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Kunglers always has nice gifts, and its a great store.  Today while I was working on my other post this came through and I just had to blog it too!  Kunglers has a 50L fee to join but its totally worth it, this summery/beachy ensemble is perfect!

Kunglers (Join Group for $50L and Check Notices) $0L


Suri Alex xxx


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I have two new releases to share with you all today, first Bax Coen, legendary for their fabulous boots has released a new texture in their prestige line–Suede! I was really excited to be given the chance to review these gorgeous boots.  They follow Coen’s classic lines and customization, and four juicy shades of red to boot (no pun intended).  Next, I wanted to highlight the new photoble at Mudhoney, like her other work its absolutely glam and fantastic, her building skills are impeccable not to mention her great eye for interiors.  “Rogue Getaway” proves to be just that, a nice soothing escape while you take some pictures alone, or with your significant other.  In the pictures below you’ll see three of the female single poses, but there are also single male poses, and couple poses!  ❤ it.

Next I wanted to direct your attention to the (Kunglers) free gift.  It’s in notices, and $50L to join.  I’m wearing it here as a top. You probably saw the Ganked jewelry in my last post, I forgot to mention you can get that entire set for $25L.  What a steal right?  Its gorgeous.  And don’t worry there is plenty more where that came from.  Misti just opened a new Mainstore and there is tons of beautiful jewels all bargain priced.  Not to mention, the suscribo is probably worth joining for future gifts 😉

Maitreya Sasha – Ash Blond $50L

-Belleza-Alyson Sk Group gift $0L (no longer in notices)

(Kunglers) Group gift – Feb2010 (dress worn as top) $0L

$GaNKeD$ Rocklove Necklace $25L for the set

$GaNKeD$ Rocklove Bracelet (part of above set!)

P.C; Water Over Wine Ring

fri. – Low.Rise Jeans (Dark) $180L

Bax Coen Prestige Boots in Red Suede $875L

*COCO*_gift-belt $0L

pose in photo 1: Olive Juice

MudHoney – Rouge Getaway Photoble $500L


Suri Alex xxx

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Quick post!  Few things to grab, some skins from Cupcakes (group notices), also check your notices from Kunglers, they have this beautiful champagne colored dress.  More freebies from KLD on deck, this cute little tank dress is $0L and ready for you to grab.  For a whopping $2L you can have this couture inspired black feather gown, definitely a must have!  Don’t forget Aoharu is having a sale–and this applies to Anexx luxury footwear as well–50% off for a limited time!  Junwave is also having a $60L sale on its new hair, defintely a good time for you to load up on a wide selection of colors!

*Cupcakes* Skins Diamond Line- (Join group and check notices)

…:::KLD:::… Belle Fit $0L

(Kunglers) Group gift – Jan2010 (Join group $50L fee and grab from notices)

K*S no.222 swan(Black) $2L

Other good deals!


ANEXX_TripleFringePumpus_Black (50% off!)


Suri Alex xxx

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Wow, the designers are being so generous around the grid!  I can hardly keep up with all the things on my list…so I’m trying to gather things and group them a little (so like last post was all lingerie) so it makes it easier for you guys to get what you want!  So this post…lovely dresses!  These are al free either in group notices or join group and grab in store…or just grab… don’t you just love that?

mnk shop Dec gift $0L

YSYs Group Gift Boots (join group and grab in-store) $0L

SMS Group Gift Sweater Dress $0L

Kunglers Group Gift ($50L enrollment fee) $0L


Suri Alex xxx

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So I know that groups are naturally suppose to give out free gifts…but that doesn’t stop me from being giddy with joy and surprised with the magnificence of them!  Case in point–Kungler’s Sept. 20th group gift is beautifully elegant, and I love that it came with a necklace too!  It’s only $50L to join the group, totally worth it!  Also worth grabbing is the new W&Y hair for $0L! I love how sassy it looked with this outfit!

Kungler's Group Gift

(Kunglers) Sept 20 Group Gift ($50L group join)

*W&Y Hair: Brunette Hair $0L

Enjoy Loves!

Suri Alex xxx

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Happy Monday all…well sort of… the beginning of the week is usually kind of something I dredge through, but to my delight Lazolli/L’oring had released new dollarbie skins! I grabbed my new Kungler’s group gift ($50L join fee) and paired with my favorite cowboy boots (and post regulars from Mz’s).

There are two boxes, a green one and a blue one at L’oring.  The pink box includes Charlotte Freckles and Yokuba 3D for $1L.  The green box has the other three skins :))

Kunglers Group Gift and Lazolli Free Skins

Lazolli/L’oring $1L skins


Suri Alex  xxx

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