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Icing was one of the first stores that I ever visited when I started SL and I liked it because of its vintage inspired looks that reminded me of old Hollywood glamor.  These new dresses are exactly that–with a beautiful one shoulder strap and an overlapping bodice weave. The dresses have a a short train which is really beautiful when dancing.  These dresses are sure to be perfect for that upcoming New Year’s Eve Party.

Happy 2011!

*ICING* Gala Affair – Red, Teal, Pink


Suri Alex xxx


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Modavia fashion week has put out a few freebies including this great Lelutka skin (and hair).   I paired it with this gorgeous fuchsia dress from one of my favorite stores Icing.  For the dress, grab the envelope tucked in the chair.

[LeLutka]-LOLA-MFW2010  $0L

*ICING* Coquette Dress $0L


Suri Alex

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I was really excited when Real Life couture designer Vitabela Dubrovna asked me to incorporate some of her SL couture pieces into my wardrobe!  Two of the dresses, “Satisfaction” and “Boudior Noir,” made me reach in my closet and pull out jackets–both to keep me warm from the chilly weather and to add a little bit of “Rock and Roll” to these gorgeous, flowy dresses.

Vitabella's Boudior Satisfaction

The first look, I used a shorter dress from Vitabella’s collection called “Satisfaction.” The dress comes with both a colored and greyscale blouse, and an entirely frothy set of feathers that help keep it young, fresh, and fun. I also combined it with a couple of freebies and cheapies I aquired last week–Maitreya’s Onyx suscribo Soho boots, as well as the jacket from last week’s 50L friday from Niniko.Below is also a picture done by my friend Even, who wanted to bring out the colors in “Satisfaction.”


In my next look, I used my favorite color black. I’m in love the texturing on the shoulder flower as well as the bodice of gown, which provided a nice tiered effect against the moving skirt. Vitabella’s strength is in her porpotioning, which practices variables of mixing a tighter top with a more voluminous bottom. I was interested in doing a look with this enchanting gown something a little more hard–I always like the dichotomy of the look.  Likewise, I was really excited to pull in Machang’s new leather short riders jacket.  While browsing the feeds this jacket has been styled to death (as it should be, its gorgeous!) so I this is my unique contribution… lol. This was also the perfect hard/soft outfit to grab out my leather riders boots, also by Aoharu’s Machang.  Like all the goods that Machang puts out, these ascend her already high standard, giving designers the grid over the challenge to up their game. The glasses are a cheapie from HOC, and I always find they are the perfect mix of chic and and cool.

Boudior and Aoharu

Look 1:

fri. – Tatum – Cranky Brown

Boutique COCO & CO Cerre-tete Camelia Noir headband


Vitabella’s Boudior “Sophistication”

[Cynful] Dance-a-licous black tights

Maitreya Onyx Soho Boots

Look 2:

>TRUTH< Makenzie – coffee

HOC – Aviator style glasses #003 Female

Vitabella’s Boudior “Boudoir Noir”


Maitreya Armwarmers – Black

P.C; Times Square Ring – Diamond – Bling

*ICING* Camera Girl bottoms w/fishnets


poses by S.Loves!


Suri Alex xxx

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Yes, indeed Halloween is fast approaching.  In a sea of scantily clad women my age, I often reverberate by going the opposite direction. I’ve always been under the belief that you don’t have to show a lot of skin to be sexy, it can be in the details.  No one hits this mark better than Miko Omegamu and her new 40’s era costumes.  They are a sophisticated vintage that take you back to a time and place that is purely magical; the outfits are sexy, but not overtly–which makes them all the more appealing to me. I was delighted when she sent over both to me to review here (Thanks so much Miko!)..and for fun, I thought I would take a picture with my new camera vintage style… :))

I love how the cigarette girl’s tray is very detailed, right down to the notes on the dollar bills.  The camera on camera girl also is working!  I can’t tell you how much fun I’m going to have with this snapping pictures of my friends unknowingly! I also have to make note of the hats…In RL I’m a hat collector…I’m loving the feathers camera girl, it reminds me of one I have in RL!

Icing's CostumesVintage

Tp now to Icing to grab one of these great costumes for you own special Halloween tricks and treats!



Suri Alex xxx

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I’ve always been a big fan of Miko Omegamu’s frothy delectable creations. I was delighted when Miko passed me several of her new gowns to review for this blog post (Thanks!).

Icing's Jolie

Deliciously curve hugging in all the right places, this dress was great for my shape because I could wear my regular shape with no fear (no skirt shape!).  With a low grazing back, it provided an accent to one of my favorite body parts on myself and curvy ladies everywhere 🙂 Each gown presented a visual production that was a feast for eyes; from the woven and ruched bodice, to the delightful cache of flowers at the hip, these gowns certainly defied expectations.

While my boyfriend was most fond of the purple for its rich, royal color, I have to say I was most taken by the stunning white. A romantic at heart; the trained white gown provided a simple elegance that would be absolutely perfect for a wedding.  What’s more, is that the white gown is also tintable, allowing you to adjust the tint to a creamy ivory or a soft champagne.

The fatpack is certainly worth it–since you’ll have optimal versatility with this slinky jersey knit.

Visit Icing today to snag up one or more of these simply stunning gowns!

Fatpack $1250, Singles $350L


Suri Alex xxx

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