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The Platinum Hunt will be starting on August 8th and run until August 31st.  It’s a fantastic hunt with great designers, and the next few blog posts I’m going to focus on showing you a sampleling of the over 100 gifts in this hunt.  Remember, since this hunt is a “platinum” hunt, the gifts are 10L each.  Trust me, it’s worth it, these are great!   Here are a few of the looks I’ve put together with some of the dresses in the hunt.

Look 1:

[[[ SWANSONG ]]] ESSENCE GOWN (Platinum)

[ATOMIC] Ritzy Blazers

ISPACHI Skin – Celeste – Creme/Glitter

Look 2:

Agnes Finney gown

Dark Mouse- Deco Squared jewelry

“LoQ Hairs” Diamond Headband

[dekade.] SKINS -Brooke 2- Sunkissed

Look 3:

Son!a Cassandra emerald Dress

Son!a Cassandra emerald Jewelry

*Bliss Couture Hair* Brandy (Marron Glace) (tinted darker)

– Glam Affair – Summer Skin

[doll.] Celestia 4

Look 4:

(Caroline’s Jewelry) Gold Leaf Earrings

Alyssa Bijoux – WOMANS Byzantine Gold & Diamond Necklace

[ROCKBERRY] Kalista PlatinumHunt natural/BRN brows

Adam n Eve Platinum Vanessa dress

Exile Samara/chocolate

[doll.] Celestia 3 Pose

Look 5:

:: PM :: Gator in Platinum PurpleMoon

ISPACHI Skin – Celeste – Creme/Glitter

I’ll post the link to the start when I get it!


Suri Alex xxx


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Also, disclaimer: This was my first time trying to use a shadow effect in GIMP and as you can see, I’m still learning, but I know I’ll get better!  :))

I can’t even begin to express how excited I was when fashion impresario and Beauty Avatar Couture CEO Omnia Oh asked me if I’d be willing to do a special review on her looks. Immediate answer?!  YES!   I’ve always admired the store’s work–I’m so impressed that her and the creators at Beauty Avatar Couture like Aida Ewing & Amberly Boccacio have completely covered a large part of the spectrum of prim goodies for us to consume and wear; right down to your fluttering eyelashes.  Since this is the last weekend I’ll have completely off before summer rolls around and school is out, I wanted to use her pieces to celebrate a weekend of wear at some of my favorite clubs, parties, and social events with friends.  Complied above are 4 different looks, including her newest release Sura.  Almost Suri.  Dang.   What I love best about BAC’s clothes is that they fit well.  I have a thicker shape and everything looked great right out of the box, no need in these outfits to put on a system skirt shape or make my hips smaller.  The attention to detail that is used is impeccable; and it is part of this that sets the brand apart from many designers in SL.  The designs are also varied, meaning there is a piece of couture to match each person’s taste, literally enough to grab it out of the screen!

Look 1:

fri. – Yelena.2 – Moody Brown

{paper.doll} Sophie-Pale-01

*Beauty Avatar Couture* SURA – Black Suit

Kalnins Shoes – Dragoness

Kunstkammer Studded Cuff – Silver

Look 2:

fri. – Tatum – Moody Brown

Lara Skin-Jesse(Christmas Gift)

Kalnins Sunglasses – Voyage

*Beauty Avatar Couture* SUNNY – Black&Red Dress

Kalnins Footwear – Digna

Look 3:

fri. – Rashelle – Moody Brown

*Beauty Avatar Couture* KENZIA Dress – Black

DECO – Swank Glasses Black

DECO Black Pearl Double Strand Necklace

:: DUTCH TOUCH ::MaUVe:: Caramel Natural FR

Kunstkammer Studded Cuff – Silver



Look 4:

fri. – Leigh – Moody Brown

[eStyle] Signature – Leopard Skin 7

Boutique Coco and Co Headband

*Beauty Avatar Couture* VERA Dress – Purple

SIGMA Jewels : LE.LOOK! la femme – Necklace


All Poses [doll.] (formally [S.loves]

::faints::  I think I’m going to die happy now.  kbai.


Suri Alex xxx

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Ah High School.  While it seems that the days of this lore are far behind me now that I’m on my second post-graduate degree, I often hasten fond memories of this part of my life–even the fashion. Growing up in the suburbs of the mid-west gave me the opportunity to have a great education in my youth.  My parents, stressing the importance of school made sure that each and every day I was dressed and ready to take on the days worth of psychology classes and alegebra. While the halls of my school were carpeted and Ralph Lauren abounded on the proud chest of every last “Panther,” at our school, I flighted between looks. In high school I also had long hair, a sharp contrast to my now rounded bob in RL.

Somedays I fulfilled my collegiate preparatory role, though I often took off my cable knit sweater and pulled it over my polo during the day I still relish the feeling of ease that made me feel part of my school.  It was easy, it was Tommy, Ralph Lauren, BCBG, and Nautica.  This was the inspiration behind my look 1.

Look 2 took me in a more casual direction, where when I was either too lazy to wear my tiny horse on my chest I opted for a comfy tee and a cardigan. Flip flops became the footwear of choice, and I felt comfortable in my favorite worn jeans.

