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Cupcakes has 2 new skins in their suscribo for members called “sick.”  It comes in the darker Tiramasu tone as well as the lighter sugar.  Both come with cleavage options as well.  Also a few freebies to share with you starting now and tomorrow from OoEas.  I have all the specifications below, enjoy and grab these gorgeous items!

“Frambroesa” Minidress – This is our current Midnight Mania item. Available for purchase if you can’t wait for the MM Board. Peeps” Sugar Rush Dress – This will be released as an exclusive group gift on April 1st, 2010.  We will only leave it in the subscribo for 3 days.  Then it is gone forever. “Rainy Day” Bra and Panty Set – This is the April freebie in the store.  0$L.  Out now. “Sanctimonia” Bra and Panty Set.  This will be available April 1st as out offering for the Virtures of Sin hunt.

Cupcakes “Sick” Suscribo Gifts $0L

OoEas (for midnight mania, group gifts, freebies, and hunts!)  all $0L


Suri Alex xxx


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I’m really excited tonight to show you two of the new releases from Sugarcube.  It’s been awhile since Sayuri has had some releases, but I think she was saving up her creative juices for some explosions of spring, summer and color (which is wonderful by me!).  I’m in love with these darling skirts that are wrapped with twine like leather, they’re absolutely stunning–not to mention I’m practically frothing at the mouth for more of her delicious creations to come!

Look 1:

(vive9) Marianne [light] Morning – Freks/Noteeth

::69:: MOG – Blonde

*ARGRACE* Tenderness  ( Jewelry set )

KHUSH – Siena Comfi Sweater Dark Pink

::SUGARCUBE – lightly flared skirt [popy]

[SC] Surf Couture – Spring Fling Wedges – Valentine

Look 2:

(Skin, hair, accessories same as above)

*CUPCAKES – Ruffly One Shoulder Top – Red 2

Jimmy Chau~( jcshoe )~ surudoi RED

::SUGARCUBE – lightly flared skirt [multicolor]

Suri Alex xxx

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Look 1:

The Plastik– [BOB] #9 Hunt lingerie $0L

Amacci Skins Suscribo Gift Skins $0L

Look 2:

Domestic V Smash Face- 02- Blonde Gizmo -Freckles(GROUP GIFT) $0L

*Cupcakes*-Ruffly Lingerie- Sherbert! $25L

Look 3:

Aimesi Skins “So Cute GG” (Activate group tag and touch picture) $0L

Eternity Brides and Seldom Blue “Too Sexy” Launch Gift Lingerie $0L


Suri Alex xxx

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Quick post!  Few things to grab, some skins from Cupcakes (group notices), also check your notices from Kunglers, they have this beautiful champagne colored dress.  More freebies from KLD on deck, this cute little tank dress is $0L and ready for you to grab.  For a whopping $2L you can have this couture inspired black feather gown, definitely a must have!  Don’t forget Aoharu is having a sale–and this applies to Anexx luxury footwear as well–50% off for a limited time!  Junwave is also having a $60L sale on its new hair, defintely a good time for you to load up on a wide selection of colors!

*Cupcakes* Skins Diamond Line- (Join group and check notices)

…:::KLD:::… Belle Fit $0L

(Kunglers) Group gift – Jan2010 (Join group $50L fee and grab from notices)

K*S no.222 swan(Black) $2L

Other good deals!


ANEXX_TripleFringePumpus_Black (50% off!)


Suri Alex xxx

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Check group notices now for a new fatpack of skins called *Brilliant* from Cupcakes, they are absolutely awesome!  They have beautiful rosy cheeks and subtle pink lips, perfect for those chilly days running around the grid.  Next, make sure to pop over to the Baistice sim, where there is a large christmas tree.  Underneath it you will find a male and female gift (red dress!) and also a pose prop from Behavior Body (excellent poses!)….Christmas is almost here…are you ready?

*Cupcakes* Brilliant Skin Fatpack (Join group and check notices) $0L

Baistice Female Christmas Gift 2009 $0L (check under the tree) $0L


Suri Alex

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I’m extremely excited today to be bringing you a very fab look from a few of my favorite designers in SL.  First, I’d like to thank BAX Coen Designs and Designing Nicky Ree for their generosity in providing me with the coat and boots for today’s look.


As I gaze outside its quite dreary out here on the East Coast, and that gets me excited for this fall look.  The warm fluffy coat from Designing Nicky Ree (DNR) offers an enchanting faux fur look that truly makes a statement.  With its elevated shoulder padding and all around excellent texturing this coat offers the best of 1970’s glam while keeping it contemporary for today’s fashionistas.  This coat is also offered in several colors making it versatile and wearable for almost any occasion.

Bax Coen is known for delicious boots that literally make the wearer weak at the knees– and rightfully so.  While the feeds have been clogged with Bax’s prestige boots, I’m excited to bring you the Prestige in the new brown leather. Did I mention there are 4 versions of this buttery hue? All compliments of the menu!  These boots maintain the same consistency with Bax’s previous colors of the Prestige but offer the exquisite chocolaty color that is PERFECT for all of your fall wears! Bax is also well known for their custom fitting system; they have team members in store that will custom fit your boots for free, but I found it just as easy and intuitive to do it myself, so no fear! What’s more, is like all your other favorite Bax boots, these also come with options to wear your boots with a leather flap up or down, ensuring optimal customization!

Since I wanted to showcase the beauty and omnipresent genius of these pieces I scaled back the rest of my outfit sliding off my bracelets and other jewelry and chose a relatively neutral template for my under pieces.  Tightly fitting denim from (CS) perfect for tucking in my boots, as well as a matching denim under vest.  Not much else was needed here besides the simplicity of my white racer back tank from !Ohmai, which I find creeping into most of my outfits on a daily basis!

Close Up DNR

Again, thank you for reading, and thank you for those of you who continue to support and grow my blog!


Suri Alex xxx

*DNR* Avana Fur Coat Jacket in Brown

BAX Prestige Boots Brown Leather

(CS) Jeans – Ultra Dark

*CUPCAKES – Underbust Vest – Dark Jean 1

fri. – Rashelle – Moody Brown

!Ohmai : Basics Loose Racerback BLANK

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So as I noted in an earlier post, one of my favorite spots is the East Coast.  This summer I had the great pleasure of spending some time on Cape Cod whale watching!  It was truly one of the most inspiring and beautiful experiences in my life.  What I love most too about boating is how it can be a completely warm day but out on the boat in the middle of the ocean it gets a bit chilly, perfect weather to grab that sweater thrown over your shoulders on you!  Here are a few of my favorite pieces, undoubtedly favorable for your very own trip to the Cape!

Whale Watching in Cape Cod TrioWhale Watching on Cape Cod Final Cut

All Poses are by S.Loves! (Thanks Suri C.!)

[chuchulet] sandalettes – pila – white $1L

<<Burt Laundry>>White top $0L

.:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Girl Anachronism – Chocolate $175L

*Cupcakes* Enchanted  $300L Fatpack

::Solar Eyewear:: Glasses :: ARAE $300L

*ARGRACE* Eternity  ( Jewelry set ) $800L


Lions Crest Princess Cut White Gold $2200L

BAIASTICE Sophisticated Pants $180L

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