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Also, disclaimer: This was my first time trying to use a shadow effect in GIMP and as you can see, I’m still learning, but I know I’ll get better!  :))

I can’t even begin to express how excited I was when fashion impresario and Beauty Avatar Couture CEO Omnia Oh asked me if I’d be willing to do a special review on her looks. Immediate answer?!  YES!   I’ve always admired the store’s work–I’m so impressed that her and the creators at Beauty Avatar Couture like Aida Ewing & Amberly Boccacio have completely covered a large part of the spectrum of prim goodies for us to consume and wear; right down to your fluttering eyelashes.  Since this is the last weekend I’ll have completely off before summer rolls around and school is out, I wanted to use her pieces to celebrate a weekend of wear at some of my favorite clubs, parties, and social events with friends.  Complied above are 4 different looks, including her newest release Sura.  Almost Suri.  Dang.   What I love best about BAC’s clothes is that they fit well.  I have a thicker shape and everything looked great right out of the box, no need in these outfits to put on a system skirt shape or make my hips smaller.  The attention to detail that is used is impeccable; and it is part of this that sets the brand apart from many designers in SL.  The designs are also varied, meaning there is a piece of couture to match each person’s taste, literally enough to grab it out of the screen!

Look 1:

fri. – Yelena.2 – Moody Brown

{paper.doll} Sophie-Pale-01

*Beauty Avatar Couture* SURA – Black Suit

Kalnins Shoes – Dragoness

Kunstkammer Studded Cuff – Silver

Look 2:

fri. – Tatum – Moody Brown

Lara Skin-Jesse(Christmas Gift)

Kalnins Sunglasses – Voyage

*Beauty Avatar Couture* SUNNY – Black&Red Dress

Kalnins Footwear – Digna

Look 3:

fri. – Rashelle – Moody Brown

*Beauty Avatar Couture* KENZIA Dress – Black

DECO – Swank Glasses Black

DECO Black Pearl Double Strand Necklace

:: DUTCH TOUCH ::MaUVe:: Caramel Natural FR

Kunstkammer Studded Cuff – Silver



Look 4:

fri. – Leigh – Moody Brown

[eStyle] Signature – Leopard Skin 7

Boutique Coco and Co Headband

*Beauty Avatar Couture* VERA Dress – Purple

SIGMA Jewels : LE.LOOK! la femme – Necklace


All Poses [doll.] (formally [S.loves]

::faints::  I think I’m going to die happy now.  kbai.


Suri Alex xxx


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So I know this Beauty Avatar skin has been blogged a few times, but it looked so cute with the silver tone of this lingerie that I just had to include it!  This lingerie set is in the group notices of “I ❤ The Starlust” group.  Save the attachment marked “So Sorry,” for this free gift!  I love how many different ways you can wear it!

Pig Ambrosia Lingerie-Silver (Join I ❤ the Starlust and check notices) $0L

Zeta Skin- Beauty Avatar (join group and check notices) $0L


Poses by Sunflower Poses!


Suri Alex xxx


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With the release of Lady Gaga’s new single “Bad Romance” it seems that the world has a bit of Gaga fever, and SL is no different! What’s even more fun is that you can have Gaga style for only a few lindens…now that’s what I’m talking about! Love her or hate her, there is not an artist out there like her!

I’m really excited too about Alexohol Fashions, the new sweater is just the tip of the iceberg in fun fashion–If you’re a military wife/gf, bonus, there are lots of cute wear for you here too.  Further, they also feature a line of college sports wear that are sure to win over any sports junky (or even just those who luuuuv their school!).

Meembee Lady Gaga Hair $1L

Alexohol Fashion OMG I’m Slamous! $0L

ETD Discount Store– Nude Heels $1L

Beauty Avatar– Lully Gift $1L

Poses (L): Flowy, (R): S.Loves


Suri Alex xxx

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Wednesday's Freebies

A few things to help you get through hump day…the weekend evades us only by two more days!  Shopping always makes this situation better….  First, Truth is having a $25L hair sale–I couldn’t resist picking up multiple colors and packs because it was sooo cheap!  The sale is going on though for a few more days, so if you can’t tp in to the lag monster, you still have some time. The suscribo gift dress from Posh is also fun and flirty, love the bangles!  The skin is also a new dollarbie from Beauty Avatar, its quite lovely!  Sweater is the new group gift for you to grab in store from COCO (perfect for the chilly weather!) and the Lo socks are the new suscribo gift from Miel (LOVE)!

Look 1:

Boutique COCO & CO Cerre-tete Camelia Noir headband $0L

>TRUTH< Holly – caramel $25L

(Posh) Party Girl with Bangles (Suscribo Gift) $0L

Look 2:

*COCO*_Gift_TurtleneckSweater $0L

*Beauty Avatar Couture* Daria Skin Gift $1L

>TRUTH< Ana Lu – walnut $25L

Miel Lo Refurbished Socks-multi-color pack (Suscribo Gift) $0L



Suri Alex xxx

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Approaching the red velvet lined carpet amongst a crowd of gatherers, I move to the front of the line where the bouncer winks and opens up the door.  The inside of the club is exquisite, with attention to detail at every corner.  A half moon booth opens up as two seemingly intoxicated young girls (are they even legal?) grab the side and leverage themselves to the dance floor.  A soft flickr of the candle on the table catches the filigree that is adhered tightly to my top. Wrapping my long fingers around the carefully strung Paper Couture pearls, I grip tightly. Just then,  I catch the well dressed man in the corner looking up and winking as a well manicured waitress drops a glass of champagne on the table…

Upper East Side Club


Iren :::: Sporty :::: browns

*REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -10- Twiggy

Paper Couture Pearl Strand Necklace

(v9) Belle Light Pre-Release (group gift)

Beauty Avatar Charlotte Peach Skirt

Kalnins Shoes- Coquette

Chic Boutique Artemis Lingerie

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Join the (v9) group for tons of beautiful skins!  Each of these skins are gorgeous–This group gift comes with skins from both the ::LoveDot:: and Modelesque Collection.  Also in the pictures below is a $1L gift from Beauty Avatar, and a $1L gift from Lara skins!  Enjoy!

(v9) 1



(v9) 2



(v9) 3



(v9) 4



(v9) 5



(v9) 6

Lara Skins Rachel Pale $1L

*Beauty Avatar* Couture Estate Gift (In Store) $1L

.::Vive 9::. ::LoveDot::, Modelesque skins $0L

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Woo…New Beauty Avatar group gift! Join the Beauty Avatar Update group and check notices for this gorgeous set!

Beauty AvatarThe gift comes with both of these ever beautiful skins, the lingerie, and the hair!!  I’m super liking this new hair, I have to go buy it in he dark brunette for sure…or do you like Suri a little lighter? lol…

I’m also a fan of this one piece teddy, it seems to hug in all the right places; really emphasizing the curve of my hips and butt.  ❤ it!

I’m sure you can see the detail in the skins, stunning!  I’m more of a fan personally of the nude lip just becuase the eyes are so dramatic, but both are defintetly nicely done.

Join the Beauty Avatar group now!  lol…


Suri xxx

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