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I have two new releases to share with you all today, first Bax Coen, legendary for their fabulous boots has released a new texture in their prestige line–Suede! I was really excited to be given the chance to review these gorgeous boots.  They follow Coen’s classic lines and customization, and four juicy shades of red to boot (no pun intended).  Next, I wanted to highlight the new photoble at Mudhoney, like her other work its absolutely glam and fantastic, her building skills are impeccable not to mention her great eye for interiors.  “Rogue Getaway” proves to be just that, a nice soothing escape while you take some pictures alone, or with your significant other.  In the pictures below you’ll see three of the female single poses, but there are also single male poses, and couple poses!  ❤ it.

Next I wanted to direct your attention to the (Kunglers) free gift.  It’s in notices, and $50L to join.  I’m wearing it here as a top. You probably saw the Ganked jewelry in my last post, I forgot to mention you can get that entire set for $25L.  What a steal right?  Its gorgeous.  And don’t worry there is plenty more where that came from.  Misti just opened a new Mainstore and there is tons of beautiful jewels all bargain priced.  Not to mention, the suscribo is probably worth joining for future gifts 😉

Maitreya Sasha – Ash Blond $50L

-Belleza-Alyson Sk Group gift $0L (no longer in notices)

(Kunglers) Group gift – Feb2010 (dress worn as top) $0L

$GaNKeD$ Rocklove Necklace $25L for the set

$GaNKeD$ Rocklove Bracelet (part of above set!)

P.C; Water Over Wine Ring

fri. – Low.Rise Jeans (Dark) $180L

Bax Coen Prestige Boots in Red Suede $875L

*COCO*_gift-belt $0L

pose in photo 1: Olive Juice

MudHoney – Rouge Getaway Photoble $500L


Suri Alex xxx


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Ah High School.  While it seems that the days of this lore are far behind me now that I’m on my second post-graduate degree, I often hasten fond memories of this part of my life–even the fashion. Growing up in the suburbs of the mid-west gave me the opportunity to have a great education in my youth.  My parents, stressing the importance of school made sure that each and every day I was dressed and ready to take on the days worth of psychology classes and alegebra. While the halls of my school were carpeted and Ralph Lauren abounded on the proud chest of every last “Panther,” at our school, I flighted between looks. In high school I also had long hair, a sharp contrast to my now rounded bob in RL.

Somedays I fulfilled my collegiate preparatory role, though I often took off my cable knit sweater and pulled it over my polo during the day I still relish the feeling of ease that made me feel part of my school.  It was easy, it was Tommy, Ralph Lauren, BCBG, and Nautica.  This was the inspiration behind my look 1.

Look 2 took me in a more casual direction, where when I was either too lazy to wear my tiny horse on my chest I opted for a comfy tee and a cardigan. Flip flops became the footwear of choice, and I felt comfortable in my favorite worn jeans.

My third look is probably one of my most consistent and often looks. Black, my favorite color was a strong contender in most of my outfits.  A warm cashmere sweater was my go-to item.  High school also marked the evolution of fashion for me.  I scored my very first used vintage Chanel purse, similar to the one that Bags of Style is offering.  I paired with my HUGE glasses and man, did I think I was on top of the world!  A budding fashionista!

I’m also really happy to feature this set of poses in my post.  They are aptly named “Tiffany,” my real life name!  by Suri C.’s [S.Loves].  A big thanks goes out to her for this collection, and I love how the pose set conveys what I call “The many essences of a Tiffany.” Perfect S! ❤ you.

Look 1:

Maitreya Dylan – Coffee

Tuli Bella pale/br

Coco Boutique: Cerre-tete Camelia Blanc Headband


{paper.doll} ClassicButtonDown-White

(CS) Jeans – Ultra Dark

*ARAI* Rucksack

Look 2:

SLink Gorgeous Hairstyle 1 Medium Ash Brown




:Mashooka: Jeans VI09 {stonewash}


*Kookie* Ellea Petite Flats Noir

Look 3:

>TRUTH< Makenzie – coffee

[Miseria] Ash Cardigan

Sh*t Happens – Black Bird Tee

(Milk Motion) My boyfriend jeans blue


[SC] Surf Couture – Freedom Flops – Silver

I’m sooo tired tonight so I couldn’t make my lazy self create slurls.  If there is anything you want to know more about, let me know and I’ll send you the LM!


Suri Alex xxx

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I was really excited when Real Life couture designer Vitabela Dubrovna asked me to incorporate some of her SL couture pieces into my wardrobe!  Two of the dresses, “Satisfaction” and “Boudior Noir,” made me reach in my closet and pull out jackets–both to keep me warm from the chilly weather and to add a little bit of “Rock and Roll” to these gorgeous, flowy dresses.

Vitabella's Boudior Satisfaction

The first look, I used a shorter dress from Vitabella’s collection called “Satisfaction.” The dress comes with both a colored and greyscale blouse, and an entirely frothy set of feathers that help keep it young, fresh, and fun. I also combined it with a couple of freebies and cheapies I aquired last week–Maitreya’s Onyx suscribo Soho boots, as well as the jacket from last week’s 50L friday from Niniko.Below is also a picture done by my friend Even, who wanted to bring out the colors in “Satisfaction.”


In my next look, I used my favorite color black. I’m in love the texturing on the shoulder flower as well as the bodice of gown, which provided a nice tiered effect against the moving skirt. Vitabella’s strength is in her porpotioning, which practices variables of mixing a tighter top with a more voluminous bottom. I was interested in doing a look with this enchanting gown something a little more hard–I always like the dichotomy of the look.  Likewise, I was really excited to pull in Machang’s new leather short riders jacket.  While browsing the feeds this jacket has been styled to death (as it should be, its gorgeous!) so I this is my unique contribution… lol. This was also the perfect hard/soft outfit to grab out my leather riders boots, also by Aoharu’s Machang.  Like all the goods that Machang puts out, these ascend her already high standard, giving designers the grid over the challenge to up their game. The glasses are a cheapie from HOC, and I always find they are the perfect mix of chic and and cool.

