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It’s just about time to throw on our scarfs and prepare for fall.  Whether you’re wearing yours for decorative or for warmth, this outfit is a must as you get closer to autumn!


[FREE] GF* Knit Muffler -orange-

[FREE] *GF* Brown Tunic

[FREE] *GF* Orange Earring

Suri Alex  xxx


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Join the (v9) group for tons of beautiful skins!  Each of these skins are gorgeous–This group gift comes with skins from both the ::LoveDot:: and Modelesque Collection.  Also in the pictures below is a $1L gift from Beauty Avatar, and a $1L gift from Lara skins!  Enjoy!

(v9) 1



(v9) 2



(v9) 3



(v9) 4



(v9) 5



(v9) 6

Lara Skins Rachel Pale $1L

*Beauty Avatar* Couture Estate Gift (In Store) $1L

.::Vive 9::. ::LoveDot::, Modelesque skins $0L

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Woo…New Beauty Avatar group gift! Join the Beauty Avatar Update group and check notices for this gorgeous set!

Beauty AvatarThe gift comes with both of these ever beautiful skins, the lingerie, and the hair!!  I’m super liking this new hair, I have to go buy it in he dark brunette for sure…or do you like Suri a little lighter? lol…

I’m also a fan of this one piece teddy, it seems to hug in all the right places; really emphasizing the curve of my hips and butt.  ❤ it!

I’m sure you can see the detail in the skins, stunning!  I’m more of a fan personally of the nude lip just becuase the eyes are so dramatic, but both are defintetly nicely done.

Join the Beauty Avatar group now!  lol…


Suri xxx

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Just a quick post before bed, the ever generous Sopha McCallen just re-opened her new mainstore ::jumps for joy:: and I was excited to see the new group gift skin ‘love.’  It has tiny korean characters on the cheek and is beautifully detailed all through out.   In my post I put on a slightly lighter skin just to give you guys an idea of Sopha’s range.  “Emma,” Sopha’s other new line of skins comes in both plain and small beauty marked versions.  Both are absolutely lovely, though I”m parshal to the beauty marks, they’re more like my RL face!  I love it!

My Ugly Dorthy_003

Thank you again Sopha!!!


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There are few things that make me feel quite so ethreal as this dress did in SL, but when I got this new gift from the *[ROC]* I squealed with joy! The avant guarde glowing collar with the sweet confientionary pink skirt  made me feel like shoes weren’t even a necessity!  The soft pouty lips characteristic of  MyUglyDorthy matched perfect for my sweet, angelic look.  I topped off with a hairstyle from =Rogue=.  Grab this from the suscribo @ ROC; tp to follow pics.



All my love!  ❤  Suri

Ranena Olivier Couture suscribo dress ($0L)

MyUglyDorthy Soon to be re-released @ Mainstore ‘Lea’

=Rogue= Hair 18_Sp A: $70L

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Today, June 1st, is Paint SL Purple Day, a day that RFL put together to generate awareness about fighting cancer. There are several places where you can donate to the Relay for Life charity, one of the kiosks is out in front of Inorite in fact!  In honor of Paint SL Purple day, Inorite is offering these hairs from thier suscribo!  Grab one, wear purple, and donate to RLF!  Also, another freebie, grab this beautiful freckled skin and the sinuous shapes suscribo!




::Inorite:: Paint SL Purple Hairs $0L (Surscribo)

sinuous shapes – allessia rielle skins vip freckles skin – $oL (Surscribo)

<3s  Suri!

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