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Yay Glam Affair New Releases! I’m really excited to bring you today a couple of Glam Affair’s hot new bikini/lingerie/rockstar attire for your boudoir or your everyday wear! The set comes in several colors including Black, White, Red, Azure, Yellow and Pink.  All are delicious and perfect for mixing in your wardrobe.  The tough studs are fun for pairing with some of your outfits, and I found that they worked will with layering.

I’d also like to highlight my necklace which was another custom adaptation of the Suri Necklace that Misti of Ganked created for me.  After I published this photo I realized I didn’t have my necklace situated on my chest right…so bad me, slap on the hand…but in any case, this is a truly awesome necklace to have compliment your outfits.

Finally, a couple freebies Exile has a free hair for women (and men) at Savoir Hair.  This is the Susan hair, you get the entire fatpack of colors. Also, head down to Reek where you will find these candy cigarette glasses from Gaga’s telephone video!


Suri Alex xxx

-Glam Affair – Xania Red

Exile Susan coffee/Ash $0L

Mustache – Grey Matchstick Jeans (Former suscribo gift) $0L

Reek – Candy Cigarette Shades – Freebie! $0L

-Glam Affair – Xania Black (bottoms + studs)

-Glam Affair – Xania White (Top)

$GaNKeD$ Suri Necklace in Yin Yang [Silver]

-Glam Affair– SURA Suit -Black Fur Jacket

Poses by [doll.] “Selene”


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Pardon my absence readers! The spring bug has caught me and this week I was off.  I have spent most of the time catching up on my earlier projects but I couldn’t stay logged off any longer!  I just had to get on and do a post!  Ok, so here it is! Free dresses, free skins, and free hair!

A.y.y has two new skins in their gift bag “kimberly,” for $1L.  Next, jump over to Junwave for not only their 50% off sale, but also two new fatpacks of hair for only $2L each.  A new shamrock hunt has started (and I’ve only just stopped at a few of them!)  Make sure to grab these shamrock inspired shoes from Pure to complete your look.  This dress is a cute freebie from R.icielli, make sure when you go in the store, turn right and go around the corner to the rack of Barabra dresses, its hanging there in the mix with the full priced ones.

Mustache also put out a new group gift in their notices, check out this key lime tank and new highwaisted skirt, join Mustache and check notices for this set.  Head over to Vita’s Bourdoir for another new release freebie, this lovely garment has two skirt options, I liked the firefly glowing one personally, its so charming!  Finally, head to Iren for this 2010 hunt gift hair, its so cute with the little feather!  Oh!  And don’t forget to join Roule.  There is this fab purple dress in the notices as well.

Glad to be back!  ❤


Suri Alex xxx


..::A.Y.Y::.. (Bald) Tan- Kimberly $1L

Vita’s Boudoir LaraPixie Dress $0L

Iren 2010 Gift hair $0L

Roule Zhia Purple Dress (join Roule group and check notices) $0L

..::A.Y.Y::.. (Bald) Pale – Kimberly   $1L


<<Pure>> Shamrock Shoes (inside big shamrock) $0L

R.icielli – BARBBARA Mini Dress / lima $0L


Mustache High Waisted Black Skirt and Lime Undershirt (Join Mustache group and check notices) $0L

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Ok a few things to grab today! I don’t have much time to write, but defintely make sure you run and snag the new plastic flowers skins as always 2/25L!  They are getting better and better, love the eyebrows on these!  Junwave has also changed the textures on their hair, therefore a few of the hairs is on sale, I love this shaggy bob, its just like my RL hair!  :)) My outfits are from Donna Flora, a new $1L dress, Mustache’s stick skinny grey jeans–a group gift and a new to me store GryphonWings Designs, where this cowlneck sweater (available in lots of colors) is only $8L!

Look 1:

Junwave [ Love Soul ] Hair*008*Blonde $60L

::PLFL Watermelon_Pale (part of 2/$25L)

Donna Flora BIJOUX $1L

Look 2:

::PLFL Watermelon_ Tan (part of 2/$25L set)

Junwave [ Love Soul ] Hair*008*Umber  $60L

~GW~ Flurry Cowl (Charcoal)  $8L

Mustache – Grey Matchstick Jeans Freebie! (group gift) $0L

Enjoy these!

Suri Alex xxx

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Join the Mustache Group for this lovely new skin!

Mustache – Light Beezy – Cubrstomp

Ok off to enjoy my Saturday (or do some cleaning!)


