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Lot’s of Gifts starting TUESDAY AUGUST 3rd!  Four FREE SKINS.  Yes, four.  And tons of other freebies, Gachas, Fishing Hole Prizes, and even a launch party!  You do not want to miss this!  Read below for alllllll the details!   Remember the skins I showed are just one sampling of a make-up of the four make-ups that are free-there are all tones included in the gifts!

Isolde has 5 tones ranging from very pale to exotically dark. Light brows, dark brows, freckle and cleavage options are included on the skins and Viewer 2.0 compatible tattoo hairbase layers are included for free in all skin purchases (blonde, black, red and brown hair)! Skins will be sold $1k per makeup, $3,000L per pack of 5, and $7,500L for all 15 makeups in the release line. Exodi VIP group members will enjoy a 10% off discount on all Isolde skin purchases for the first 24 hours after release.

For Gacha Machines: “The premade ones are going for $350L a piece (10 texture change color options), the limited edition ones are also $350L (5 to choose from, but no texture change), the make-your-own personal use script is being sold for $200L and the script for commercial use is $1000L. AND – the solid gold and cupcake Gachas are rare prizes in the Exodi gacha machines, so $35L per try! ”

That’s right – FOUR skins will be completely free this coming Tuesday, and another will be in the Exodi Gacha machines, all in addition to the 15 release skins!

===TP TO EXODI!!===


Pic 1:

Isolde Makeup 17 in all tones – (Join Exodi VIPs ($250L entrance fee)) $0L

:: Exodi :: Sculpted Sarong (Scarlet)  (fishing hole prize) $0L

:: Exodi :: Lusty Undies Gacha Machine prize

Pic 2:

:: Exodi :: Isolde Cachet – 18 (All Tones) (Lucky Chair)  $0L

Pic 3:

:: Exodi :: Isolde Corneille – 19(All Tones) (Fishing Hole prize) $0L

Pic 4:

:: Exodi :: Isolde Nuit – 20 (All Tones) (Gacha Rare prize!) $0L


Suri Alex xxx


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Join the Dutch Touch Group (which will very soon have a $250L fee), for this free Sjors skin.  Remember to stay in the group so that you can receive other group gifts!

Next, head over to Pink Posh.  I can’t tell you how much serious fun you’re going to have with these corsets.  They are on the lucky board and changing every 5 minutes, that means you and your friends should have a party!  I’m in love with how one of the socks slouches down, so sexy!  Put one of these on for a treat for your pixelated parmour 😉

Pink Posh Burlesque Corsets (Lucky Boards!) $0L

:: DUTCH TOUCH ::SjOrS:: Caramel – TriX CL1 FR (join Dutch Touch and check notices) $0L


Suri Alex xxx

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Sexy Dragon has put out several sets of its cute boyshort lingerie sets.  This free gift comes with three colors: the two above and one that is blue, red and yellow.  TP over for these!

-sD- Sexy Dragon Dessous Lingerie $0L

poses by Everglow!


Suri Alex xxx

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Cupcakes has 2 new skins in their suscribo for members called “sick.”  It comes in the darker Tiramasu tone as well as the lighter sugar.  Both come with cleavage options as well.  Also a few freebies to share with you starting now and tomorrow from OoEas.  I have all the specifications below, enjoy and grab these gorgeous items!

“Frambroesa” Minidress – This is our current Midnight Mania item. Available for purchase if you can’t wait for the MM Board. Peeps” Sugar Rush Dress – This will be released as an exclusive group gift on April 1st, 2010.  We will only leave it in the subscribo for 3 days.  Then it is gone forever. “Rainy Day” Bra and Panty Set – This is the April freebie in the store.  0$L.  Out now. “Sanctimonia” Bra and Panty Set.  This will be available April 1st as out offering for the Virtures of Sin hunt.

Cupcakes “Sick” Suscribo Gifts $0L

OoEas (for midnight mania, group gifts, freebies, and hunts!)  all $0L


Suri Alex xxx

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Like all good things, the best in life are free.  Anya has been always very consistent that with each new release putting out also a freebie in white or “blank.”  I love these because they always serve as great basics that I come back to over and over in my wardrobe.  I also have a few new releases to share with you in my next !ohmai post, which feature some of her new summer-ware.  But for now, head to the Cheesecake mainstore and grab these!

!ohmai tube bra, boyfriend racerback tank $0L


Suri Alex xxx

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The Junwave sale I told you about yesterday is still currently on, this is one of the other hairs I snagged for only $80L!  Also, Blacklace has put out a new lingerie set for St. Patrick’s day, and boy is it saucy!  I love it!  I also found out that Leafy was putting out a complimentary skin for my green-faired wardrobe, it comes with several eyebrow options and even freckles all for only $50L.   Go grab these today!

Blacklace Hearts Temptation Lingerie $0L

*Leafy* Miso Loom St. Patricks Day Skin $50L



Suri Alex xxx

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Didn’t get the proposal you were looking for on Valentine’s day?  Perhaps you should try this diamond jewelry box out for size!  FD Decor has up on their lucky boards this pose set (including 5 different poses) with rings included so that you can pop the question (or at least throw it on their radar) in grand fashion.  After all who could resist you?! Don’t forget this sweet white lingerie and garter while you’re posing, its a new free gift called “Spring” from RunoRuno.

FD Decor “Who Needs Diamonds”  Lucky Chair $0L

RunoRuno– “Spring Lingerie” $oL

Happy proposals 😉

Suri Alex xxx

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