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The Junwave sale I told you about yesterday is still currently on, this is one of the other hairs I snagged for only $80L!  Also, Blacklace has put out a new lingerie set for St. Patrick’s day, and boy is it saucy!  I love it!  I also found out that Leafy was putting out a complimentary skin for my green-faired wardrobe, it comes with several eyebrow options and even freckles all for only $50L.   Go grab these today!

Blacklace Hearts Temptation Lingerie $0L

*Leafy* Miso Loom St. Patricks Day Skin $50L



Suri Alex xxx


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Pardon my absence readers! The spring bug has caught me and this week I was off.  I have spent most of the time catching up on my earlier projects but I couldn’t stay logged off any longer!  I just had to get on and do a post!  Ok, so here it is! Free dresses, free skins, and free hair!

A.y.y has two new skins in their gift bag “kimberly,” for $1L.  Next, jump over to Junwave for not only their 50% off sale, but also two new fatpacks of hair for only $2L each.  A new shamrock hunt has started (and I’ve only just stopped at a few of them!)  Make sure to grab these shamrock inspired shoes from Pure to complete your look.  This dress is a cute freebie from R.icielli, make sure when you go in the store, turn right and go around the corner to the rack of Barabra dresses, its hanging there in the mix with the full priced ones.

Mustache also put out a new group gift in their notices, check out this key lime tank and new highwaisted skirt, join Mustache and check notices for this set.  Head over to Vita’s Bourdoir for another new release freebie, this lovely garment has two skirt options, I liked the firefly glowing one personally, its so charming!  Finally, head to Iren for this 2010 hunt gift hair, its so cute with the little feather!  Oh!  And don’t forget to join Roule.  There is this fab purple dress in the notices as well.

Glad to be back!  ❤


Suri Alex xxx


..::A.Y.Y::.. (Bald) Tan- Kimberly $1L

Vita’s Boudoir LaraPixie Dress $0L

Iren 2010 Gift hair $0L

Roule Zhia Purple Dress (join Roule group and check notices) $0L

..::A.Y.Y::.. (Bald) Pale – Kimberly   $1L


<<Pure>> Shamrock Shoes (inside big shamrock) $0L

R.icielli – BARBBARA Mini Dress / lima $0L


Mustache High Waisted Black Skirt and Lime Undershirt (Join Mustache group and check notices) $0L

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Ok a few things to grab today! I don’t have much time to write, but defintely make sure you run and snag the new plastic flowers skins as always 2/25L!  They are getting better and better, love the eyebrows on these!  Junwave has also changed the textures on their hair, therefore a few of the hairs is on sale, I love this shaggy bob, its just like my RL hair!  :)) My outfits are from Donna Flora, a new $1L dress, Mustache’s stick skinny grey jeans–a group gift and a new to me store GryphonWings Designs, where this cowlneck sweater (available in lots of colors) is only $8L!

Look 1:

Junwave [ Love Soul ] Hair*008*Blonde $60L

::PLFL Watermelon_Pale (part of 2/$25L)

Donna Flora BIJOUX $1L

Look 2:

::PLFL Watermelon_ Tan (part of 2/$25L set)

Junwave [ Love Soul ] Hair*008*Umber  $60L

~GW~ Flurry Cowl (Charcoal)  $8L

Mustache – Grey Matchstick Jeans Freebie! (group gift) $0L

Enjoy these!

Suri Alex xxx

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A few things to pick up this Friday, make sure to stop by KLD, they have out yet another great freebie top and skirt!  Next, hit up the suscribo at A Piece of Candy, You’ll get a dress for joining as well as if you hit it again, click on history, go to #1, you’ll see this gift–which is the gold dress, and a new skin (which is soo cute!) TGIF!

Keke La Diva Valentine’s Freebie Dress $0L

A Piece of Candy Suscribo Gift Dress, Skin $0L

Junwave KDC Julia Hair $1L


Suri Alex xxx

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Quick post!  Few things to grab, some skins from Cupcakes (group notices), also check your notices from Kunglers, they have this beautiful champagne colored dress.  More freebies from KLD on deck, this cute little tank dress is $0L and ready for you to grab.  For a whopping $2L you can have this couture inspired black feather gown, definitely a must have!  Don’t forget Aoharu is having a sale–and this applies to Anexx luxury footwear as well–50% off for a limited time!  Junwave is also having a $60L sale on its new hair, defintely a good time for you to load up on a wide selection of colors!

*Cupcakes* Skins Diamond Line- (Join group and check notices)

…:::KLD:::… Belle Fit $0L

(Kunglers) Group gift – Jan2010 (Join group $50L fee and grab from notices)

K*S no.222 swan(Black) $2L

Other good deals!


ANEXX_TripleFringePumpus_Black (50% off!)


Suri Alex xxx

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Today’s look is a few freebies and a few of my favorites.  I have been meaning to share these gorgeous sandals that Marie Lauridsen had sent me, so here they are!  I grabbed one of my portable closets ((only 30L!) (aside from the one in my loft which is full!)) and decided to start working my way up from the sandals.  I was super excited when the new hodge podge sim opened, it gave me yet another treasure to pair with my Pocahontas garb–this fun owl belt, a dollarbie!  Along with my men’s tee I snagged from Adjunct in muted green ($0L!).  Still pretty attached to my Bags of Style, today’s is the Gucci Mailbag.  My glasses are from my favorite optics store, Prim Optics, they are loaded with options!  I’m always changing the colors of my frames, these come with a fun in the hair option too! Ok, ok, enough chit chat…here are the pics!

Take a Peek in my closet

Take a Peek Close Up

(Elate!) Ana’s Owl Belt (Brown) –    $1L
primOptic Lynix glasses 1.19
Aurora Milk Chocolate Plaid Shorts    $1L
(Milk Motion) My pocahontas sandals high
Adjunct Basics – V Neck Tee – Muted Green    $0L

Garbage G Wardrobe $30L


Suri Alex  xxx

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