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I was popping around the grid when I saw this lovely store *S*.  I fell in love with the skirt which features a feather clip on accent.  The skirt has some great detail and texturing, which I looooved!

In my spare time I’ve also been popping around the accessory fair, where the store *Sissi* put out these lovely glasses on a necklace!  That’s totally me in RL!  I’m always sliding my glasses off, hooking them on my jewelry, and then asking everyone “Where are my glasses?!”  in an excited panic.

I also saw in another blog this shirt from *blacklisted* and I had to own it.  I liked it because it kind of made me laugh at myself and all of the other bloggers out there who at times take things sooo seriously!   Enough with the married people cheating on second life!  Down with Slags and their drama!  lmao…

Finally, I just wanted to call attention to my pumps.  I featured them in another post that included Phoenix Rising, but I don’t feel like under my dress they got adequately showcased.  NX makes gorgeous pumps that have just enough sparkle to make them one of your favorite pairs.  I like the versatility of these because they offer the silvery shade of white.

NX-Nardcotix Absinthe Sterling

*S Feather J-Skirt

*S Feather J-Skirt Oil

*SiSSi* Where are my Glasses

+ blacklisted + Plastic  Diva-T (slate) by TG

:: Exodi :: Stephanie Harlow – 6 (Dk/F)

Poses by Pididdle $0L

Enjoy My Loves!

Suri Alex xxx


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Glam Affair has out a lovely new release, a short mini-dress called “Madlene.”  What’s nice about this dress is that the belt changes textures, you can do limitless possibilities with it!  I also liked the watery, wrinkled texture to it, it gave it a bit of dimension.  One thing I would change is that my belts were all no-mod I wish I could re-size it, I’m a little bit chubby at the waist!  lol… Other than that, I found Madlene to be a fun new creation from Aida, It’s a quite useful shift dress that can be complimented with some of their earlier works (like here with the “Sura” fur jacket).

Head to Glam Affair today to pick up Madlene, don’t forget, there is still a 10L outlet.


Suri Alex xxx

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I squealed with absolute delight upon receiving [KA] Designs new plaid top, I’m always a big fan of their work (and collaborations with other designers) and this mini top was no different.  Though I’m always a bit too modest to bare my midriff in everyday wear, this top begs for summer.  I instead chose to do a transitional look, moving now from our cool March into the end of the month (and hopefully a little bit warmer weather!)

In this look I also used the Tres Blah suscribo gift from a couple weeks ago, my Milk Motion Harem pants (a staple in my wardrobe), always squeezing my !Ohmai tops in their somewhere (black bottom is part of the Ohmai Jumper), the old Le.Look leggings gift and some AMG Boudoir Hair.  Oh, and the skin from last post, a 50L special from Leafy. Fence is also an older suscribo gift from Glitterati, join the suscribo for future and upcoming gifts and sales!  :)Enjoy!

[KA] Designs Spring Fling top and Corsage

AMG Boudoir Debra $250L

*Leafy* Miso Loom St. Patricks Day Skin $50L

-tb- Tres Blah Tote Bag (worn on shoulder) (Join Tres Blah suscribo and select from history) $0L

Milk Motion My Harem Pants Grey

!Ohmai Freshbright Pack One Piece Jumper

Glitterati Fence (suscribo gift, no longer in history) $0L


Suri Alex xxx

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So Tuesday was my first day back to school and work in about a month!  I know, I use to have a friend who said she loved the real world better than school.  Sorry, nothing beats a month off, no matter how much you rationalize!…and I know once I start work in the ‘real world’ a month off will be unreasonable…so I’m enjoying every bit of it!  In any case, as I pull my backpack back out of the closet and started my classes today, I decided to put together a little back to school look. This is a little fun get-up I’d wear to class (now if only it got a little warmer!).

