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More sultry beautiful skins from Plastic Flowers!  I’m loving these!  The lips are a nice brown color and you can choose to wear your skins with mascara running or not. I have featured here the tan and the pale, the skins are only 25L each!  What a steal! Next, grab the group notices of I ❤ the starlust and grab this unisex cardigan super cute for your messy looks.  BUTT-ERR has a few freebies out too; two pairs of shorts and a couple tees along with a bag on the floor full of goodies!

Pig Long Island J Deep Teal (join I ❤ the Starlust and check notices)

[BUTT-ERR] Jean Short Shorts – 1 L

[BUTT-ERR] 0L Sing it Loud tee

[BUTT-ERR] 0L BLack Shorts

Plastic Flowers Shattered w/tears and without $25L  (tan and pale shown)


Suri Alex xxx


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So I know this Beauty Avatar skin has been blogged a few times, but it looked so cute with the silver tone of this lingerie that I just had to include it!  This lingerie set is in the group notices of “I ❤ The Starlust” group.  Save the attachment marked “So Sorry,” for this free gift!  I love how many different ways you can wear it!

Pig Ambrosia Lingerie-Silver (Join I ❤ the Starlust and check notices) $0L

Zeta Skin- Beauty Avatar (join group and check notices) $0L


Poses by Sunflower Poses!


Suri Alex xxx


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50L Fridays!

Ah! This post comes a little late in the day for me…this weekend I’m not on my usual schedule, so my posts maybe a little scattered!  Thanks in advance for bearing with me!   Ok–I know you all know how enthuastastic I am about 50L fridays…it seems they just get better and better with each week!  Today my picks were from !Lamb, Elate!, Turnip’s Home and Stuffs, and Pig!

50L treats Elate and Pig50L treats

Elate! Navy Tuli Dress

Pig Pink Vest

!Lamb– Sey Hair Twix with Highlights

Turnip’s Homes and Stuff– Bubble Set


Suri Alex xxx

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Enough with this dead horse right?!  I can’t help but be taken in the upsweep that has most bloggers under a spell this season.  So I have yet *another* fall look for you to try! Also, this cute pumpkin outfit is a Miel group gift from the suscribo! A big thanks to a few of the designers that passed me some of the treats for today’s posts, Marie Lauridsen of Milk Motion, and Brinks Lemmon of Puddles!

Look of the Day: Fall Fall FallIn this pic:

Maitreya Apple II- Caramel

(Milk Motion) Collette-Nude

(Milk Motion) My feather hair bow

* ~ * Puddles * ~ * Camper Bag Orange

* ~ * Puddles * ~ * Toronto Scarf – Tangerine

::SUGARCUBE – turtle neck (grey)

(Milk Motion) My sailor tank black

Aurora Dark Grey Plaid Shorts

Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Grey

50 flats-A walk in the mini woods- Fall

P.C; Diamond Bee Ring

And don’t forget this cute free gift from the Miel Suscribo!I love how you can wear it with or without the pumpkin face, which btw, changes expressions! LOVE it!

Miel Couture Pumpkin

Miel Suscribo


Suri Alex xxx

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Welcome to my four part series published in Heartbeat SL magazine!  In this series I will be featuring low cost and affordable (read: FREE) club looks from an array of genres.  Enjoy part one 🙂

The velvety lined room anchors the sound booming from the Dj in the corner still harboring his 5 o’clock shadow.  I run my hands across my shimmery silver skirt as if trying to be inconspicuous but gathering attention none the less.  The club is filled with patrons, some lining the walls, a few dancing and others huddled in small groups engrossed in what sounds to be riveting political debate.  As I make my way towards the dance floor my favorite song by Bitter:Sweet comes on.  I immediately look to the curly haired auburn tressed DJ and smile coyly, knowing after a long day at work, this was exactly what I needed…

Indie Club Look

Maitreya– Apple II $0L (Free at hair fair)

[Glow] Studio– Avant Guarde Eyelashes $100L

Moxy and Lux– Pink Cardigan (previous group gift)

SKGShoes – Freebies – 6″ Marie RSMH Pumps – Snakeskin $0L

(Nushru) Teal Shimmer Scarf $0L (In store hunt)

Pig– Flamingo Suspender Socks $75L

*GC* Silver Metal Skirt $1L

Cyanide–  Gray Tank $25L

Lara Skins– Rachel Pale $0L

(Nushru) Teal Shimmer Scarf $0L (previous group gift)

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