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First sorry readers and designers!  I’m a bit behind these past few weeks, I’m transitioning to a new RL job for the summer so I’m super tired when I get home!  Please bear with me until I get these first few weeks under my belt, my posts will be kind of scattered throughout the week.

I’m happy today to present some of my favorite finds from The Dressing Room.  TDR is a bi-weekly event that showcases one or a few items from several different designers from $30-$70L.  It’s always a treat because I never know what I’m going to find!  Hope you enjoyed my favorites from this round at the TDR!


A&A Fashion Nonchalance Set White [TDR4]  $65L

[ glow ] Studio – Glasses – Jackie O. TDR  $50L

[glow] studio Letter Earrings 2 colors TDR  $50L

*YS&YS* Long Pearls TDR set     $40L

[MAGIC NOOK] Grizzly Baby Headband $50L

{SMS} Fishy Glitter Dress Monochrome for TDR 4

All Poses by Olive Juice!

Olive Juice- Barrel of Poses


Suri Alex xxx


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The Dressing Room is now in week 3 and I have to show you some of my favorite picks from this week’s set! This week brings a great variety and as always exceptional quality!  This is fast becoming one of my favorite events in SL, as I’m always excited to see what’s coming down the pipe from some of my favorite designers!  Want to know more about what’s going on at the Dressing Room? Check out the dressing room blog!

The Dressing Room Taxi!

-Glam  Affair – Sofia Tan skin – make up 11 ( Dressing Room ) $70L

[MAGIC NOOK] Arctic Pearl Earrings TDR $50L


A&A FAshion  Dangerous Nails2010/summer[TDR] $70L

R.icielli – MISSEILING jacket / violet    $70L

[glow] studio It was U Leggings $60L

Pose: CnS Embrace me – The Dressing Room  $50L


Suri Alex xxx

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The Dressing Room has re-opened its doors with lots of new releases for this weekend!  Keep in mind, the new designers looks will be up for at least two weeks and then a new collection will rotate in.  This week’s specials range from $20L-$70L with a nice variety of accessories, clothes and shoes! This week’s featured designer is Veshi!  For more info on the Dressing Room click here.

TP to the Dressing Room now!

-Veschi- The Dressing Room – Over The Top (Special Edition!) $70L

-Glam Affair – Sonia – Dressing Room $60L

[ glow ] studio – No round Earrings $40L

{SMS} Prairie Tunic Charcoal for TDR 2 $50L

A&A Fashion Empire Dress silver TD $55L

All poses by Everglow


Suri Alex xxx

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The Dressing Room is a new discount outlet created by some of your favorite SL designers to feature. Everything at the Dressing Room is priced $40L-70L. Every two weeks the collection will change and there will be a new feature designer.  You can find more about the event and its designers here. Here are a few of my picks from this week’s collection!

TP to the Dressing Room Now!

*YS & YS* Stella Cute Skin – The Dressing Room $70L

R.icielli – VLIET minidress / pink $60L

-Glam Affair- Marta $50L

[glow] Studio B&W earrings 2 versions $50L

[glow] Studio Innocent eyelashes $40L

The Dressing RoomA&A FAshion Extrem Necklace Gold $55L

{SMS} Chiffon Dress Mauve for TDR $50L

*Remove prims to de-lag!*


Suri Alex xxx

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Today I’m happy to bring you several new releases from a few of my favorite stores.  First [KA] Designs has released several washes of their new skinny pants.  I just love these because unlike most skinny jeans that I wear, these have the perfect sized prim attachments down at the ankles.  I also liked the detailing in these jeans a lot too; they had just the right amount of wrinkling and detailing.  They also hit the waist at just the right spot! These jeans are the perfect foundation for letting the rest of your wardrobe fall, whatever your style!

Next, I wanted to introduce you to the new pair of Kalnins strappy pumps.  As usual these shoes feature a hud based coloring system that allows you to customize the straps, the metals, skin tone, and nail polish color. These are a fun airy shoe that will carry well through spring and summer. One thing that I think can still be worked on with Kalnins is the flatness of the prim foot; it seems like the skin tone doesn’t have a lot of depth and while I usually adore the style of the shoes, that is one thing I hope in the future gets worked on.

Finally I wanted to highlight my accessories, specifically my necklaces and earrings!  These are a few (of many) new releases by the fab ladies at [Glow Studio].  These large round earrings are super fun because they are actually animated and have moving pictures on them.  They come in White and Black and have these three moving designs in them 🙂   Also, on my look on the left I have on one of the new necklaces, which is also a fun layered piece to give your neckline just a bit of sparkle.

Poses by Diesel Works “Prima Donna” 🙂

Visit the above mentioned stores now!

[ glow ] studio – Animated Earrings

[ glow ] studio Forget Me Necklaces

[KA] The Skinny – Classic Denim & Indigo Denim

Kalnins Shoes – Rhapsody

Have a lovely evening friends! ❤

Suri Alex xxx

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The swill of the club lights in amazement as its filled with loud beats of House and Pop music.  Alas, I am not fulfilled until my favorite pop princess, Britney Spears comes on.  With  a few more swigs of my long island I feel my body loosen.  The tight sparkly pants move in sync as I slip onto the overcrowded dance floor just as “Circus” begins.  The bright red, pink, blue, purple and green lights above me reflect on my glasses.  Its invariably hard to see but in that moment, dancing to Britney, I smile and completely let go…

Party Club

::69:: model Hair 02 – lightbrown – $200L

Lara Skins– Rachel Pale $0L

House of Gaga– “The Fame” Glasses $0L

::TB:: May Gift – Glitter Leather Pants $0L

:bijou: *FREE*DIVA Gloves $0L

Elemiah Design Ruffle (part of a set)

[ glow ] studio – feather fan (black) (also comes with white)$120L

*COCO*_Gift_BareTops(Black) $0L


Suri Alex xxx

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Welcome to my four part series published in Heartbeat SL magazine!  In this series I will be featuring low cost and affordable (read: FREE) club looks from an array of genres.  Enjoy part one 🙂

The velvety lined room anchors the sound booming from the Dj in the corner still harboring his 5 o’clock shadow.  I run my hands across my shimmery silver skirt as if trying to be inconspicuous but gathering attention none the less.  The club is filled with patrons, some lining the walls, a few dancing and others huddled in small groups engrossed in what sounds to be riveting political debate.  As I make my way towards the dance floor my favorite song by Bitter:Sweet comes on.  I immediately look to the curly haired auburn tressed DJ and smile coyly, knowing after a long day at work, this was exactly what I needed…

Indie Club Look

Maitreya– Apple II $0L (Free at hair fair)

[Glow] Studio– Avant Guarde Eyelashes $100L

Moxy and Lux– Pink Cardigan (previous group gift)

SKGShoes – Freebies – 6″ Marie RSMH Pumps – Snakeskin $0L

(Nushru) Teal Shimmer Scarf $0L (In store hunt)

Pig– Flamingo Suspender Socks $75L

*GC* Silver Metal Skirt $1L

Cyanide–  Gray Tank $25L

Lara Skins– Rachel Pale $0L

(Nushru) Teal Shimmer Scarf $0L (previous group gift)

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