A few treats I wanted to highlight in this post.  First, this SYSY sweater comes in several jewel tone colors for you to enjoy.  You can wear it with the matching scarf or with the belt sash, both are equally enticing.  2nd, make sure you grab glasses at one of my favorite eyewear stores on the grid–prim optic.  I always love that these give me the option to wear my glasses in my hair too.  Also the hair is one of the freebies that came with the Smoke curly hair from Analog Dog.  I tinted it darker brown, but its a great freebie! Whenever your looking for simple jewelery that matches a lot of things look no further than AHC, these hoop earrings are a staple in my wardrobe! Don’t forget your skirt, and how could you with this adorable corduroy mini, perfect alone or with leggings.  This adorable skirt comes in several colors, taupe shown here, is one of my favorites for its versatility and my ability to wear it virtually year round because of the coloring.  As always, a constant companion in my inventory the dollarbies from puddles, this is the NYC briefcase a dollarbie in-store.  Ok…before you go…don’t forget Kalnins…the shoes come with huds so you can change up with your outfits …the possibilities are almost endless. Now talk about getting your lindens worth! Enjoy!

-Belleza- Jesse Sunkiss group gift (cleavage)

Analog Dog hair freebie (tinted drk)

primOptic Twinz glasses 1.19

{AHC} Vuittior – Pearl Trimmed Gold Hoop Earrings

P.C; Limelight Ring

SYSY’s Lucy Sweater – Chocolate

Kyoot – Cordoroy Mini – Taupe

Kalnins Shoes – Dragoness (wear to unpack)

This is a Fawn – Denim Leggings [dark]

Puddles Dollarbie NYC Briefcase


Suri Alex xxx

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Ah High School.  While it seems that the days of this lore are far behind me now that I’m on my second post-graduate degree, I often hasten fond memories of this part of my life–even the fashion. Growing up in the suburbs of the mid-west gave me the opportunity to have a great education in my youth.  My parents, stressing the importance of school made sure that each and every day I was dressed and ready to take on the days worth of psychology classes and alegebra. While the halls of my school were carpeted and Ralph Lauren abounded on the proud chest of every last “Panther,” at our school, I flighted between looks. In high school I also had long hair, a sharp contrast to my now rounded bob in RL.

Somedays I fulfilled my collegiate preparatory role, though I often took off my cable knit sweater and pulled it over my polo during the day I still relish the feeling of ease that made me feel part of my school.  It was easy, it was Tommy, Ralph Lauren, BCBG, and Nautica.  This was the inspiration behind my look 1.

Look 2 took me in a more casual direction, where when I was either too lazy to wear my tiny horse on my chest I opted for a comfy tee and a cardigan. Flip flops became the footwear of choice, and I felt comfortable in my favorite worn jeans.

My third look is probably one of my most consistent and often looks. Black, my favorite color was a strong contender in most of my outfits.  A warm cashmere sweater was my go-to item.  High school also marked the evolution of fashion for me.  I scored my very first used vintage Chanel purse, similar to the one that Bags of Style is offering.  I paired with my HUGE glasses and man, did I think I was on top of the world!  A budding fashionista!

I’m also really happy to feature this set of poses in my post.  They are aptly named “Tiffany,” my real life name!  by Suri C.’s [S.Loves].  A big thanks goes out to her for this collection, and I love how the pose set conveys what I call “The many essences of a Tiffany.” Perfect S! ❤ you.

Look 1:

Maitreya Dylan – Coffee

Tuli Bella pale/br

Coco Boutique: Cerre-tete Camelia Blanc Headband


{paper.doll} ClassicButtonDown-White

(CS) Jeans – Ultra Dark

*ARAI* Rucksack

Look 2:

SLink Gorgeous Hairstyle 1 Medium Ash Brown




:Mashooka: Jeans VI09 {stonewash}


*Kookie* Ellea Petite Flats Noir

Look 3:

>TRUTH< Makenzie – coffee

[Miseria] Ash Cardigan

Sh*t Happens – Black Bird Tee

(Milk Motion) My boyfriend jeans blue


[SC] Surf Couture – Freedom Flops – Silver

I’m sooo tired tonight so I couldn’t make my lazy self create slurls.  If there is anything you want to know more about, let me know and I’ll send you the LM!


