes I heart makeup in RL!)) so this line was a win for me. And what prey tell readers, is better than not only owning these goregous skins, but grabbing them for free?  Now that’s something to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!

TP to (Vive9) Now!


Suri Alex xxx

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Hey all!  I just got these fab new sexy strappy shoes sent my way and I’m excited to show you!  Further, in this post I used a couple freebies as usual!

What I love about Kalnins is that for the detail in the shoe, it can’t be beat.  Right down the the tiny ribbing on the chain, it is beautiful. However, where I feel that these and (many prim toe shoes) could use some work are in the toes. They felt kind of flat and lifeless to me, like just some flesh colored attachments.  I didn’t find the nailcolors to be that great either, I’d like to see some shininess, definition in them…In any case, they are fun, and certainly a fun shoe to own.  I also used the [Paperdoll] knit mini in this outfit, I always like mixing the pieces from that store in what I’m wearing, its fun.   The leggings are an in-store freebie at Coco, and the scarf is a new freebie at Vive9 (along with two hairs and some fun glasses!).  Also, new hair at a store called Mustache, I must say for 95L, I’m sold.  Now that the hair will be mod, I’m even happier!  I have really deeply set eyes and so at times the hair would poke through, hopefully with the new upgrade that won’t be the case any longer ::cheers::

Kalnins “Sontana”heels

[Paperdoll] Knit Mini Black

Coco Shiny Leggings ((free!))

Vive9 Scarf (and lots of other goodies) ((free!))

Mustache Ashley ((only 95L!))



Suri Alex xxx



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Some things for you to grab today!

Belleza, Vive 9, Lingerie

Vive 9 “Cailyn” $0L

Belleza skin “Jesse” (Join Group $250L and check notices)

QSD Lacy Lingerie $1L

Poses by S.Loves (Thanks Suri!)


Suri Alex xxx

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Yay its my real life birthday! Woo!  In honor of my birthday, I decided to bring you several party dresses from around the grid that you should run and pick up! Also, free skins, hair…good day, good day!

First, more free skins in store at the new Vive 9 location!

More free Vive 9

Birthday Treats

Ok, not much to say! Just go grab these and celebrate with me!

(vive9) Skins $0L

Honey*Soul Switch Knit Mini Dress $1L

Mirone Glance Gift Hair (Updo) $0L

[Coquette.] Pure Elegance – Wine – Dress $0L

*Staged* Babydoll Silver Club Dress $1L

*Staged* Bronze and Silver Mini Dress $1L


Suri  Alex  xxx

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