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I’ve always thought Desi had wonderful skins.  When I first started as a blogger, she was one of the first people to give me skins to review (awww!) lol.  Well Ms. Vella is still busting out some of the best skins on the grid, and for $1L, you too can sample her new Katherine with its own tintable beauty mark by joining the Free Speerit group!

*FS* Katherine Group Gift Skins


Suri Alex xxx



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Suri Loves

So this upcoming weekend I’ll be moving in RL so in honor of the big move I decided to to an artsy paint post! I had a great skin from FS (natural paint) that was a previous group gift.  I also paired it with my favorite blue jeans from CS, a grey tank from Cyanide and this adorable Painters set (and beret!) from the suscribo @ [ENDEAVOR].




Cyanide– grey tank $25L

*Pretties* Bangles and Scarf $75L ea

(CS) Jeans-Ultra Dark $100L

HOH– Hair “Tuli”-Bitter Chocolate $195L

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I have to say I’m really enjoying lingerie posts.  There is something about lingerie that can be both sweet and sexy, passionate and and carnal depending on who you’re with.  I am a little late posting this find, but if you join the suscribomatic for Dutch Touch you will get this great freckled skin with a sexy leopard print lingerie already on it! So easy you don’t even have to attach extra prims! 😉

Dutch Touch_001

And the full version…

Dutch Touch_002

Next, a few corsets from the freebie/dollarbie table at Donna Flora!


Also, I grabbed this cute bikini/bra and panty set also on the dollarbie table!

Dutch Touch_007

Enjoy friends!

Donna Flora BONITA Corset/Swimwear

Dutch Touch Suscribo Skin

Not free:

FS skin- Natural

Kalnins Shoes- Coquette

Hair-Love Kitty

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Hello to my new readers at Fashion Planet, I hope you enjoy reading SuriAlex Style as much as I enjoy blogging!

First, a big thanks to Desidelia Vella for passing along three make-ups of the Kimberly skin line for FS.  I must say that FS is in my opinion one of the best skin stores around with realistic detailing and lighting that hits skin in all the right places. In this series, I reviewed FS’s Kimberly Night, Glamour and Natural in the medium skin tone (they sell a light, medium and tan all equally gorgeous).

First up, a comparison of the three make-ups that are most popular (though in store they have oodles of them):

FS Kimberly Skin Trio

(L->R: Kimberly Night, Kimberly Glamour, Kimberly Natural)

Night’s deliciously smokey eyes are perfect for a night out.  I love the swoop of thick catlike liner.  Glamour’s pouty ruby red lips are begging for a goodnight kiss and upon wearing made me feel uniquely retro in almost a throwback to Marilyn Monroe-esque star power. Natural fittingly has a matte lip that looks angelic with softly charcoal lids and a delicate swopping arched brow, Natural is fitting for a nice day-time ensemble.

FS Skins Kimberly 2

(L->R: Kimberly Night, Kimberly Glamour, Kimberly Natural)

I know I’m not doing these skins justice by being somewhat discreet, but I hope the most important details are visible.  From the shading in the abdomen and around the hips to the intricate clavicle and ever so realistic areolae.

FS Kimberly Backside 3

One of my favorite parts of this skin is the delicate derrière, the shading and detail on the front side was not spared when the backside was taken into account.  I also wanted to do a close-up on this shot of the hands, which by the detailing in the hands I can pretty much read Suri’s fortune!  I love it.

Thank you Desidelia for passing these along to me!

Taxi to FS

Thanks friends!

Suri Alex   xxxx

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In honor the upcoming Memorial Day Holiday, I decided to get dressed up in my battle fatigues and show my support for our soldiers around the world!  I know, we’re all thinking about the great food, drinks and fun with our families this weekend, but its also important to remember our soldiers who are risking tier lives for our safety, thx everyone!

Free Kisses

Today I have a fun set of fatigues that I picked up from a store called Klaxie Style, who is having a $49L storewide sale!  Get over there! I loved the way the pants were a little scuplty, it was fun with my new boots!  The outfit came with several options, but the bra combo was by far the most saucy! I paired it with a set of Pixel Mode boots who are also having a storewide $50L sale until Sunday at noon.  Skin is a fun set from FS, a previous in store group gift, join the group to be a part of more specials. Lashes my uber-girly Redgrave in Twiggy.   My unkempt bun was perfect for my look, a little bit messy to complement my rough and tumble workout as a military fashionista!

fatigued trio

Klaxie Style Stina camuflage hiphop outfit: $49L

Pixel Mode Jet Boots: $50L (until Sunday at 12n)

=Rogue= Hair 18_Sp A: $70L

*REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -10- Twiggy

FS skin Whitney (Miltar): Previous group gift

Have a great long weekend!



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I was super excited when I saw this superhero set yesterday I just had to feature it, also considering the fact it was a steal at 50L helped!  It further sparked me to create a post featuring another wonderful MyUglyDorthy Skin “Clown” by Sopha McCallen as well as my new supergirl shoes by Kalnins! SLurls to follow pics!

The Super Fashion Adventures of Suri Alex

I love the golden laso as part of the outfit, it might serve as a handy tool to reign your beau!

Wonder Suri

And finally, the lovely Superman set!

SuperGirl Trio
E2 Underhoos (50L)
My Ugly Dorthy Skin (Previous group gift, soon avail in store)

FS skin- Kimberly Aquamarine (previous group gift)

Kalnins Shoes- Coquette
Maitreya Apple Hair (Coffee)

I hope everyone is enjoying the first few posts, let me know if there is something you want to see!

Much Love,

Suri xD

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First, I would like to thank Anya Ohmai for helping me get started on this blog.  She’s been a great mentor, friend and confident through creating everything!

Suri Presents

I was really excited when I saw Milk Motion’s release of the new Admiral jacket.  I was immediately inspired to do a nautical themed outfit!   Credits to follow after pics…

High Seas Haute Couture

testing my sailing abilities…

Suri on a Pirate Ship


FS Skin- Kimberly Tan (Pop) (Previous group gift)

Tuli Intense Eyes- green: (Previous group gift)

Sky Everett Designs- Eyelash natural long $0L

Coco gift belt: (Join Coco Update Group and Grab)

Pixel Dolls Lace Gloves: (Suscribo gift)

Salsa Vinyl Anchor Necklace $1L

*Parallel* Red striped top (part of a dress, lucky board)

White Undershirt Burt Laundry $0L

Non-Free but makes me squeal with joy:
Slink Julianne Hairstyle

Milk Motion Admiral Jacket

Wrong Mini Shorts- White

Paper Couture Pearl Strand Necklace

50 Flats White (from Basic pack)

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