My third look is probably one of my most consistent and often looks. Black, my favorite color was a strong contender in most of my outfits.  A warm cashmere sweater was my go-to item.  High school also marked the evolution of fashion for me.  I scored my very first used vintage Chanel purse, similar to the one that Bags of Style is offering.  I paired with my HUGE glasses and man, did I think I was on top of the world!  A budding fashionista!

I’m also really happy to feature this set of poses in my post.  They are aptly named “Tiffany,” my real life name!  by Suri C.’s [S.Loves].  A big thanks goes out to her for this collection, and I love how the pose set conveys what I call “The many essences of a Tiffany.” Perfect S! ❤ you.

Look 1:

Maitreya Dylan – Coffee

Tuli Bella pale/br

Coco Boutique: Cerre-tete Camelia Blanc Headband


{paper.doll} ClassicButtonDown-White

(CS) Jeans – Ultra Dark

*ARAI* Rucksack

Look 2:

SLink Gorgeous Hairstyle 1 Medium Ash Brown




:Mashooka: Jeans VI09 {stonewash}


*Kookie* Ellea Petite Flats Noir

Look 3:

>TRUTH< Makenzie – coffee

[Miseria] Ash Cardigan

Sh*t Happens – Black Bird Tee

(Milk Motion) My boyfriend jeans blue


[SC] Surf Couture – Freedom Flops – Silver

I’m sooo tired tonight so I couldn’t make my lazy self create slurls.  If there is anything you want to know more about, let me know and I’ll send you the LM!


Suri Alex xxx

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Ok lots of treasures to share with you–most of them group gifts and can be found in the notices!  Tonight, I’ll let the pictures do the talking! You’ll find skins, hair, a new jacket, a suitcase, a messenger bag, and those fab pumps everyone’s been blogging to death!  Woo!

Lara Skins Group Gifts (Join Lara Skins and Check notices)

Jesse (Christmas Gift)(the one with the red lips!) $0L

Askuka  (purple eye make-up in the close-up!) $0L

*Muism* Winter 09 Xmas gift [Female]/[Male] (Join *Musim* and check notices)

Leather Bomber Jacket $0L

Analog Dog Lua Smoke (Touch Glowing Ball for this and other free hairs) $0L

>Truth< Suscribo Gift Chapel St. Cherry Messenger $0L

Lelutka Saffron Pumps (Neutral Green) (Join Lelutka and check notices) $0L

DCCXXIII Trunk (Join DCCXXIII *723* Watch update group and check notices) $0L

Poses by S.Loves (primarily from Neve Collection)


Suri Alex xxx

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There are very few stores in SL that you can trust to have your favorite tried and true classics all in one place.  I’m usually spending time tping from one end of the grid to another for basics like cardigans, jeans or a simple dress.  If you’re looking for your new favorites, search no further than Touche’. Think of the things we all need–like jeans or a cropped jacket and then add to that layers of confectionery colored goodness and you’ll know why I love this store.  Jeans come in a wide array of blues and several different fits to make sure your booty is perfectly accented in each outfit.  Want a fun and sexy cowl neck sweater dress that’s knit so beautifully you can feel the softness?  Touche’s Smexi sweater dresses provide a versatile palette of minis that delight as they can be worn with bottoms or not, I was playing around with them and they look good without the cowl neck too–paired with your new cropped ski bunny parka.  While this was one of my first exposures to the store, I came with my arms bundled with goodies as I couldn’t pass up the delightful treasures that were dancing in my eyes (and affordable too!)  So what are you waiting for?  Get down to Touche and pick up some of these looks (and more!)

Touche’ Ski Bunny Parkas $175L ea

Touche’ SmexiSweater Dresses $190L ea

Touche’ Baby Got Back Jeans $200L ea

Tp to Touche’!

All Poses [S.Loves] Gabriella! (Thanks S!)


Suri Alex xxx

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This morning I got jealous of my alt Vivienne.  Granted, Vivienne is now only used in the classroom in SL less than once a week for my RL job, but I was jealous because she was a group member of Baistice and I still hadn’t IM’d Sissy for an invite for myself!  When you see this picture, you’ll understand why–the dress is simply gorgeous. Now if you’re not in this group, I’d suggest you drop a notecard to Sissy Pessoa for your own invite to the Baistice group.  Check notices and receive this beautiful gown!

Baistice Pearl Silk Party Dress- Join Baistice by Sissy Pessoa and grab in notices! $0L

S.Loves “Neve” Poses

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First, run down to [S.Loves] and grab this gorgeous contempoary sofa by S.Loves, using a graduated pricing system (this means hurry) (first 5 get the sofa $1L, Next 20 $10L, Next 15 $20L, Next 10 at $40L)!  It’s great because it has lots of poses in it for picture taking, which I can imagine myself using in a lot of different sets and pictures!  ❤ Thanks S!

Next, organize your inventory while you wait for this lovely winter jacket at Mimi’s Choice!  I can’t wear down coats in RL due to an allergy, but wearing them in SL is the next best thing, and this jacket certainly hits the spot!

Mimi’s Choice Unisex Jacket KDC SET:05  $0L

!OhMai Loose Racerback Tank “Blank” $0L

[S.Loves] Calia Italia Contemporary Sofa $1L+

(first 5 get the sofa $1L, Next 20 $10L, Next 15 $20L, Next 10 at $40L)

Exile New Release (non-free) “Monica”


Suri Alex  xxx

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