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:: Exodi :: Sylvan FLF Sneak Peek – Beloved (ALL TONES) $50L

+LALA Moon+ Suede Boots [ Black ]  (comes in 6 colors) $0L

(TokiD) scarf knots – group gift (Join I Love Tokidoki group) $0L


[doll.] poses (Selene)



Suri Alex xxx


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:: fore :: (gift) chibi + red tunic  $0L (join group and grab in-store)  $0L

Zeerys Silk Sun Scarf  [] The Red Seal Hunt  Edition  (Grab envelope!) $0L

[]::Tuli::[] TDR :: Helena 03  $65L  (soon to be release at TDR)

50 flats-A walk in the mini woods- Fall  (old gacha, not sure if still available)


Suri Alex xxx

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[]::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Helena 01  $65L

Casa Del Shai Blue V-neck (Click on blue robot!) $0L

J’s Western Boots (Click on the clam!)  (***UPDATE*** CLAM HUNT IS OVER!)

*COCO* Gift-Denim Shorts Pants $0L

*COCO*Shired Dress (wore as undershirt) $0L

Puddles Dollarbie – Chantelle Bag – Cream $1L

Truth Hair Iris – walnut $125,


Suri Alex xxx

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Finally a long holiday weekend!  It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the US, and that for means more time to finally get back to blogging.  Today was one of those days where I just felt like throwing something on, so I decided to mix a few freebies + cheapies in while I was at it!

HYPER CULTURE – High waist pattern skirt (join suscribo) $0L

::{{Trico}}:: Group Gift Hair!  (Join Group and touch board) $0L

COCO Pouchette Purse (Join Coco Update Group and touch board) $0L

+blacklisted+ Sookie Diva-T “Fangbanger” $75L


Suri Alex xxx

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A few things for you to grab today!  First, head down to Mijn.t for this excellent greenish-chocolatey dress.  It’s in the box on the table.  Next join Plastic Sword’s group ❤ project themeory., for this pair of oversized vintage shades.  Finally, don’t forget to become a member of LG Concept’s suscribo, this necklace was given out as a gift a few days ago!  Love it!

rbcg.vintage glasses (CHIN) PT group gift. ❤ (Join ❤ project themeory. and check notices) $0L


LaGyo_Coin necklace gold_simple (Join Suscribo and check history) $0L

Pose by MADesigns


Suri Alex xxx

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Yay Glam Affair New Releases! I’m really excited to bring you today a couple of Glam Affair’s hot new bikini/lingerie/rockstar attire for your boudoir or your everyday wear! The set comes in several colors including Black, White, Red, Azure, Yellow and Pink.  All are delicious and perfect for mixing in your wardrobe.  The tough studs are fun for pairing with some of your outfits, and I found that they worked will with layering.

I’d also like to highlight my necklace which was another custom adaptation of the Suri Necklace that Misti of Ganked created for me.  After I published this photo I realized I didn’t have my necklace situated on my chest right…so bad me, slap on the hand…but in any case, this is a truly awesome necklace to have compliment your outfits.

Finally, a couple freebies Exile has a free hair for women (and men) at Savoir Hair.  This is the Susan hair, you get the entire fatpack of colors. Also, head down to Reek where you will find these candy cigarette glasses from Gaga’s telephone video!


Suri Alex xxx

-Glam Affair – Xania Red

Exile Susan coffee/Ash $0L

Mustache – Grey Matchstick Jeans (Former suscribo gift) $0L

Reek – Candy Cigarette Shades – Freebie! $0L

-Glam Affair – Xania Black (bottoms + studs)

-Glam Affair – Xania White (Top)

$GaNKeD$ Suri Necklace in Yin Yang [Silver]

-Glam Affair– SURA Suit -Black Fur Jacket

Poses by [doll.] “Selene”

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Several lovely things for you to grab this morning as your getting your coffee.  First, Vive9 has been generous enough to release in their group several shades of Marianne in the Smoke make-up.  This comes with not only the several skin tones, but also the option to have teeth or no teeth and freckles or no freckles!  I love their work, and as you all know I’m an avid V9 wearer!  Don’t forget to grab this cute hair, its been on my list for a while to blog, I love it!  It’s just like my RL hair!  This is from Uncle Web Studio.  Umi also put out a new group gift available in-store which is this cute plaid dress and textured white leggings, So perfect for a day out in the sunshine!  Finally, don’t forget your new canvas tote, the suscribo gift from tres blah!  There, outfit complete, and you haven’t even finished your coffee yet have you?

(vive9) Marianne II [caramel] Smoke *Dark/Noteeth/frek (Join Vive9 and check notices) $0L

Uw.St Ann-Hair  topaz $0L

–Umi Usagi– group gift check one-piece(BOXED) (Join Umi Usagi and click board in-store) $0L

-tb- Tres Blah Tote Bag (worn on shoulder) (Join Tres Blah suscribo and select 1. from history) $0L


Suri Alex xxx

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