Boudior and Aoharu

Look 1:

fri. – Tatum – Cranky Brown

Boutique COCO & CO Cerre-tete Camelia Noir headband


Vitabella’s Boudior “Sophistication”

[Cynful] Dance-a-licous black tights

Maitreya Onyx Soho Boots

Look 2:

>TRUTH< Makenzie – coffee

HOC – Aviator style glasses #003 Female

Vitabella’s Boudior “Boudoir Noir”


Maitreya Armwarmers – Black

P.C; Times Square Ring – Diamond – Bling

*ICING* Camera Girl bottoms w/fishnets


poses by S.Loves!


Suri Alex xxx

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Just a quick post before I turn in early for bed!  Today I was bestowed not one, but two pairs of Soho boots from the Maitreya suscribo!  First in Pumpkin then in chic black!  If you’re not already subscribed to this store, get on it! These boots are classic!

Free Maitreya Soho Boots



TP to Maitreya!


Suri Alex xxx

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Enough with this dead horse right?!  I can’t help but be taken in the upsweep that has most bloggers under a spell this season.  So I have yet *another* fall look for you to try! Also, this cute pumpkin outfit is a Miel group gift from the suscribo! A big thanks to a few of the designers that passed me some of the treats for today’s posts, Marie Lauridsen of Milk Motion, and Brinks Lemmon of Puddles!

Look of the Day: Fall Fall FallIn this pic:

Maitreya Apple II- Caramel

(Milk Motion) Collette-Nude

(Milk Motion) My feather hair bow

* ~ * Puddles * ~ * Camper Bag Orange

* ~ * Puddles * ~ * Toronto Scarf – Tangerine

::SUGARCUBE – turtle neck (grey)

(Milk Motion) My sailor tank black

Aurora Dark Grey Plaid Shorts

Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Grey

50 flats-A walk in the mini woods- Fall

P.C; Diamond Bee Ring

And don’t forget this cute free gift from the Miel Suscribo!I love how you can wear it with or without the pumpkin face, which btw, changes expressions! LOVE it!

Miel Couture Pumpkin

Miel Suscribo


Suri Alex xxx

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The vision articulated by legendary former designer Yves Saint Laurent continues to live on through his name sake brand of Haute Couture.  This fall’s collection’s primary focus was on leather.  From black platform studded pumps to epiclly dramatic statement pieces, this tough looking collection is the inspiration for today’s look. As per usual for my post, I’ve mixed in a few freebies with this outfit so enjoy!  Also a thank you to Machang Pichot of Aoharu for supplying the leather vest used in today’s post!

The Rebel

*bffae} Antoinette (Friday Night) E  skin
Reek- I Heart Colors Belt
Reek– Fail Tee $5L
*GC* Black Lycra Slit Tights $1L
*GC* Denim Funk Skirt $0L
Aoharu BT Leather Riders Vest Black $300
Maitreya Armwarmer Black $75L
Fri.day Tabs- Moody Brown $250L

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The Karmic TrioIt was a happy coincidence when I stumbled upon this white blouse with a satiny bow attached @ Karmic.  Unfortunately however, the store will be closing on Sept. 15th, which means you should grab this blouse before its gone forever, and at $100L, you can’t go wrong.  For this shirt, I did three outfits, they were mostly inspired by the new collection at Kate Spade which I’m in LOVE with. Upper left’s picture is my new ‘going to the office’ look, both sexy and refined at the same time.  The blouse has just the right amount of cleavage whilst still leaving something to the imagination making it work appropriate 🙂 Look two in the middle is my new rainy day look, perfect for jumping in puddles or just looking fabulous while your hunny is holding your umbrella.  In real life, I like adding a bit of sparkle to my outfits, this (p-k) skirt was just that!  Finally, in the lower left, I threw on my favorite denim skirt from (milk motion) paired with colored leggings.  This look is versatile enough to be both casual and more formal, the accessorizing makes a difference.  With this look I also decided to pair Bags of Style’s Iconic Inspired Hermes bag, made famous by none other than Grace Kelly.

Tp’s to your new favorite stores?  Of course!

Karmic Tie Shirt

Upper Left:

Maitreya High Skirt Raven $275

+plus wide belt red (previous group gift)

Insolence Dolores Seamed Nylons (part of set) $290

Jimmy Chau Surudoi Red Pumps $399L

primOptic Adria glasses 1.17 $299L

fri. Deena $75L (Until Sept 10)


*Coco* Hat Black Dots $0L

(P-K) Opened Trench Rouge (temp closed)

(P-K)-Sequin Collection-Tank dress (used skirt only) (temp closed)

!O: Basics Sheer Leggings (Concrete) (part of pack)


fri. – Cassie – Cranky Brown $0L (group gift) $0L

Lo*momo ::petit pas:: Umbrella (male) $0L

Lower Left:

….and I know I’m going to start a trend with this Fab hair!

primOptic Lynix glasses 1.19 $299L

DECO – Black Pearl & Onyx earrings (previous group gift) $0L


!O::Basics Sheer Leggings (Eggplant) (part of pack)

(Milk Motion) My jeans skirt black $175L

[paper.doll] Heartbreaker-BlackPatent (temp closed)

LH_hair13_rabi _chocolate_f_L $200L

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