Suri Alex xxx

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In this post I’m very pleased and honored to present two of my favorite stores for review–Beauty Avatar Couture and (Vive9).  Beauty Avatar Couture has released a new sexy body suit, here, I have shown three colors–black, blue, and red.  All undeniably sexy, all can be pieced together how you like.  I’m wearing the full versions of these suits.  I love the collar, it borrows an essence from an earlier release called Sunny, which is one of my favorite BAC looks.  I also love how the tops of these suits are scandalously backless, making for an interesting parting treat upon your departure in-world.  Next, the much anticipated, and blogged about set of new skins from (Vive9) called Marianne.  The skins feature a small set of teeth with each make-up, an interesting look I”m often too shy to use.  However, upon trying on the skins, I found myself gravitating towards the toothed looks, they were so cute.  My favorite skin baring teeth is definitely Piplup–the contrast between the dark ruby lips and the white set of teeth is alluring and enticing.  These skins also come with freckles and no freckles options (clean).  Personally, I’m a freckles girl, and (Vive9) does not disappoint with its latest round of freckled beauties; these are certainly going to be one of my favorites! Providing even more customization (as if choosing skin tone, make-up, teeth/no teeth, freckles/no freckles) wasn’t enough for you–you can also choose between light and dark brows.  I did a few extra photographs in addition to the closeups of the make-ups I wore in the BAC outfits.

I’m truly in love with these collections–Both from Beauty Avatar Couture and (Vive9).  I can’t wait for these designers to come out with more beautiful skins and clothes as my inventory continues to bulge with their ominous treasures!

Look 1:

SLink Nicole Hairstyle

(vive9) Marianne [tan] Piplup -Clean/Teeth *darkbrows

*Beauty Avatar Couture* JULIA – Black

NX-Nardcotix Absinthe Scarlet


(epoque hair) Overpaid Stylist [upper only-skull] – Brown Tones

(vive9) Marianne [light] Shady – Freks/Noteeth *light brows

*Beauty Avatar Couture* JULIA – Blue

[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps (Neutral Black)

Look 3:

Mustache { Hannah } in Milk Chocolate

(vive9) Marianne [pale] GumDrop – Freks/Teeth *darkbrows

*Beauty Avatar Couture* JULIA – Red


Of (Vive9) Marianne skins:

Top row: Piplup (tan) clean, Shady (light) frecks, Gumdrops (pale) freck

2nd row: Toast (tan) freck, Nudist (tan) clean, Morning (tan) clean, Latex (tan) freck

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Fair Skank: Beat-up 1, Beat-up 2 (freck), Beat-up 3, Lilac, Liner 1 (freck), Liner 2, Liner 3 (freck), Petal (freck), Moon, Sun (freck), Sunflower

Skank: Beat-up 1 (freck), Beat-up 2, Beat-up 3 (freck), Lilac, Liner 1 (freck), Liner 2, Liner 3 (freck), Petal (freck), Moon, Sun (freck), Sunflower

Tan Skank: Beat-up 1, Beat-up 2 (freck), Beat-up 3, Lilac (freck), Liner 1, Liner 2 (freck), Liner 3, Petal (freck), Moon, Sun (freck), Sunflower (freck)

::falls over::  whew.  sooo many gorgeous skins. Right now I feel like the luckiest little avi on the grid with the chances I”ve been having to review some of the most stunning work from some of my favorite designers. I’m sure you’ve all seen mustache hair in my posts, its a favorite of mine, and I’m always looking for more (and buy every..single…release).  I just can’t stop myself!  When I learned creator, Mae Liamano, was making skins…I just about died.  Upon taking a look at the skins with my friend Carissa, we both have decided they are a definite win, and all should buy!

My personal favorite is the mid-tone skank color, with my favorite make-up being Liner 1 (freck).  However, I did find it hard to choose, they were all so stunning.  The make-up is subtle, but still noticeable, and perfect for an extra touch to our favorite outfits.  Now options…you know I’m big on those (who isn’t?)  Freckles and non-freckles.  Any skin that let’s me choose this, the better.  I’m all about the dainty subtle spotting that makes the skins more life-like, and these had just that.

You probably notice that the lips didn’t have multiple colors.  For me, its not a problem. I always wear a nude or light lip because my eye make-up is always a little more dramatic. The soft, glossy lips on these certainly make-up for the lack of colors, with its gorgeous tone and texture.

All in all, I find these skins to be an absolute delight and a set I know I will keep wearing over and over with my different looks.

Want in on these gorgeous skins? Visit Mustache!


Suri Alex xxx

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Kumaki Glasses Style Optino2 Glasses $0L

The Plastik Group Gift Mini Skirts (join group and check notices) $0L

Luci’s Freebies Victoria Women’s tank-top (11 colors!) $0L

Zeery’s Scarves (lots of choices and gifts!) $5L

Sheer- Kiss Tights $0L

Boutique COCO & CO Cerre-tete Camelia Noir headband $0L

Other treats:

Mustache Hair “Brie” in Vanilla $95L

All Poses by Glitterati (Thanks Katey!)


Suri Alex  xxx

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