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Sorry about the delay in my weekly look of the day, this set has been on the cutting room floor for about a week (aaack!).  I would definitely say that in-world Miel has been one of my favorite stores. Their easy pieces are versatile and effortlessly chic. Today I combined almost all my Miel group gifts with a few finds from the former [paper doll].  Hair is also a group gift for fri.day! Since I’m a luxury bag connoisseur in RL, I couldn’t be happier to being recently introduced to Bags of Style.  They have all the favorites from my closet and others I’ve only dreamed of having!  ❤ it!

Miel Mash-up 2Miel Mash-Up

fri.day Cassie- Dramatic red $0L (group gift)
Miel AM tulip headband- champagne $0L (group gift)
[paperdoll] hayden pale-natural  $50L (now temp. closed)
miel bella peppers $0L (group gift)
miel wpgiv black lace scarf $0L (group gift)
[paperdoll] black sequinmini $10L (now temp. closed)
insolence Dolores seamed stockings (part of set) $290
[paper.doll] Heartbreaker-BlackPatent $5L (now temp. closed)
!Ohmai : Basics Loose Racerback BLANK $0L


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Whether for work or class, this outfit ‘suits’ almost any taste.  This look is one of my favorites because it closely resembles what I tend to wear in RL.  I love ties, but most of them tend to be colorful like Coach’s new Poppy ties (which I couldn’t resist buying at least a few in NYC!). This free bag from Fabulous adds that colorful punch that an outfit like this serves as a great base for!

Look of the Day 07.13

!lamb. Babys On Fire – Kit Kat $300L

*COCO*_gift-belt $0L

.::FabulouS::.Record Bag:)) $0L

Marie NH Pointed Pumps-Black $300L

Solar Eyewear ~ Arae (v1.1) $300L

*~CH~* Kryptonia $300L

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Thimbles has always been one of my favorite go-to spots for fun flirty outfits.  I was so excited to find out they were having a sale!  I rushed over, and while it takes a significant amount of time to rezz everything in the area, its well worth the wait.

These were a few of the good things I found, though I know I’ll be making a return trip later tonight!


Thimbles Sale

*Thimbles* – Half a World Away Dress – Bright as Yellow *T* $25L

*Thimbles* 2000 Calories a Day (negro) $25L

*Thimbles* Your Mom’s Sweater Dress BlueGreen $15L

*Thimbles* – Long Vermont Roads Dress – Pearl White *T* (Used skirt only) $25L

*Thimbles* Vesticle – onyx (top) $15L

Head down to *Thimbles* now!

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Sorry about my delayed absence all, I have two new puppies and so its been super busy at my house!  Not much to say in this post except grab these super cute dresses from Wetherby’s!

Wetherby's Week 2

Wetherby's Week 2x


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oooo I love it when I can buy hair…I’m even more excited when its free or super cheap.  Novocaine, a store under Truth Hawks of Truth Island currently is having a freebie hair as well as a ton of $50L hairs!  As with Truth Hawks’ usual creations, these are fun, beautiful and well done.  Below is a pic of the freebie, and a few of the ones I snatched up today for $50L!

Free Novicane

Novcaine 2

Novacane 3

Much Love,

Suri  xxx

TP now to Novocaine!

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Just a quick post before bed, the ever generous Sopha McCallen just re-opened her new mainstore ::jumps for joy:: and I was excited to see the new group gift skin ‘love.’  It has tiny korean characters on the cheek and is beautifully detailed all through out.   In my post I put on a slightly lighter skin just to give you guys an idea of Sopha’s range.  “Emma,” Sopha’s other new line of skins comes in both plain and small beauty marked versions.  Both are absolutely lovely, though I”m parshal to the beauty marks, they’re more like my RL face!  I love it!

My Ugly Dorthy_003

Thank you again Sopha!!!


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There are few things that make me feel quite so ethreal as this dress did in SL, but when I got this new gift from the *[ROC]* I squealed with joy! The avant guarde glowing collar with the sweet confientionary pink skirt  made me feel like shoes weren’t even a necessity!  The soft pouty lips characteristic of  MyUglyDorthy matched perfect for my sweet, angelic look.  I topped off with a hairstyle from =Rogue=.  Grab this from the suscribo @ ROC; tp to follow pics.



All my love!  ❤  Suri

Ranena Olivier Couture suscribo dress ($0L)

MyUglyDorthy Soon to be re-released @ Mainstore ‘Lea’

=Rogue= Hair 18_Sp A: $70L

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