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This week Luna Jubilee announced the color to be was green!  🙂  I like green, so I had fun creating this post!

Make sure you pop into LAQ to get the much blogged about Vilda Christmas gift in the suscribo.  Don’t forget if you’re not on the Truth suscribo, there is this cute hair in all colors waiting for you 🙂   And….if you want some cute stuff like Modd’s skirt, this gorgeous coat by COCO or poses that are fun try everglow!

LAQ ~ Vilda *Christmas gift* [Fair] Glow skin (suscribo gift) $0L

>TRUTH< Snow Kitty Streaked – barley (suscribo gift) $0L


Modd.G Lanie Skirt Green

*EverGlow* – Model366



Suri Alex xxx


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[]::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Helena 01  $65L

Casa Del Shai Blue V-neck (Click on blue robot!) $0L

J’s Western Boots (Click on the clam!)  (***UPDATE*** CLAM HUNT IS OVER!)

*COCO* Gift-Denim Shorts Pants $0L

*COCO*Shired Dress (wore as undershirt) $0L

Puddles Dollarbie – Chantelle Bag – Cream $1L

Truth Hair Iris – walnut $125,


Suri Alex xxx

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TP to the Dressing Room!

::Tuli::  Gina 04   65L

LG Femme TDR & The City Leggings 60L

Milk Motion White BF Blazer 65L

Aoharu Floral Maxi Dress Yellow 50L

R.icielli TDR – CLARISSA highwaistjeans + SOPHIA minitop 70L

hair by Truth! (not at TDR)


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Ok lots of treasures to share with you–most of them group gifts and can be found in the notices!  Tonight, I’ll let the pictures do the talking! You’ll find skins, hair, a new jacket, a suitcase, a messenger bag, and those fab pumps everyone’s been blogging to death!  Woo!

Lara Skins Group Gifts (Join Lara Skins and Check notices)

Jesse (Christmas Gift)(the one with the red lips!) $0L

Askuka  (purple eye make-up in the close-up!) $0L

*Muism* Winter 09 Xmas gift [Female]/[Male] (Join *Musim* and check notices)

Leather Bomber Jacket $0L

Analog Dog Lua Smoke (Touch Glowing Ball for this and other free hairs) $0L

>Truth< Suscribo Gift Chapel St. Cherry Messenger $0L

Lelutka Saffron Pumps (Neutral Green) (Join Lelutka and check notices) $0L

DCCXXIII Trunk (Join DCCXXIII *723* Watch update group and check notices) $0L

Poses by S.Loves (primarily from Neve Collection)


Suri Alex xxx

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I was really excited when Real Life couture designer Vitabela Dubrovna asked me to incorporate some of her SL couture pieces into my wardrobe!  Two of the dresses, “Satisfaction” and “Boudior Noir,” made me reach in my closet and pull out jackets–both to keep me warm from the chilly weather and to add a little bit of “Rock and Roll” to these gorgeous, flowy dresses.

Vitabella's Boudior Satisfaction

The first look, I used a shorter dress from Vitabella’s collection called “Satisfaction.” The dress comes with both a colored and greyscale blouse, and an entirely frothy set of feathers that help keep it young, fresh, and fun. I also combined it with a couple of freebies and cheapies I aquired last week–Maitreya’s Onyx suscribo Soho boots, as well as the jacket from last week’s 50L friday from Niniko.Below is also a picture done by my friend Even, who wanted to bring out the colors in “Satisfaction.”


In my next look, I used my favorite color black. I’m in love the texturing on the shoulder flower as well as the bodice of gown, which provided a nice tiered effect against the moving skirt. Vitabella’s strength is in her porpotioning, which practices variables of mixing a tighter top with a more voluminous bottom. I was interested in doing a look with this enchanting gown something a little more hard–I always like the dichotomy of the look.  Likewise, I was really excited to pull in Machang’s new leather short riders jacket.  While browsing the feeds this jacket has been styled to death (as it should be, its gorgeous!) so I this is my unique contribution… lol. This was also the perfect hard/soft outfit to grab out my leather riders boots, also by Aoharu’s Machang.  Like all the goods that Machang puts out, these ascend her already high standard, giving designers the grid over the challenge to up their game. The glasses are a cheapie from HOC, and I always find they are the perfect mix of chic and and cool.

Boudior and Aoharu

Look 1:

fri. – Tatum – Cranky Brown

Boutique COCO & CO Cerre-tete Camelia Noir headband


Vitabella’s Boudior “Sophistication”

[Cynful] Dance-a-licous black tights

Maitreya Onyx Soho Boots

Look 2:

>TRUTH< Makenzie – coffee

HOC – Aviator style glasses #003 Female

Vitabella’s Boudior “Boudoir Noir”


Maitreya Armwarmers – Black

P.C; Times Square Ring – Diamond – Bling

*ICING* Camera Girl bottoms w/fishnets


poses by S.Loves!


Suri Alex xxx

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Wednesday's Freebies

A few things to help you get through hump day…the weekend evades us only by two more days!  Shopping always makes this situation better….  First, Truth is having a $25L hair sale–I couldn’t resist picking up multiple colors and packs because it was sooo cheap!  The sale is going on though for a few more days, so if you can’t tp in to the lag monster, you still have some time. The suscribo gift dress from Posh is also fun and flirty, love the bangles!  The skin is also a new dollarbie from Beauty Avatar, its quite lovely!  Sweater is the new group gift for you to grab in store from COCO (perfect for the chilly weather!) and the Lo socks are the new suscribo gift from Miel (LOVE)!

Look 1:

Boutique COCO & CO Cerre-tete Camelia Noir headband $0L

>TRUTH< Holly – caramel $25L

(Posh) Party Girl with Bangles (Suscribo Gift) $0L

Look 2:

*COCO*_Gift_TurtleneckSweater $0L

*Beauty Avatar Couture* Daria Skin Gift $1L

>TRUTH< Ana Lu – walnut $25L

Miel Lo Refurbished Socks-multi-color pack (Suscribo Gift) $0L



Suri Alex xxx

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Whether heading to class or catching the bus for a jaunt shopping downtown, this look will be both fun and cheeky for you daily wear. We’ve all had those days when we haven’t quite caught up on all of laundry and as a result end up pulling together some mash-up of a look–it can be a challenge.

BTS Offbeat

As I grabbed my Chanel bag and ran to class, I made it time to take a quick before lecture started.


>Truth< Harlow- treacle
[Rockberry] Uma Group Gift Natural
Solar Eyewear– Arae
Argrace Eternity Jewelry set
Miel Jane Flor Sock- Light July group gift
Milk Motion My huuuuge necklace-black
**nikukyu** Chiffon flower skirt
[paperdoll] Heartbreaker Shoes- Black Patent
C’est la vie! group gift border knit cardigan
!ohmai racerback-blank
BOS Coco Chanel Biaritz Black Suede tote

Enjoy Friends!

Suri Alex xxx

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