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A big thanks to Sopha McCallen who passed me these skins a few days ago to add to my blog post!  What’s even more awesome, they’re all free for you too if you’re a member of her group!  This fifteen skin set has skins from both the Lillbe and Lollipop collections!

My Ugly Dorthy LillbeMy Ugly Dorthy Lollipop

You can grab these skins at MyUglyDorthy while wearing your group tags!


Suri Alex  xxx


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Pretty as a Rose

What first struck me about this delicate creation was the soft effervescent naturalness of this costume.  Tard’s, new to the SL grid, features eclectic and fun designs that are not only affordable but make you want to have a reason to wear them!  This rose outfit was picked up for only $10L!   Skin featured in this is the “fairy” skin by the talented Sopha McCallen (Thanks!), its available for free in the group notices.  I actually didn’t do much editing on these pictures, but I hope the design speaks for itself!

In the garden

Pretty as a Rose_004


Tard’s Pretty as a Rose $10L (*Landmark updated!)

MyUglyDorthy “Fairy’s Smile” $0L

Tiny Bird‘s New Release “Girl Anachronism” $175L

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Just a quick post before bed, the ever generous Sopha McCallen just re-opened her new mainstore ::jumps for joy:: and I was excited to see the new group gift skin ‘love.’  It has tiny korean characters on the cheek and is beautifully detailed all through out.   In my post I put on a slightly lighter skin just to give you guys an idea of Sopha’s range.  “Emma,” Sopha’s other new line of skins comes in both plain and small beauty marked versions.  Both are absolutely lovely, though I”m parshal to the beauty marks, they’re more like my RL face!  I love it!

My Ugly Dorthy_003

Thank you again Sopha!!!


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There are few things that make me feel quite so ethreal as this dress did in SL, but when I got this new gift from the *[ROC]* I squealed with joy! The avant guarde glowing collar with the sweet confientionary pink skirt  made me feel like shoes weren’t even a necessity!  The soft pouty lips characteristic of  MyUglyDorthy matched perfect for my sweet, angelic look.  I topped off with a hairstyle from =Rogue=.  Grab this from the suscribo @ ROC; tp to follow pics.



All my love!  ❤  Suri

Ranena Olivier Couture suscribo dress ($0L)

MyUglyDorthy Soon to be re-released @ Mainstore ‘Lea’

=Rogue= Hair 18_Sp A: $70L

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In lieu of summer and the warm weather that’s beginning to trickle across to the East Coast of the US, I was inspired to do an early summer style post.  My beginning piece was a first and original by  Zoe Demar.  Her beautifully versatile and rich buttery leather jacket had me ooooing and awwing upon first receiving it.  While this limited creation is a first for Zoe, you will be able to purchase it at a temporary location linked below.  I paired Zoe’s western inspired jacket with a pair of the tiniest shorts I could find, at *Clover*, which featured about 6 or so lucky chairs of all different prizes!  Keeping in my western summer theme, I paired it with a find from M’z, a pair of cowboy boots which looked fitting with the chocolaty jacket. Slipping on my aviators from HOC and tying my hair into a messy updo helped complete my southern style, but what summer outfit isn’t complete without a few treats?  Nostoligic for my youthful summers I snagged a candy necklace to suck on while I rode my new bigwheel compliments of Catnip.  If you’ve not been, they have tons of fun games and toys if you’re an 80’s/90’s kid like myself. With my delictable flavored treats in my mouth I turned to non-other than my fav MyUglyDorthy skin complete with glossy pink lips to hold my sweet candy!  😉 Enjoy friends!

Southern Comfort

This jacket is a current obsession :))

Suri in Leather

Suri on a Bigwheel

Southern Comfort Candy

*Clover* cut off daisy dukes: $0L Lucky Chair

*~::HT::~* Candy Necklace: $20L

HOC Female Aviators #003: $40L

W&Y Hair 37 A: $100L

* M’z Western Boots dark brown Leather *: $188L

[Z]’s Madonna Inspired Brown Leather Jacket: $225L

:-CatniP-:. Big Wheel!! $275L

MyUglyDorthy– Lea: Soon to be relased at New Mainstore!


Suri Alex   xxxx

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I was really inspired when I saw Farah’s post so I stole her smudged tears and crown and did my own saucy take. Ahh, what young girl doesn’t wait for the day when she can dress up like a princess…While some of us may have had exciting (!) and memorable prom nights, what happens when the Queen of the school has all her nasty little secrets spilled out of the closet? See below to find out….

Suri Close Up Brokedown

The smudge tears are from a store I hadn’t been, [glow] studio which was nice.  They have a new dollarbie up they are really crazy awesome bright feathery lashes!  Be sure to go there and check out both! I took Farah’s crown find and tinted it black to match my emo-equse fall from grace and paired it with THEE most beautiful gown (amptly titled “divine double bubble”) from the lovely caLLie cLine (thx for the gift)!  Skin is one of my stapes from MyUglyDorthy and a fav hair from Fishy Strawberry! More pics this time, I felt like such a princess, even if I did look a little emo 😉

Brokedown Closer

Absolutely Stunning!!

Emo Suri

Post Party

What I also loved about this dress was the versatility..I could add and subtract layers and still look pretty put together.  This was my favorite cocktail look, perfect for hitting an after party!  The gorgeous jewelry is also part of the dress you’ll get from caLLie, isn’t it great?  Shoes were a dollarbie from Sole Sisters; I love that they were named Carrie!  They remind me of the pink pair of Manolos that Carrie wore the night Miranda had her baby and Big was leaving NY for California…remember? Love them…

I want to thank all of my fellow bloggers too for the warm and welcoming reception I’ve been getting, thank you all soo much!  A huge thanks is also in order for all my new readers, I love you guys, keep the feedback coming!

Sasquatch Design Tiara  (tinted black) $0L
Sole Sisters “Carrie” White $1L

My Ugly Dorthy Skin Lucky Skin $0L

[glow] studio Smudge Tears $50L

*Fishy Strawberry* hair- Huntress II- Chocolate $225L

caLLie cLine divine double bubble gown $950

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I was super excited when I saw this superhero set yesterday I just had to feature it, also considering the fact it was a steal at 50L helped!  It further sparked me to create a post featuring another wonderful MyUglyDorthy Skin “Clown” by Sopha McCallen as well as my new supergirl shoes by Kalnins! SLurls to follow pics!

The Super Fashion Adventures of Suri Alex

I love the golden laso as part of the outfit, it might serve as a handy tool to reign your beau!

Wonder Suri

And finally, the lovely Superman set!

SuperGirl Trio
E2 Underhoos (50L)
My Ugly Dorthy Skin (Previous group gift, soon avail in store)

FS skin- Kimberly Aquamarine (previous group gift)

Kalnins Shoes- Coquette
Maitreya Apple Hair (Coffee)

I hope everyone is enjoying the first few posts, let me know if there is something you want to see!

Much Love,

Suri xD

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