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This week Luna Jubilee announced the color to be was green!  🙂  I like green, so I had fun creating this post!

Make sure you pop into LAQ to get the much blogged about Vilda Christmas gift in the suscribo.  Don’t forget if you’re not on the Truth suscribo, there is this cute hair in all colors waiting for you 🙂   And….if you want some cute stuff like Modd’s skirt, this gorgeous coat by COCO or poses that are fun try everglow!

LAQ ~ Vilda *Christmas gift* [Fair] Glow skin (suscribo gift) $0L

>TRUTH< Snow Kitty Streaked – barley (suscribo gift) $0L


Modd.G Lanie Skirt Green

*EverGlow* – Model366



Suri Alex xxx


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Modd.G is one of the lovely participants in the Stumblebum brigade, a specially designed for Sale that lasts only a limited amount of time. The Stumblebum Brigade starts at 12a SLT Saturday Morning and ends 12a SLT the following Friday morning Feb 26. I really love these shorts and shirts, they got me in the perfect mood for summer (a nice thought considering the other day we got another 4 inches of snow!) The seagulls are on the shorts are my favorite, I’d even pair these with a light sweater on those cool nights by the beach!

Thanks Modd!! xxxx

Modd.G Stumblebum Cawww Tops

Modd.G Stumblebum Seashorts


Suri Alex xxx

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The other day in the suscribo from !Lamb I was sent this delightful little beret hair  that really inspired a more francais look for today 🙂 My family in RL, primarily composed of both French from Paris, Bordeaux areas and from Canada have made me feel very proud to call myself a little French girl^^.  I am also really excited to show you a new Modd.G release (thanks Moddish!) that is an adorable little dress and beautifully textured leggings! I’m in love with the dainty little buttons and the menswear theme jacket that was made into a cute mini…yay!


!Lamb Bonjour Operator- Kit Kat (Join suscribo and get for free!)

Modd.G – Maggie As She Goes [Dark Purple]

!OhMai High Rise Tank [Pitch]

Kunstkammer Glamazon Cuff Set – Pearl

.::FabulouS::.Record Bag:)) (Only $1L!)

..::( AK )::.. Pearl Necklace (no longer available at press time)


Enjoy friends,

Suri Alex xxx


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