Suri Alex xxx

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In RL, I’m in the middle of a closet re-design so, I’m finding lots of key pieces that have gotten shoved to far into the back of my walk-in and bringing those out to play.  In my virtual closet, I’ve also been doing some re-designing.  More shuffling, organizing, and opening of packages that have so generously been bestowed up on me to create today’s new look.

First, I’d like to thank my wonderful, admirable and talented friends for letting me review their items: Machang Pichot, Marie Lauridsen, Zoey Gabardini & Brinks Lemmon for their contributions to today’s post.

Sometimes I’m feeling a little saucy and have to throw on a super short skirt and do my make-up all crazy. {PaperDoll}’s new skins are perfect for those fun night out make-ups (review to come in next post, promise!).  And yes, even though I’m currently working on my review for this skin-line, I couldn’t resist snapping a shot for this outfit, it was perfect! *Luck Inc.’s collection of tiny mini dresses are sure to fill anyone’s appetite for a sexy adventure; ladies, please just make sure to throw on a coat or something, we don’t want to see all your goods! Keeping with my own sage advice, I thew on my Leopard Blazer from Milk Motion; the perfect cross between feminity and menswear, this is classic with a twist.  To match the detailing on my cuffs and collar I chose the new hair from ::69:: that has a handy scarf attached for those oh so blustry days we find ourselves in lately!  Next, I slid on my sexy snap up boots from Anexx luxury footwear. Always a staple in my wardrobe, Anexx’s beautiful texturing combined with its wear-ability and versatility make them a top choice in my closet.  What I love on these boots is the tiny snaps that go from the bottom to the top in almost a military like fashion; Machang, never one to skimp on the details, delivers a beautiful, enticing new fall/winter boot that is perfect to carry me through this season and beyond.  Now you ask, what is a girl without her accessories?  Accessory queen Brinks Lemmon has done it again with a wide assortment of new dollarbies out for the taking. With bags, scarves, bracelets and belts all at such a discount, its hard not to buy up and show off your savvy accessorizing knowledge with these colorful staples.

::69:: HIRIS 04 – Dark Chestnut

{paper.doll} Sophie-DeepTan-2

(Milk Motion) My blazer *leopard*

Puddles Dollarbie Dallas Belt, Holiday Special

Puddles Dollarbie Tricky Bangle, Holiday Special

ANEXX Knee High Button-Up Boot, Black

*Linc* Tankdress Khaki

Ok, back to my closet…


Suri Alex  xxx

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I’ve always fancied peacocks. Peacocks, often known for their gorgeous plumage, and resilient attitude are seen as both intoxicatingly beautiful and even a little cocky. In fact, IRL, I use the icon of a peacock feather on all of my letter heads, business cards and even my resume. Confident or cocky I’m not sure, but the their is a certain enigmatic quality to peacock that has pervaded throughout history.

When this clever bird’s shiny iridescent feathers are combined in fashion, the duo share an even more explosive bounty. In this look I have combined two winning dresses by Phoenix Rising. The first dress “Frilled” really inspired me to use my white peacock, a generous gift from wildlife designer Jahna Bing.  I’m in love with the layers of confectionary elegance stacked in this dress. It conveys both an antiquated southern charm mixed with a contemporary modern feel.  This dress also comes in several layers, so you can wear it lots of ways!

ah the lovely traditional peacock.  Vibrant, royal in its palette and truly a sight for the eyes to feast on.  This curve hugging creation by Phoenix Rising hits all the right notes with its rich colors and saturated hues.  Whether hosting a fabulous party or taking a spin on the dance floor, this dress is guaranteed to both excite and entice fellow onlookers.

A big thanks to Ashoka Eales for passing me the Phoenix treats!

Visit Phoenix Rising now!

And don’t forget to pick up your own set of fab peacocks for your lovely homes @ Animal Island


Suri Alex xxx

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