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The Junwave sale I told you about yesterday is still currently on, this is one of the other hairs I snagged for only $80L!  Also, Blacklace has put out a new lingerie set for St. Patrick’s day, and boy is it saucy!  I love it!  I also found out that Leafy was putting out a complimentary skin for my green-faired wardrobe, it comes with several eyebrow options and even freckles all for only $50L.   Go grab these today!

Blacklace Hearts Temptation Lingerie $0L

*Leafy* Miso Loom St. Patricks Day Skin $50L



Suri Alex xxx


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You only have two days left to pick up the rest of your treats for Valentine’s!  Why not start out with this free lingerie!


Blacklace– Sexy Little Valentine $0L

Love, Ashley #096 That’s Amore  (heart in the plant!) $0L

Suri Alex xxx

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Lots of treats for the heatwave hunt…I wanted to share with you all a few of my finds!  Also, here are the rules, what you should be looking for…etc. There are 52 stores participating and you’ll be looking for a small sun.

“it may be the dead of winter, but we’ve got 52 of the hotest designers in SL bringing you some warm summer loving!

The hunt starts at midnight SLT on January 15, 2010, and will end at 11:59pm on February 15″

Starting Point is Alexohol There is also a tip/hunt blog here: http://theheatwavehunt.blogspot.com/

Look 1:

*DivaLicious* bangles

*LC* (C!) – Tropical Umbrella NomNom (Tropical)

>>Alexohol: Hawaiian Bikini <<

::::Nora::::HWH Item from IrEn

Look 2:


Look 3:

*DivaLicious* Heatwave pink bikini

Look 4:


Surf Hoodie & Sweats

Lime Flip Flops

Look 5:

Heart and Sole– RIVER PINK

.:Relentless Couture:. White Sundress

Look 6:

Aqua Sizzler Red

Look 7:

DYN Pop Dress  (Skullie) + White leggings

.:VDI:. Ariel – Glazed Chocolate – 20

Look 8:

[surreal] Blue swirl bikini

Look 9:

Zahir Snow Color bikini

Enjoy the hunt lovelies!

Suri Alex xxx

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I always feel privileged when I’m able to see in action at fashion shows designer’s work.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the Blacklace and Alphamale show; always a treat for the eyes 😉  So read along and follow me on one of the ::funnest:: posts I’ve done yet 😉

Blacklace and Alphamale Fashion ShowA big thanks to Yelmer Pfeffer, Mariska Simons CEOs’ of Blacklace and Alphamale, and the help of the lovely Gemini Galatea, for getting my in-world cohort and I some of review copies of the new collections!

Blackace IThis set featured a lovely tux by Alphamale’s creative genius Yelmer Pfeffer; with subtle striping in the luxurious texturing of the jacket, this work was best viewed ((and explored)) up-close.  Pfeffer’s modern take on the classic suit design makes this a necessity of any man’s wardrobe.  My outfit, created by Mariska Simons, featured a delicate bridal style bodice with silver embroidered designs that weave intricately through the the detailing of the corset and the garter belt. I love the touch of gloves that Simon’s has been adding to her lingerie, it adds a nice sexy touch!

Back of Blacklace IWithout hesitation ((for both pieces of my lingerie)) I had to show the backs 😉 No description needed here!

Close-Up Blacklace 1

Our second outfits were also a nice compliment to each other.  Pfeffer’s monochromatic look provides an optimal contrast to the sexy teal bustier I wore with Simon’s feminine detailing.

Blacklace II

Blacklace Suri Close-UpAgain, the need to showcase the back of this bodice because it shows that Mariska’s designs not only please when viewing the front; the back of each piece of her lingerie shows that no detail was spared in the creation of these magnificent pieces.

Alphamale & KalninsWith the subtle checkering of the silky shirt to the fit of the luxurious trousers, this is a must for any well dressed man on the grid. Of course, any well dressed Alphamale man must have his accessories.  Kalnins delivers with their ‘Terra’ men’s dress shoes and their new line of watches!  While I introduced the Terra shoe in a previous post, it was clear that many of you gentlemen were begging for a closer look!  While you’re fitting yourself with the sexy crocodile leather Kalnins shoes, be sure to also pick up the watches! They almost seem to reflect light like a real watch would, with extremely detailed work in both the hands and the dial’s number.  For any man who wants the best, Kalnins’s new accessories will surely meet your standards.

So what are you waiting for?  Spare not a moment more to go and grab these ((and more)) from the talented array of designers featured in tonight’s post!

Alphamale and Blacklace



Suri Alex xxx

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So yay!  Today is the first day of the Designer’s United event featuring the theme crow.  I’m always happy (and grateful!) to bestowed with any of Anya’s creations, and when I received the crow set of sweaters, I was pleasantly surprised again! The !Ohmai Crow Sweater comes in both black and white, but I had fun going with the darker side today 😉 The soft feather texture making up the bust is supremely luxurious, while the staple of a cardigan remains classic; !Ohmai’s  Nouveau spin makes this a delightful treat for the eyes and a sophisticated entry into any avatar’s wardrobe.

!OhMai Crow

Designer’s United Event

!Ohmai : FeatherCardigan BLACKCROW 

{paper.doll} ClassicButtonDown-Silver

!O: Basics Puff Blouse [pitch]

Blacklace seamed stockings (part of new collection)

{paper.doll} black sequin mini

paper couture Garnet Nest Necklace – Red

paper couture Times Square Ring – Kyanite – Dark Blue

Please enjoy this event as much as I have!


Suri Alex

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Lingerie is certainly a guilty pleasure of mine.  Free lingerie is an even guiltier pleasure. Enter, fab free blacklace in a demure Azura blue. Pics speak for themselves 🙂

Blacklace treats

Blacklace Limited Edition: Azura Blue Satin & Lace Cincher Set  $0L


Suri Alex xxx

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I cough lightly as I peer up through the smoke filled room.  A man stands at the bar with a white bar towel resting on his shoulder as he surveys the guests.  A woman in a floor length apricot chiffon gown sings Etta James as I round the bar and sit on a stool.  Without hesitation the observant bar tender introduces himself  “Morty,” as he grabs a stemless glass from underneath the counter.  “Merlot I’m assuming Miss?”  I kindly smile back as I lift a tiny silver case engraved “Tiffany & Co” outside of my pocket book, sliding the thin cigarette into the long stemmed cigarette holder; without hesitation I cant to Morty, “you can really read a woman can’t you?”  As my silky gloved hand touches the glass I take an intoxicating sip and close my eyes as the jazz filters through each tiny fiber of my flesh…

Jazz Club

::Inorite:: Uma ~ Caramel, Caramel

Dutch Touch Star Skin- $0L (previous suscribo gift)

(P-K) Belted Blazer Indigo $20L

Marie NH Pointed Pumps-Black $300L

BlackLace Sheer Stockings $0L

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