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Glam Affair has out a lovely new release, a short mini-dress called “Madlene.”  What’s nice about this dress is that the belt changes textures, you can do limitless possibilities with it!  I also liked the watery, wrinkled texture to it, it gave it a bit of dimension.  One thing I would change is that my belts were all no-mod I wish I could re-size it, I’m a little bit chubby at the waist!  lol… Other than that, I found Madlene to be a fun new creation from Aida, It’s a quite useful shift dress that can be complimented with some of their earlier works (like here with the “Sura” fur jacket).

Head to Glam Affair today to pick up Madlene, don’t forget, there is still a 10L outlet.


Suri Alex xxx


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Hyper Culture is a new store on the grid specializing in Men’s and Women’s ready to wear.  The store features everything from saucy lingerie to dresses, pants, and other pixelated clothing treasures.  My favorite out of these sets was the Black Victorian Mini in pic #1.  It’s so simple and perfect, I could see myself pairing it alone 😉  or with leggings and a denim jacket for going out.  The lingerie also comes in a multitude of titillating colors, the teal was my favorite among them.  The lace “Frau” dress is a variation of sorts of the Victorian Mini, but still undeniablely sexy.  I loved the Baroque vintage pattern on it.  Finally, Nadja a nod to the store’s couture collection provides a versatile look (also comes with pants) that is unique, fun and absolutely entertaining!   Tp’s below!

Pic 1:

HC – Lingerie Collection – Sasha (Cyan)

HC – Victorian Mini (Black)

Pic 2:

HC – Black Lace Collection -Frau dress

HC – Couture Collection – Nadja

Poses by:

Olive Juice– Blogger Friendly… ish  $100L


Suri Alex xxx

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I’m really excited today to bring you 4 new looks from Glam Affair.  Aida has been working hard to bring us these sensual, erotic (and a little bit naughty) looks just in time for valentine’s day.  The first picture is featuring the sets called “Ramonna.”  Ramonna’s bra and panties set are truly delicate and sophisticated.  I’m in love with the doily like trim around the edges making them both sexy and lady like.  Next, “Susan” touches ever so gently on BDSM with its collar and tight dress.  What I like about this sans-latex look is the delicate ruching in the bodice complimented by a contrasting color top. Look 3 “Jalye” uses a thick corseted top combined with a modern shoulder sling on.  I also like the socks that are paired with this look it makes it fun, spirited and modern.  Finally Zory uses a gorgeous set of shoulder plumage complimented by its asymmetrical one-piece bodice. Zory is my favorite look for sure, I love the simplicity of the work and how fun it looks on.

Pic 1:

– Glam Affair – Ramonna Gold

-Glam Affair- Ramonna Black

Pic 2:

-Glam Affair- Susan pink (collar)

-Glam Affair- Susan yellow

Pic 3:

-Glam Affair- JALYE Dress Black (corset)

-Glam Affair- JALYE Dress Red

Pic 4:

-Glam Affair- ZORY Black/Cream Body

-Glam Affair- ZORY Cream/ Red Body

Head to  Glam Affair now!


Suri Alex xxx

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There are very few stores in SL that you can trust to have your favorite tried and true classics all in one place.  I’m usually spending time tping from one end of the grid to another for basics like cardigans, jeans or a simple dress.  If you’re looking for your new favorites, search no further than Touche’. Think of the things we all need–like jeans or a cropped jacket and then add to that layers of confectionery colored goodness and you’ll know why I love this store.  Jeans come in a wide array of blues and several different fits to make sure your booty is perfectly accented in each outfit.  Want a fun and sexy cowl neck sweater dress that’s knit so beautifully you can feel the softness?  Touche’s Smexi sweater dresses provide a versatile palette of minis that delight as they can be worn with bottoms or not, I was playing around with them and they look good without the cowl neck too–paired with your new cropped ski bunny parka.  While this was one of my first exposures to the store, I came with my arms bundled with goodies as I couldn’t pass up the delightful treasures that were dancing in my eyes (and affordable too!)  So what are you waiting for?  Get down to Touche and pick up some of these looks (and more!)

Touche’ Ski Bunny Parkas $175L ea

Touche’ SmexiSweater Dresses $190L ea

Touche’ Baby Got Back Jeans $200L ea

Tp to Touche’!

All Poses [S.Loves] Gabriella! (Thanks S!)


Suri Alex xxx

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Thimbles has always been one of my favorite go-to spots for fun flirty outfits.  I was so excited to find out they were having a sale!  I rushed over, and while it takes a significant amount of time to rezz everything in the area, its well worth the wait.

These were a few of the good things I found, though I know I’ll be making a return trip later tonight!


Thimbles Sale

*Thimbles* – Half a World Away Dress – Bright as Yellow *T* $25L

*Thimbles* 2000 Calories a Day (negro) $25L

*Thimbles* Your Mom’s Sweater Dress BlueGreen $15L

*Thimbles* – Long Vermont Roads Dress – Pearl White *T* (Used skirt only) $25L

*Thimbles* Vesticle – onyx (top) $15L

Head down to *Thimbles* now!

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Sorry, if you’ve seen this, I’ve had it on draft status for a while, so I’m just posting it now!  So, as you’re probably seeing, I’m a total girly-girl…I love beautifully made dresses, shoes and bags…This dress, a suscribo gift ($0L) from *[ROC]* was fantastic because you could wear it several different ways.  The short with the attached half skirt was my favorite, though the long was beautiful as well.  Skin was the new group gift from Tuli “Hope” in sunkissed.  Hair is one of my favorite Foam creations (thank you soooo much for custom fitting and mixing me a pack!).  Eyelashes are my favorite Twiggy from Redgrave and of course my standby strappy shoes from Kalnins.

Suri in Champagne

Ranena Olivier Couture suscribo dress ($0L)

.:.Foam!.:. Floe I ($250L)

Tuli Skin “Hope” Group Gift (Join for $250L)

*REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -10- Twiggy $100L

Kalnins Shoes- Coquette

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