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A big thanks to my friend Crystalin Clayton for teleporting me to this lucky chair for this fantastic skin!  This is the new lucky chair skin from *Leafy* and its in a make-up color called “fire engine”  The skin comes with both light and dark brows. The board changes only once every 20 minutes so I’m challenging you readers to get down there and make some magic happen, let’s get that board changing every few minutes, tp your friends!  Party!

I also wanted to share another new release from $Ganked$.  This necklace comes with earrings and bracelet, but I think the composition of the stones is so striking.  It reminds me somewhat of the Suri necklaces, a little abstract but very thought provoking and unique.  This set is called “Goldblooded.”

*Leafy*  *L*Miso Toast _Fire Engine-DB-FR $0L

$GaNKeD$ Goldblooded Necklace in Iced Onyx


Suri Alex xxx


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Boudoir and Ganked both have out new releases that are quite beautiful and befitting almost any fun dress up occasion!  First, Boudoir’s Calme Tristesse dress is a lovely lace top that divulges just the right amount of skin.  Besides the low neckline, the back also dips deliciously low enough to be a treat from the front and the back.  The dress also comes with a fuller, longer skirt (shown on the left) as well as the shorter, more sparse skirt (on the right).

I accented the dress with one of the many new releases from SL’s hardest working jeweler, Misti Merryman, owner of $Ganked$ jewels.  This set is called “Flutter” and it comes in both blue and pink.  I loved the shiny jewel tones of the aquamarine in this piece, I can see myself coming back to it many times for my outfits.  As always, the price at $Ganked$ is so affordable its hard not to let yourself have them all!

Visit Boudoir to pick up your Calme Tristesse dress!

Visit $Ganked$ for all the latest in gorgeous prim jewelery including my new favorite, Flutter 🙂


Suri Alex xxx

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Yay Glam Affair New Releases! I’m really excited to bring you today a couple of Glam Affair’s hot new bikini/lingerie/rockstar attire for your boudoir or your everyday wear! The set comes in several colors including Black, White, Red, Azure, Yellow and Pink.  All are delicious and perfect for mixing in your wardrobe.  The tough studs are fun for pairing with some of your outfits, and I found that they worked will with layering.

I’d also like to highlight my necklace which was another custom adaptation of the Suri Necklace that Misti of Ganked created for me.  After I published this photo I realized I didn’t have my necklace situated on my chest right…so bad me, slap on the hand…but in any case, this is a truly awesome necklace to have compliment your outfits.

Finally, a couple freebies Exile has a free hair for women (and men) at Savoir Hair.  This is the Susan hair, you get the entire fatpack of colors. Also, head down to Reek where you will find these candy cigarette glasses from Gaga’s telephone video!


Suri Alex xxx

-Glam Affair – Xania Red

Exile Susan coffee/Ash $0L

Mustache – Grey Matchstick Jeans (Former suscribo gift) $0L

Reek – Candy Cigarette Shades – Freebie! $0L

-Glam Affair – Xania Black (bottoms + studs)

-Glam Affair – Xania White (Top)

$GaNKeD$ Suri Necklace in Yin Yang [Silver]

-Glam Affair– SURA Suit -Black Fur Jacket

Poses by [doll.] “Selene”

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The “Suri” collection that I introduced in an earlier post now has a free version available in store, in this beautiful pink rose color!  What a perfect way for Misti to honor my freebie lovin’ readers!   Pick up this Suri Alex Style inspired freebie at Ganked! Next, make sure you join the suscribo because this beautiful set called “Arizona” in turquoise is yours!  Don’t forget, there is new stuff on the Midnight Mania and also a new lucky chair item too!

Head over to $Ganked$ now!

Lovely poses?  Olive Juice!


Suri Alex xxx

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I was both surprised and flattered when Misti Merryman of Ganked Jewelery wanted to create a set of exclusive “Suri Alex” jewelry in my honor to be sold in stores.  I have been following her work for some time now, and as you my readers know, and my friends etc know I can’t stop talking about her beautiful gems.  I seriously know this girl is going places, and I couldn’t be happier.  She is one of the most hardworking and not to mention quite the perfectionist, I know!  This set is available at her new mainstore for the bargain price of $200L.

$Ganked$ The “Suri” $200L


Suri Alex xxx

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I have two new releases to share with you all today, first Bax Coen, legendary for their fabulous boots has released a new texture in their prestige line–Suede! I was really excited to be given the chance to review these gorgeous boots.  They follow Coen’s classic lines and customization, and four juicy shades of red to boot (no pun intended).  Next, I wanted to highlight the new photoble at Mudhoney, like her other work its absolutely glam and fantastic, her building skills are impeccable not to mention her great eye for interiors.  “Rogue Getaway” proves to be just that, a nice soothing escape while you take some pictures alone, or with your significant other.  In the pictures below you’ll see three of the female single poses, but there are also single male poses, and couple poses!  ❤ it.

Next I wanted to direct your attention to the (Kunglers) free gift.  It’s in notices, and $50L to join.  I’m wearing it here as a top. You probably saw the Ganked jewelry in my last post, I forgot to mention you can get that entire set for $25L.  What a steal right?  Its gorgeous.  And don’t worry there is plenty more where that came from.  Misti just opened a new Mainstore and there is tons of beautiful jewels all bargain priced.  Not to mention, the suscribo is probably worth joining for future gifts 😉

Maitreya Sasha – Ash Blond $50L

-Belleza-Alyson Sk Group gift $0L (no longer in notices)

(Kunglers) Group gift – Feb2010 (dress worn as top) $0L

$GaNKeD$ Rocklove Necklace $25L for the set

$GaNKeD$ Rocklove Bracelet (part of above set!)

P.C; Water Over Wine Ring

fri. – Low.Rise Jeans (Dark) $180L

Bax Coen Prestige Boots in Red Suede $875L

*COCO*_gift-belt $0L

pose in photo 1: Olive Juice

MudHoney – Rouge Getaway Photoble $500L


Suri Alex xxx

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Insatiable fashions just released two new cute tops!  First on the left is a nice sweater tank.  It comes in several colors but I’m naturally gravitated towards black, so I chose to feature that one.  It has excellent ribbing and has a really nice textured look.  It’s perfect for your work or snappy casual looks! Next, the “Wild Child” top is for when I’m feeling a little bit naughty and want to go out.  Love it!  Tp for [IF] listed below!

Look 1:

.:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Girl Anachronism – Hazelnut

:: DUTCH TOUCH ::MaUVe:: Caramel Natural FR

P.C; Geometric Crystal Chandelier Earring

*Kookie* Ellea Petite Flats Noir

{paper.doll} ClassicButtonDown-White-Top (ShirtLayer)

!O: HighRise Tank [PITCH] (Undershirt layer)

-Glam Affair- ZORY Black/Cream Body Shoulder Pad

[IF] .::Sweater Tank::. Sabina {Black}

fri. – Low.Rise Jeans (Dark)

Look 2:

!lamb. Bang Bang Bob – Ink

:: DUTCH TOUCH ::MaUVe:: Caramel Natural FR

$GaNKeD$ Rocklove Necklace

$GaNKeD$ Rocklove Bracelet

[IF] Wild Child Top [Red]

{paper.doll} BlackSequinMini

[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps (Neutral Black)


Suri Alex xxx

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